How to Maintain and Clean Your Fabric Sofa?

to Maintain and Clean Your Fabric Sofa

For a sofa like new, there are many solutions.

More difficult to clean than a leather sofa, the fabric sofa needs to be properly maintained in order to survive the years without being damaged or tarnished. The centerpiece of the living room, your sofa must be well chosen, but also and above all, be pampered. Grease, chocolate, wine, coffee… are you wondering how to clean a fabric sofa?

As a stain can happen quickly, we give you some tips for maintaining your seat.

What material does your seat cover?

Before cleaning a stain on your fabric sofa, find out about the material that covers it. Linen, viscose, cotton, polyester, velvet, or bi-material, what is it made of? Is your seat made from natural or synthetic fibers?

To find out, check the label, the instructions, or the site where it was ordered. You can imagine, however, that a linen sofa will be more fragile than a polyester seat, for example.

Does your sofa have removable covers?

If you have the possibility of removing the cushions and seats of your fabric sofa, you can put them in the washing machine if the label confirms it. Otherwise, depending on the material, prefer a dry cleaning or using a soft damp cloth, but never with a lot of water.

How often to clean it?

There isn’t really an exact frequency when it comes to cleaning your fabric sofa. It’s up to you to take care of it daily, to be careful not to stain it, and to clean it when necessary, without waiting for the stain to set.

However, cleaning once or twice a year seems like a good habit to get into. The most important thing is not to wash it too regularly. This could damage the fiber of your seat…

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How to clean a fabric sofa?

Tip #1: Machine wash

If your sofa has a removable cover and the fabric goes in the washing machine, a delicate or wool cycle is recommended. We also advise you to opt for a cold wash or at 30°C maximum depending on the fabric and for a minimum spin.

For any stain, you will need to remove the biggest one directly with the sponge before it dries and becomes deeply embedded.

Tip #2: Dry clean

As mentioned above, there are some relatively fragile fabrics. This is the case with linen sofas, for example, which require special attention. But then, what cleaning product for a fragile fabric sofa? If you seek advice from a specialist, dry cleaning may be recommended to you to limit any risk-taking.

Cleaning your fabric sofa with baking soda is effective. In addition to having deodorizing properties, it cleans and restores shine to your sofa. To remove a grease stain, for example, sprinkle it with talc, leave for an hour and then vacuum up the excess. Using a neutral soap-water mixture, clean the rest.

Tip #3: Cleaning with water

When we talk about cleaning with water, it is rather a question of using a cloth moistened with water and not soaked with water. Indeed, too much water could form halos and damage the fibers.

How to clean a fabric sofa with a grandmother’s recipe? Here are a few:

  • Marseille soap, black soap, or neutral soap: these natural soaps are very useful, especially the neutral soap which is recommended for removing most stains.
  • The essence of dyeing: depending on the type of stain and the fabric of your sofa, this solution can be relatively effective. Find out first before you risk anything!
  • Cleaning your fabric sofa with white vinegar and baking soda is often recommended. White vinegar allows you to easily clean a stain of fruit juice, tea, or coffee as well as food. Again, check that your fabric is safe.

No matter what trick you use, always apply the product to a sponge or soft cloth, never directly to the fabric, and test on a small area. To remove stains, always work from the outside inwards so as not to spread them. Chewing gum, wine, urine… in the event of encrusted or specific stains, get information beforehand from specialists.

Tip 4: Steam cleaner for deep cleaning

You can also clean your fabric sofa using a steam cleaner. Today there are several effective and very practical models on the market, especially if your sofa is not removable. No need to go to the dry cleaners thanks to this device!

And to dry all that?

When washing in the machine or by hand, the best drying option is still a beautiful sunny day: freshness guaranteed! Be careful, however, not to extend your sofa covers under a beating sun for a whole summer day, you will avoid a loss of color intensity. In addition, we advise you to watch them!

For partial cleaning such as a stain, use a hairdryer. Remember to ventilate the room well by opening the windows wide and do not hesitate to mop up excess water with a cloth… Visit also: Top Lounge cleaning in Dee why

How to maintain your fabric sofa?

Carry out regular dusting. Twice a month minimum, get rid of the dust accumulated on your seat before it becomes embedded in the fibers. Using your vacuum cleaner at low power, dust your sofa when you clean your interior.

If you have pets, an anti-hair adhesive roller will allow you to have a clean surface to clean your sofa in case of stains or for in-depth maintenance, quite simply. Take care not to clean your stain directly but to dust well first, as this risks spreading the dust more than anything else in the fibers.

How to protect it on a daily basis?

Tip #1: Don’t eat on your couch!

It goes without saying that if you snack in the evening in front of the TV or your children taste on the sofa every day, the accident can happen quickly. So to avoid having to clean stains daily or worse, having to change the sofa, we simply avoid eating on the sofa.

Easier said than done you tell us. Certainly, but even if it itches you, resist the urge to eat on your seat.

Tip #2: Cover it with pretty plaids, slipcovers, or blankets

Just like a fabric armchair, covering your fabric sofa with throws and other pretty blankets protects it in a way that is both effective and stylish.

Easier to wash in the event of stains, protective covers are also an excellent alternative for protecting your fabric seat on a daily basis. Especially if you have young children, pets, but also if you regularly receive friends or family.

Tip #3: Give it a second life

And if the stains are too deep and stubborn, if it’s torn, the color has become dull or you’re tired of the way your sofa looks, you can also change the covers! This is called upcycling. Provided of course that your sofa is removable and the foam is not too saggy.

To conclude, cleaning, maintaining, and protecting your sofa is the key to giving it many years of life! Dust it regularly, detach it immediately if you spill anything on it, and wash it thoroughly once or twice a year using one of the techniques suggested.

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