How to Grow Your Audience by Using Mentor Podcast?

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After the Covid -19 pandemic, the popularity of mentor podcast has skyrocketed. More people prefer podcasts as they can listen on the go. Easy, people can listen to podcasts while they cook, do house chores, travel, drive, and whatnot?!

Streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify have introduced new subscription-based podcast services based on the growing popularity of podcasts. So, yes, podcasts are one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

Whether you are doing podcasts for your passion or doing it to promote your business, you need to attract audiences. Of course, you would have put your heart and soul into creating the best of content.

Even you would have also shared your mentor podcast with your friends and family after its initial launch. But, often, things get to slow down a little after the initial launch, and it is normal to see your numbers slow down. 

Most of the time, word of marketing is not enough. That is when you need to move from launching a podcast to promoting and marketing it. Thus, you can grow your audience.

However, growing your podcast audience is not rocket science either. All you need is to follow some practical tips and tricks. And this blog discusses those tips and tricks in detail. 

Before moving on with the tips to grow your mentor podcast audience, we would like to introduce you all to the podcast with John Abbas. Mentor nation podcast is all about mentorship. The host, John Abbas, converses with experts from diverse fields, enabling listeners to gain valuable insights regarding various topics. Tune in to mentor nation podcasts now and get mentored by expert mentors from multiple industries.

Now, without any further delay, let’s move on with pro tips to grow your podcast audience:

  • Zero Down your Target Audience:

Firstly, zero down your intended audience before working on any particular growth strategy. Yes, your podcast can’t be for everyone. As a podcaster, you have to narrow down your niche and present it to the audience who can benefit from your show. In short, the more specific your topic is, the much easier it gets to reach the audience. 

For instance, the mentor nation podcast with John Abbas focuses on providing mentorship to the audience. The host, John Abbas, believes that mentorship can transform anyone’s life regardless of social or financial status. He quotes his own life has been changed dramatically after accidentally meeting a mentor at the airport. 

John invites successful or unique personalities from every walk of life and interviews them on his show. The guests talk about their life experiences, challenges, and how they overcome those challenges to achieve success. Listening to those inspiring real-life stories will motivate aspiring young minds to do well in their respective lives and be successful. 

Likewise, choose your niche first. If you keep switching topics, genres, and tones, you can’t attract consistent listeners. After narrowing down your niche, research your audience. Where do they live, their interests, and so on? Are they active on social media platforms? Do they follow specific hashtags or subreddits? Figuring out your audience’s interests will let you engage with them effortlessly. 

  • Connect with your Audience:

Now that you know your audience, it’s time to connect with them. Find or create opportunities to engage with your audience. For instance, you can devote time like 10 to 15 minutes to engage with your audience on social media every day. That, in turn, fosters a sense of community and builds a loyal following. 

Most people enjoy podcasts as it feels engaging and conversational. Audiences often feel like hearing from their friends or well-wishers when listening to a mentor podcast. So, yes, make it engaging and keep the conversation going. 

However, that doesn’t mean you need to prepare content on multiple topics. You can keep it simple, like asking questions, starting conversations, responding to comments across social media platforms. 

Mentor nation podcast with John Abbas is a must-listen podcast if you like listening to inspiring stories. The host, John Abbas, invites multiple personalities and interviews them on his show. John keeps the conversation simple, engaging, and yet informative by asking the right questions. 

So, the idea here is to keep the conversation flowing and build a trustworthy community for your podcast. 

  • Promote on Social Media Platforms:

Promoting your podcasts on various social media platforms goes without saying. Yes, what can be an ideal outlet online other than social media to promote anything under the sky? Create dedicated social media accounts and share your podcasts. Thus, more people will discover your mentor podcast. 

Here is some expert advice to make the most out of marketing your podcast on social media:

  • Always post about every new episode of your mentor podcast on social media handles. 
  • Use personalized hashtags specific to your podcast. Thus, listeners can contribute to the conversation. 
  • Add hashtags regarding your topics and guests, if any.
  • You can also use the tag option to widen your audience. Tag guests, organizations, TV shows, artists, or anything else mentioned in your episode, especially a popular one with an active social presence. 
  • Always check for comments and reply to them to keep your platform interactive. 
  • Search for relevant Facebook and Reddit groups and share your podcasts on them.
  • Likewise, you can create short videos for Instagram Stories and Reels. 
  • You can also share images, quotes from your episodes, and some behind-the-shoot scenes. Sharing pictures with your guests will also welcome your audience. 
  • How about hosting a giveaway contest? Yes, make it more interactive by asking your followers to respond to a question and win a prize.
  • Welcome Guests to your Show:

Hands down, inviting guests to your show is a sure-shot winning strategy. Yes, you can mix up your content and attract a new set of audiences. Moreover, guests can add value to your podcast by sharing their experiences and knowledge on their areas of expertise. Plus, you can also request your guests to promote the  mentor podcast episodes they participated in from their side to attract their followers as well. 

As they say, you need to ask the best questions to get better answers. Make your guests be at ease and converse with them from the heart. The more transparent and honest conversation you have, the audience can better connect with the podcasts. Also, always stay in touch with your guests, re-share their episodes, and thank them publicly for participating in the show. 

The key with podcasts or creating any other digital content for that matter is to become a relevant and reliable source of information for your listeners. Mentor nation podcast with John Abbas is one of the reliable podcasts in which the host invites experts from various fields and interviews them. John keeps the guests at ease and encourages them to share their knowledge. As the name suggests, the mentor nation podcast is all about mentoring, and you will find all of the podcasts very insightful. 

  • Network with Other Podcasters:

Podcasting is a more friendly community, and you need to build a network with everyone to bridge the gaps and play nice. Thus, you will get noticed by the audience. So, don’t think of other podcasters as your competition but make friendships with them. 

Moreover, podcast listeners seem to listen to an average of seven various podcasts per week. So, your podcast will get its audience if it is of the utmost quality. Many successful podcasters share their tips and tricks on podcasting on Facebook groups and show their support for upcoming podcasters. So, always support fellow podcasters. 

If you like a podcast, you can share it with your audience as well. That way, you are building a meaningful relationship with other podcasters. That, in turn, means you are creating your network of support. 

Final Thoughts:

In today’s digital world, everyone consumes content online. Nevertheless, podcasts are gaining immense popularity amidst other digital content. Today, right from business personnel, artists, authors to anyone can create podcasts and establish their authority online. In fact, podcasts are one of the proven mediums to reach wider audiences. Apart from unique content creation, implement the tips and tricks discussed in the blog. Rest assured, you will gain a massive following for your podcasts.

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