How to lose weight effectively?


Want to lose weight and don’t really know how to do it? To lose weight sustainably, it is better to make some dietary adjustments and some exercises rather than depriving yourself unnecessarily.

There are two things you can do to lose a few pounds: change your eating habits and increase your physical activity. If you do not practice any physical exercise today, it is not about necessarily to do sports, but a daily walk or a bit of swimming each week can already do a lot.

Warning! If you need to lose five pounds or more, go see a doctor or dietitian as you need regular monitoring.

The basic rules for losing weight

To change your diet, you must moderately reduce caloric intake, ie first of all fast fats and sugars. It is essential to respect good dietary practices ( see “Guide to good dietary practices” ) by adding a few simple rules.

  • Do not skip meals, especially breakfast, which must remain generous. Eat a light meal in the evening;
  • Do not eat anything apart from meals. If you are hungry between meals, drink a full glass of water, coffee, or tea without sugar. Drink also before the meal and in the middle of the meal;
  • Continue to eat starchy foods with each meal: pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. They give you a feeling of fullness and provide the energy you need, as well as fiber. However, everything that accompanies them should be limited: fatty sauces, butter, cheese, crème fraîche, etc. It is, therefore, necessary to consume these starches alone or with a seasoning without sugar or fat;
  • Eliminate sugary soft drinks ;
  • Eliminate alcohol and beer. You can continue to drink wine, preferably red, limiting yourself to one glass per day;
  • Avoid eating away from home as it is more difficult to control your diet. In restaurants it is sometimes possible, with friends it is more difficult … If you have a good meal together, you must then try to reduce the quantities and above all never refill a dish;
    Choose lean meats and favor poultry, without the skin, fish, and shellfish;
  • Beware of hidden fats: avoid all meats in sauce, fatty cold cuts, gratins rich in milk, butter or cream, gruyère and eggs, fried foods, pastries and pastries, sweets and chocolate, ice creams, cakes aperitifs;
  • Eat vegetables at will and in all their forms: raw, cooked, in soup;
  • Eat two fruits a day, but no more;

The preferred cooking to lose weight

  • Meats: grilled or roasted;
  • Fish: grilled, cooked in the oven or in the microwave, or in foil;
  • Vegetables: steamed, stewed, or in the microwave;
  • Compose the seasonings and sauces as less fatty as possible: put a little oil, butter, or cream, then use the lemon, yogurt, stock cube, and soy sauce, finally the season to taste with aromatic herbs and spices.

How to lose weight sustainably?

To lose weight you have to rely on a few solid principles:

  • Give yourself time, at least a month to lose 2 to 3 kilos
  • Prevent cravings and fatigue
  • Stick to the rules set at the start
  • Avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Do not use drugs or special diet foods
  • Keep eating as much as possible

To slim down, determination above all! While respecting these nutritional rules, to lose weight it is good to know how to choose foods with less energy. It is therefore useful to know roughly the nutritional value of a few common foods (see ” Find out the nutritional value of foods “).

It remains for you to be determined and not to give in to all temptations. The first week is often difficult but the first kilo lost is encouraging! However, small deviations are permitted provided they are exceptional. It’s up to you to find a balance without falling into an obsession with food and frustration. You know about Marie Antoinette syndrome, which is caused by severe stress. Otherwise, you risk cracking up and eating impulsively, then feeling guilty and going back to starving yourself, and thus fall into a cycle that is totally unproductive to your weight loss goal!


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