How to have a quality love life? Let it not last longer than a few minutes!

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How to have a quality love life? Let it not last longer than a few minutes!

Each intimate intercourse is closely related to its length. Once you make love for a short time, sometimes for a long time. The golden mean is optimal. So do you know the correct length of intimate intercourse? When can you say that the sex was good and just as good? What is the optimal length of sexual intercourse? You say a problematic question. According to several current professional sources, sex should last long enough, an hour, two, or even several hours and days. But is that really true?

The truth is completely different

We will certainly agree that this is an exaggerated idea and statement. You could refute it from your own experience because it has been so once before. Quality love takes much less. Not hours, days, weeks at all, but only a few minutes. Specifically, in the range of three to eight minutes.

Neither too short nor too long

According to foreign expert studies and surveys among several disinterested people, it has been found that love life that is too short lasts up to two minutes, sensuality that is too long is already an hour of “suffering” in bed. It is optimal to make love in the length of five minutes t.

Lots of time and mutual communication.

It will all depend on the contemporary situation and the time options you will have for love. Sometimes five minutes in the form of a “quickie” will suffice if you have little time. Other times, hours of “love life marathons” in bed will be possible if you have more time for each other try Fildena 100  to stay long in bed. After several years of living an intimate life together, you will know best what to catch, where to push, and how.

If you want to change something, you will re-evaluate it together, and everything will go as it should. You need to communicate, communicate, and communicate again. If someone thinks that quality love is without communication in bed, they are very wrong.

What to add at the end?

Don’t follow myths about giant penises, strong erections, and all-day love marathons in bed. These are just illusions created by today’s culture and often cause various dysfunctions in relationships. Therefore, always take this information and news with foresight and a cool head. It’s just the style of today’s culture. You know best what is best for the two of you and how much it has and must last.

Always follow your reason in bed. Please do what you both enjoy and do it the way you want it to, as it is enjoyable for both of you get Fildena 150 or vigora 100 If you follow this method, you will not have to deal with unnecessary problems that may affect you later. But in full sips, enjoy quality love with everything that belongs to it. Great idea, what do you say?


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