How to Improve the Security of Your Property – Tips & Ideas

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One of life’s most important concerns is protecting your property. Maintaining the security of your home, family, and treasured assets is essential, especially in light of official data on burglary, which show that in England and Wales in 2018, there were more than 1.3 million domestic thefts, an 8% increase from the previous year.

These are the best methods to guard against a traumatic and expensive attack on your house, from defensive home improvement and security tactics to more aggressive measures. Make sure you are familiar with all of them and we can guarantee this will surely improve your place’s safety and will bring you more peace of mind.

Install an Alarm System

You’ll want to know if the worst-case situation actually happens and someone breaks into your home. You’ll want your neighbours to know, and you’ll definitely want the police to know. This purpose is served by alarm systems, which use sensors to identify intruders before emitting a loud, high-pitched sound to warn you of danger and entice your unwanted guest to depart.

cctv installationTo catch burglars in the act, some systems even let you add useful features like CCTV cameras. If you go with this option, be sure they can capture high-resolution photographs that can aid law enforcement in apprehending the offender — blurry, pixelated images are useless.

Use detectors to determine when someone puts pressure on the exterior of a window or door to deter undesirable visitors before they enter your house. These devices are capable of detecting sound waves as well as motion. Additionally, glass-break detectors will activate your alarm if a robber breaks your window.

Make Sure Your Windows are Protected

As we are talking about windows, this is one of the most common places for burglars to attack. Making your windows more safe is one of the greatest home security advice we can provide you on that issue. Even while it’s crucial to have an alarm system that alerts everyone if someone enters through a window, it’s best for the protection of your family if no one can enter at all.

If you have windows on the bottom floor, in particular, think about acquiring additional locks for them. While keyed locks will provide another barrier for the thief to overcome, pin locks will prevent criminals from lifting your windows.

You may reinforce your windows by replacing the glass with tempered glass, which is four times tougher than conventional glass. Additionally, it crumbles rather than shatters, making it typically more difficult to penetrate. And think about purchasing plexiglass, which is 10 times tougher than regular glass, if you want to protect some windows more than others. Although more costly, it is also more robust. You may even think about using polycarbonate windows, which are constructed from the same material as riot shields, for your windows that are most at risk.

Don’t Let Your Property Look Like You Are Gone for Long

Plan beforehand if you’re going on vacation this year to hide the fact that your house is vacant. Making your home appear occupied is the next best option if you can’t persuade a friend or family member to house it.

Prior to leaving, stop receiving any regular deliveries, such as milk or newspapers. Think twice before placing any online orders for items like clothing. However, you can’t always control when people will send you mail. That’s why Royal Mail Keepsafe is a useful service. Because this service will store your mail for up to 100 days, you won’t need to be concerned about a thief assuming that your home is empty because there is a huge stack of mail outside.

Finally, refrain from sharing information about your vacation in public on social media. A certain way to put your house and all of your possessions in danger is to check in on Facebook while you’re at the airport. Also, keep in mind that everyone may view your Instagram and Twitter profiles unless they are closed.

Think of Installing a Video Doorbell

locked outKnocking on the door is a common technique used by thieves to see whether anyone is inside before entering. This is a huge one if you’re seeking for home security advice from a professional thief. All 86 burglars questioned by Idaho-based TV station KTVB in 2017 who claimed to have done this responded affirmatively.

You may communicate with anyone who is outside your door using a video doorbell, regardless of whether they are a friend or an enemy. Look for a reliable provider of video doorbell installation and ask them for advice.

Check if You Locked Everything

This may seem basic when it comes to home security advice, and for good reason. Securing all of your most frequent entrance points should be the first item on your to-do list. Make sure your garage door, side gate, and front door are all secure and can resist an attempt to smash them open. According to the police in Britain, the front door is typically the point of entry for burglars. They either kick it down or force the latch. According to a MoneySupermarket report conducted in 2017, 74% of thieves access houses by this method.

Invest in a Strong Front Door

If your property’s front door is a basic one, you must surely start from here. Make sure your door is sturdy enough to deter intruders, and consider installing a bar to further increase its security. To determine if your outside doors adhere to British security regulations, think about getting in touch with a specialist.

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You Can Always Ask Neighbours for Help

If a neighbour can assist you while you’re gone, you may ask them to keep an eye on things. Especially if you’re willing to do the same for them. Since you won’t be at home 24/7 during the year, it’s critical to enlist assistance in protecting your possessions. Just ask them to report anything odd instead of giving them a pair of binoculars and ordering them to keep watch all the time.

Get a Safe and Store Your Valuable Things In It

External house security is essential and will deter the majority of burglaries. All of your most priceless possessions should be out of reach. Nevertheless, in the unlikely event that a burglar manages to enter and exit before the police show.

The straightforward answer, a safe, gives you the assurance that whatever you value highly will stay undamaged. Making a safe bet is the best way to increase home security. Safes may cost anywhere from £30 to as much as £29,000. Do your homework before choosing one and make your choice depending on what you will store inside.

Have a Reliable Locksmith at Your 24/7 Disposal

If anything goes wrong with the security of your property you should always have someone to call for immediate help. The most reliable answer is a trusted locksmith contractor which is available 24/7 for your area.

locksmith londonHaving a quick-responsive emergency locksmith in London at your 24/7 disposal is surely essential and it can help you not only in moments of burglary. You may lose your keys and lose access to your property in the middle of the night which can also come dangerous for you. Make sure you find a local locksmith contractor who can show up in minutes and deal with anything you may need help with there.


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