How to Import Email Backup in Outlook Application from Any Webmail Account?


There are a lot of webmail email accounts that are used worldwide. And, we know very well that so many professionals and organizations are using the webmail email account for storing their email database. But what you will do when you need to access your data from Webmail to Outlook application? How you will solve it?

Don’t worry, if you have ever faced any kind of issue like this because here we have something special for you to resolve this problem. Under this blog material, you will get the opportunity to choose an amazing Webmail Email Backup Tool that helps you to access data Webmail in Outlook by solving the issue of how to Import Email Backup in Outlook application. To get complete information about the program, you can directly go through the entire blog material. So, keep reading…

Different Reasons to Save Emails from Webmail to Outlook

As we know very well about the varieties of Webmail email accounts i.e. RoundCube, HostGator, Hotmail, Squirrel Mail, Horde Mail, etc. But, do you know what can be the reasons for switching from Webmail to Outlook? If nope then, read the points that we have listed below:

  • Interactive GUI- Users always looking for an easy and familiar interface of any webmail email client. And, we know very well that the GUI of Webmail clients looks boring with limited functionalities. Whereas, MS Outlook gives an easy-to-understand interface with so many beneficial features.
  • Contacts & Calendars Facility- In a Webmail email account, users are deprived of the facility of storing tasks, notes, calendar items, address books, etc. On the other side, Microsoft Outlook offers all these features.
  • Easily Available at Any time- Users can view Outlook emails without internet connectivity. But, there is no chance to view or access Webmail emails without a web connection.
  • Make Archive of Mails- Users can simply backup Outlook emails in a PST file. But, in Webmail, you will need to connect to the hosting provider or require cPanel access to save emails. Hence, archiving messages is much simpler in Outlook.

After knowing the different reasons to save Webmail data to Outlook, now we will go to discuss the complete solution that is mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog post.

Webmail Email Backup Tool – An Excellent Solution Suggested by Experts

Here you can simply go through the power-pack Webmail Email Backup software on your Windows machine that solute the issue of how to import email backup in Outlook email application. By using this solution, anyone can save their data from any webmail email account to PST format. And, after getting PST files from the software you can import all the files into the MS Outlook application. This program supports all types of webmail email accounts like- RoundCube, Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, HostGator, Yahoo Mail, Office 365,, Exchange Server, IMAP Server, Hosted Exchange Server, 1&1, AT&T, Comcast,,, and many more.

The Webmail to Outlook Tool supports all Microsoft Outlook editions which means you can access PST files into any MS Outlook editions like- 2019, 2016, 2013, etc. This program offers various benefits to the users that will help out to perform a successful backup process. If you want to collect all the benefits so, you can go through the points that we have described in the next section.

Top 10 Fantastic Features & Benefits of the Expert’s Tool

Follow the complete section for collecting the n number of benefits provided by the software. So, keep reading…

  • Secured & Trusted Tool: The Webmail Email to Outlook software is one of the topmost trusted utility available in a marketplace that is 100% safe and secure key to resolving user’s problem of how to import email backup in Outlook PST.
  • Save Attachments: By using the software, users can save their emails from any webmail account to Outlook PST format alongwith all its email attachments.
  • Batch Files Backup: Well! The software provides batch function additionally where users can export bundles of email folders from Webmail into Outlook application in a single round of process only.
  • Supported Webmail Accounts: This program supports a long list of webmail email accounts that is approx 40. Under these 40 webmail options, you will see RoundCube Webmail, Hotmail, Gmail, G Suite, O365, AWS, HostGator, 1&1, and many more.
  • Login Details are required: To perform the backup procedure, users have to put the correct login id and password of the selected webmail account into the software screen. After adding the correct login details, you can proceed to follow the further backup steps.
  • Different Filters: While using the software, you will get the various filtrations like- email filters and date filters that support saving any selected data from webmail to Outlook.

Get More Features 

  • Maintains Email Structure: The Webmail Email Backup Software is perfectly maintained with complete email properties and structure as it is. It directly means you will get your output data with the same email details.
  • Selective Folder Import: The software offers the amazing facility to save selected email folders from Webmail account to Outlook application. While using the tool, you can select the backup of the folder into Outlook.
  • Windows OS Tool: The Webmail account to Outlook Tool is Windows-based which means you are free to access the complete utility on all Windows OS platforms like- 7, 8, 10, etc.
  • Shows a Notepad: Additionally, the software opens a notepad at the end that includes the complete information about the Webmail account to the Outlook conversion process. Users can save this notepad without any problem.

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Finalize the Blog

We hope now your problem is solved with the help of Webmail Email Backup Software that we have discussed above in the blog post. To freely test the complete solution, you can download the free trial edition of this solution on any Windows machine. With this free trial edition, you can save the first 25 Webmail emails to Outlook PST format without any cost.

After using complete software with this free trial version, you can directly jump to purchase a license edition of this solution. The software has three types of license keys with different benefits i.e. personal license, technical license, and enterprise license. The buyer can effortlessly choose any of the license keys to resolve the problem of how to import email backup in Outlook PST format.

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