How to know love marriage or arranged marriage

How to know love marriage or arranged marriage

Nowadays people are curious to know whether their love marriage will happen or how to know arranged marriage. Even though they have a mentality regarding their marriage, but everyone wants to know about their marriage in advance. Will the marriage be delayed or their marriage will be like a film story or like normal weddings, all of them are trying to know these things.

Well, the biggest curiosity is about whether their marriage will be arranged or loves. If this question keeps running in your mind too often, then the answer is present in your horoscope. Everyone is required to understand this yoga of horoscope. Know whether there is a love marriage in your horoscope or it will be an orange marriage . How to know love marriage or arranged marriage? To get the answer of this question, astrologers look at the line and horoscope of our hand, then tell that love marriage will happen or how to know arranged marriage.

Love Marriage Matching Kundli For Marriage Using Horoscope


It is very important for solemnizing a marriage. Do you also want to know how to see LagnaKundli? Western astrology and Indian astrology are two different aspects of astrology. While many Westerners consider astrology to be a guiding factor in their lives, Indian astrology plays an integral role in guiding the lives of many Indians. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of astrology is the compatibility between man and woman. This becomes even more important when the topic of marriage arises. But how is it actually determined?

Like Western astrology, Indian astrology, or Vedic astrology, makes full use of the planets and constellations. However, Indian individuals use a Kundli or Kundli to guide them from birth to adulthood, and especially in the area of ​​marital life. To make a horoscope, very special information related to your life is needed. These include the exact date of birth, the exact time since birth, and the exact location. But once you know it, what do you do with that information? The family or individual then creates the birth chart for the male or female child.

Love Marriage Astrology Remedies

Obstacles in marriage due to horoscope and planetary defects, definite remedies have been given in LalKitab. The age of marriage is over and if you want to get married then you must try these ten rules of Vastu. According to Vastu and astrology, young girls who want to get married should avoid using dark-colored clothes. This is because the dark-colored Saturn, Rahu and Ketu represent these three planets that obstruct marriage.

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Whether you want to do love marriage or traditional marriage, it is very important for you to keep these things in mind. Single boys and girls who live away from home and live or study in a shared room and often live in a rented house and friends live with. If you live like this then you should put your bed near the door to remove the obstacles in marriage and get the desired life partner soon.

Those who want to get married should keep in mind that those who come to talk about marriage in the house, they should sit in such a way that their face is towards the inside of the house. Individuals who talk about marriage are less likely to feel affirmed when they are facing outward. Those who are facing obstacles in their marriage should take special care of this for their marriage. The person seeking marriage should keep his feet towards north and head towards south while sleeping.

Love Marriage

In today’s era, love marriage, as such, remains only a phase. But there are some defects in love marriage also. According to astrology, the lines of the hand tell us about the future. There is also a line in these lines which tells whether you will have love marriage or orange marriage. Let us tell you whether your marriage will be love marriage or arranged marriage. If the distance between marriage line and heart line is very less in someone’s hand, then such people are likely to get married at a young age.

If there is a mountain sign at the beginning of the marriage line, then there is a chance of cheating with such a woman! While the marriage line is very close to the heart line, you are likely to have a love marriage before 20 years. If a man has a marriage line in his hand If it is cut below the heart line, then it is not considered good, this person is always troubled because of his love marriage. If a sign similar to Trishul appears near the marriage line, then the person gets married and lives his life. Loves partner very much.

Marriage Horoscope

What are the signs of a love marriage? Marriage means a new beginning of household life. After marriage, a person becomes a family, not just an individual and is also socially responsible. His reputation in the society also increases. This is a turning point in life, without which a person remains incomplete. But marriage is not destined for every person. There are different customs and practices in different societies regarding marriage. As you all know that before marriage our marriage horoscope is matched which shows whether our married life will be happy and peaceful or not.

Traditional marriages take place on a large scale in Indian society, but the trend of love marriage has increased in the present time. But do you know that a person’s marriage can be predicted by the position of the planets in a person’s horoscope. Not only prediction, but also whether a person’s married life will be successful or not. So let us know which are the planets which indicate the marriage of a person in the horoscope.

Marriage Yoga In Horoscope

Astrology astrologers say that when Jupiter aspect the fifth house, it creates a strong marriage yoga in the horoscope of the native. The fate of Jupiter or sitting in the Lagna and Jupiter in the Mahadasha is also a factor for marriage. If Jupiter is placed in the eleventh house in the year horoscope, then there are many possibilities of getting married in that year. Along with Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Buddha are also considered to be yogakarakas among the karaka planets of the ascendant. When the aspect of these planets is falling on the fifth, then that time also creates the circumstances of marriage. Not only this, it is also helpful for marriage if the fifth lord or seventh lord is to move together in situations.

Signs of marriage yoga in horoscope

When both Mercury and Venus are in the seventh house, the promise of marriage continues, marriage takes place at half age. If Saturn is in seventh or seventh house from your zodiac, then you are not interested in marriage. In the seventh house, Shani and Guru get married late. When our Kundli is prepared, only then astrologers tell whether there is Vivaha Yoga before the date of birth. In the seventh house from the Moon, the Guru marries late, so It is believed that the Moon is of Cancer sign. If the lord of the triple house is in the seventh house, if there is no auspicious planet or yogakaraka, then there is a delay in male marriage.

If Saturn marries the Ascendant or Rashipati. And if Jupiter is sitting in the twelfth house then due to increase in spirituality there is delay in marriage. There should not be a factor of Jupiter or auspicious planet in the seventh house and in the twelfth house. If the Moon is weak in the Kundali, then marriage does not take place, even if there is no child. If the marriage is delayed, if there is a marriage in the dasha of Rahu or if Rahu is afflicted in the seventh, then the marriage is broken, all this happens due to mental confusion.

Benefits Of Love Marriage

There are many advantages for those who prefer a love marriage. One of them being the freedom to choose one’s partner. The person is also responsible for the good or bad consequences that love marriage can have. In love marriage the partners know each other better. And accept each other in spite of his/her shortcomings or bad habits. And when one knows his/her partner better then he/she can deal with any future conflicts better. There is no compulsion in love in love marriage; Couples don’t love each other. To be loved it comes from their true feelings for each other.

There is perfect bonding of souls in a love marriage and hence the secret of their stability. When the partners are in perfect harmony then daily tasks are nothing. And marital difficulties can be easily overcome with the help of each other. However if love marriage is superficial and depends only on physical attraction. Then it is very less likely to be permanent. Love marriage also helps in bridging the caste, creed and religion difference and this is especially important in India. You can find out whether you have Prem Yoga in your Kundli or not by meeting an astrologer.

Disadvantages Of Love Marriage

Those who oppose love marriage cite different reasons and think that these types of marriages do not last long. For some couples there is no family support and even their relatives do not approve of their marriage. The biggest disadvantage of love marriage is the freedom that each partner enjoys. Because of that the chances of breakup are very high.

A love marriage in the Indian context is almost like an insult to the family and the boy or girl living outside. However modern Indian families approve love marriages of their children as times have changed. What matters in the end is the personal connection between the partners and this helps the relationships last longer. Apart from this, to remove tension in husband and wife, you can directly connect with our world famous astrologer through our page dainikastrology. Who is fully capable of solving any of your love problem solution.


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