How To Increase Sales On Amazon

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As competition gets hotter each day, what can you do to increase sales on Amazon and propel your company to the next stage?

First, we have some positive news. Despite the fact that competition is increasing and the percentage of sales that are available to vendors on Amazon’s marketplace is increasing and larger. 

Amazon’s revenues are increasing at a rapid amount and with it the proportion of sales coming through third-party vendors.

Another good thing! Many sellers still have room for growth. Things like poorly-written listings, images that are not of high quality, and inadequate marketing can all be used to increase your profits on the Amazon marketplace. Utilizing these opportunities will enable you to beat inexperienced or lazy sellers.

1: Off-Amazon Promotions

The most effective way to boost the sales you are making right now is to conduct a promotional campaign outside of Amazon.

Off-Amazon traffic channels can be a method to reach a new market of customers who don’t search for goods on Amazon.

2: Retargeting

If you’re introducing your product to a potential buyer for the first time but not everybody will decide to go to buy it immediately. Even if you provide them with an offer for a discount.

Effective marketers recognize that you must keep in touch with those who have shown curiosity about your brand using a series of steps that ultimately bring customers to buy.

If you have other traffic marketing campaigns that are not internal and subsequent campaigns to the people who clicked on or engaged with the initial marketing materials. Retargeted audiences tend to convert at a higher rate than a cold, plain audience.

For this, ensure you’ve sent people through a landing page or a shorter URL which you can then insert the pixel. This allows you to track users who clicked on the first advertisement and can help you create an advertising campaign designed specifically for the people who clicked.

3: On-Amazon Promotions

Alongside the running of external traffic promotions, Amazon promotions are an easy way to boost sales on Amazon.

There are many different kinds of promotions that you can use. They can include Amazon lightning deals, 7-Day Deals, and Amazon Coupons.

The majority of deals that you can create on Amazon will appear in your product’s listing as well as in the results of your search and on Amazon’s showcase pages. 

This will give you more attention and revenue from conversions made by people who come across your product.

Certain showcase deals, like Lightning Deals, can be quite competitive and will cost you a little to operate. It’s nevertheless a great method to boost sales and help your product to rise in the rankings.

4: Optimize Your Listing for Sales

A lot of Amazon listings are not well-written and are designed using keywords. They’re written poorly and have basic errors and they’re not optimized to convince the user to purchase the product.

The most simple and quick method to boost sales is to find fundamental errors in the copy of your listing:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammar errors
  • Sentences that don’t make any sense

Make sure you don’t have large walls of text and ensure your listing is simple to read. Customers should be able to look through your listings, identifying the advantages of your product and the reasons they should purchase it.

Keywords are essential however, if your website isn’t optimized to convert users to buyers, it won’t matter how you rank in the results of searches.

5: Do More Keyword Research

Many sellers miss opportunities with the use of keywords. Although you might possess a plethora of keywords that you’ve studied and are being ranked for, there’s always more you can find.

Try to find as many variations of your keyword in the way you’re able. Find other uses for your keyword, like “[keyword[keyword]” for” …” and references to size in searches by customers.

The “long-tail” keywords are extremely useful since they bring targeted traffic to your website despite not having as many searches.

If you discover opportunities that you’re not ranking Try to incorporate them into your list somewhere.

Make use of a keyword tool to identify additional long-tail keyword opportunities, for example, SellerApp as well as Amazon ASIN. This can help you get more customers to Amazon and consequently increase your sales.

6: Better Product Images

Photos play a significant impact on the conversion of views into revenue and drawing clicks from results of searches.

Visual content is consumed much more easily than written content. It’s your job with your images to catch the attention of customers and make them love your product.

7: Get Your Pricing Right

With the amount of competition that is on Amazon Pricing is an enormous role in consumers purchasing decisions.

Take it from a shopper’s perspective. Everyone wants the lowest price. When a client is weighing your product against another product, price is usually the most important element.

This is particularly true when you’re competing with several sellers on the same site. If you’re selling the same item 99 percent all the time buyers will select the item with the lowest price. The chances of being able to convince someone to choose your product due to your superior customer feedback profile are tiny.

8: Optimize Inventory and Profits

Jeff Bezos famously said, “Your margin is my opportunity.” A bit differently by a lot of marketing professionals who have been successful “Whoever can afford to spend the most to acquire a new customer wins.”

It is important to optimize your operations to be able to have a lower margin as well as offer higher prices and invest more in marketing and make more profit than your competitors.

To learn how to manage Amazon inventory check out SellerApp’s manage your amazon inventory blog.

9: Use FBA 

FBA, Amazon’s fulfillment service FBA isn’t only a way to help with storage and shipping for you. It also helps boost sales!

Amazon Prime is the reason that FBA can help increase sales. Prime is a sign of trust. Prime badge is something customers can trust. If someone can see Amazon Prime attached to your product, it takes off some uncertainty that comes with making a purchase.

The primary advantage for customers of Amazon Prime is shipping. An analysis revealed that 79.8 percent of customers in the US said “fast, free shipping” as the main reason for shopping on Amazon.

When we buy something from the internet we need it quickly and don’t want to spend money on shipping.

10: Win the Buy Box

It’s the Buy Box. Buy Box is probably the most important factor in determining the sales of Amazon. If you don’t have the Buy Box, you’re missing out on lots of the sales a product can make.

This is the area that is located on the right of the product listing that has the huge “Add to Cart” button.

Whatever seller “owns” the Buy Box receives orders from customers who click this button. The other sellers who sell that product will be listed in the next section beneath the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section.

11: Run & Optimize PPC Campaigns

Amazon Search is turning more “pay to play”. Organic results for a search are lower and in favor of paid (paid) outcomes.

PPC is a tried and efficient method to boost sales on Amazon sales by injecting money into increasing your product’s visibility over the organic results. You’ll gain more exposure as well as more clicks and you’ll make more sales.

Many sellers are using PPC however not as efficient as it might be. You must be constantly monitoring and enhancing and enhancing your PPC campaigns to increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

Optimizations can involve placing more money into search terms that are more profitable and less money on keywords that do not give you an adequate ACOS.

The investment in PPC is almost essential in the present Amazon market. If you’re not using PPC shortly, this is an excellent opportunity to boost the number of sales you make.


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