How To Get Affordable Hair Transplant Treatment in Jaipur?

hair transplant in jaipur

Presently hair transplant is a huge success. It is possible to get a high quality hair transplant.

But are you worried about the cost of the hair transplant?

Hair transplant is not a cheap procedure. But the cost of the procedure is worth.

Are you in search of an affordable hair transplant in Jaipur.

In Jaipur, the hair transplant industry is advancing. The hair transplant treatment is very popular in Jaipur. There are many certified clinics for hair transplant in pink city. Few doctors in Jaipur are popular across the world for their skills.

The hair transplant cost in Jaipur has gone down. The competition among the clinic is the reason for lower cost of the procedure. Patients from all across the world visit Jaipur for getting hair transplant. In Jaipur, medispa hair transplant clinic is the most popular clinic for the best hair transplant.

Dr Suneet Soni is a very famous doctor for hair transplant surgery across the country. At medispa, you can get complete hair loss treatment under one roof. Our services include scalp hair loss treatment, facial hair loss treatment, hair transplant repair and all other cosmetic procedures.

We have performed more than 5000 hair transplant with excellent outcomes. Please do check our previous patient’s gallery to judge our work. With us, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

If you are looking for the best!

You are at the right place.

Hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure chosen by those who are facing hair loss issue. The procedure could treat scalp hair loss and facial hair loss both. In the process, the hair roots are taken out from the donor area and planted at the bald area. The donor area is the site where the permanent hair roots are present.

The hair transplant procedure uses your own hair. The donor area should have ample number of hair roots for the coverage of bald area. The high quality and permanent hair roots are chosen for the plantation. The donor areas from where the hair roots are extracted include back and sides of the head, chest, axilla, beard etc. Thus, the results you get from the hair transplant are permanent. You can expect good hair growth and 100% natural looks after a hair transplant.

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur

The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur would be around 60,000 to 400,000 INR. The cost is different from clinic to clinic. The cost of the procedure differs based on many factors. Most of the clinics suggests the cost depending on the count of the hair roots needed. One hair root might cost you around 40 – 130 INR. The cost of the procedure also depends on the skills of the doctor and facilities at the clinic.

The cost of the hair transplant would be around 5 – 6 times the cost in other developed countries. In India, the hair transplant cost is affordable and the quality is very good. Checking on internet would not give you cost of hair transplant. But you can have a gross idea for sure.

You need to book for a consult to find out the final cost of the hair transplant.

Book you visit today at Medispa clinic to know the final cost of your hair transplant.

How to get affordable hair transplant in Delhi?

Nobody wants to spend unnecessarily. Everyone look for an affordable hair transplant. But what is necessary is to focus on the quality of the treatment you would get. It is always better to avoid cheaper services. It is better to choose a high quality clinic for précised procedure like hair transplant.

Choose the best hands for the procedure.It would give you a safe and budget friendly hair transplant. Go for an experienced and qualified doctor as they could minimize the damage to hair roots. You will save your money and hair roots both.

You can get a life time solution of your hair loss problem with hair transplant. But you need to be very wise while choosing the hair transplant clinic. Visit us today to know more about hair transplant. Get the best experience of hair loss treatment at medispa clinic in Jaipur or Delhi.

Let’s have an overview on Hair Transplant in India with its effectiveness

Hair fall is a phase which we all have been through many times in our lives. But is that phase normal or abnormal we need to figure out. If the hair fall involves 50-100 hairs then it is a normal phenomenon. But when it exceeds and outnumbers the hair growth it could lead to hair loss.

Hair loss is a raised global concern with increasing incidence exponentially. Earlier hair loss was accounted as signs of ageing but now people are encountering hair loss at a tender age of 20s. Thus, early diagnosis of cause of hair loss could be beneficial for the sufferers. Hair loss if become noticeable while advancing lowers the self confidence and self worth. People feel low with bouts of depression and anxiety and could hamper their quality of life.  Although not being senseless but still bald people becomes the topic for cracking jokes which often makes them avoiding social gatherings.

Hair transplant in that way brings a ray of hope for the ones who dreams of growing hairs on their bald heads. Hair transplant technique is a second fair chance for those who had long lot hopes for recovering their baldness. Everyone whether bald or not might have known what hair transplant is, but still there are lot many misconceptions prevailing regarding the procedure which has to be scrutinized considerably.

Hair transplant in western countries is an expensive treatment modality and is approximately 5-6 times more as compared to the cost in India. Including, India is jeweled with few hair transplant surgeon who have their name widespread for performing best hair transplant. Thus, people from all over the world visit India preferably for hair transplant tourism.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedure which involves harvesting the hair follicles from the donor area especially the back and side of the head or alternatively other areas of body depending on the hair density. These harvested hair follicles are then transplanted in the recipient bald area.

It is highly précised and technique sensitive procedure which has to be performed by expert surgeons. The procedure and steps of hair transplant surgery includes:

  1. The hairs are trimmed based on the procedure and the technique opted. FUT hair transplant technique requires minimal shaving only from the strip harvesting area. FUE technique demands complete shaving.
  2. After trimming, the donor area and recipient area are anesthetized locally.
  3. The harvesting of grafts are done based on the technique opted. FUT hair transplant technique is employed by harvesting a thin strip followed by its dissection to retrieve individual grafts. Followed by harvesting of strip the donor area is closed by an advanced technique trichophytic closure for achieving almost invisible scar.
  4. The recipient site is prepared by a process termed slitting. Slitting is an important step which should be performed cautiously by proper planning ensuring aesthetic outcomes.
  5. The hair grafts retrieved are then planted at the recipient site in the prepared slits.
  6. Post hair transplant procedure small circular clots are formed surrounding the newly transplanted hairs which are then washed off the second day of hair transplant by the professional team in clinic itself.
  7. The list of instructions is given to the patient after the procedure which should be followed strictly as per explained by your hair transplant surgeon.

Hair transplant benefits

The hair transplant procedure is the only hair loss treatment modality which can deliver permanent outcomes. The procedure offers numerous benefits including:

  1. The hair transplant cosmetic surgery delivers permanent outcomes unlike other treatment modalities which offer temporary remedies.
  2. The hair transplant cosmetic surgery offers natural and undetectable results. The natural hairline designing can only be achieved if you are going under the knife of an expert surgeon.
  3. Hair transplant cosmetic surgery provides the provision of long term benefits as the preservation of hair follicles are done for future sittings which could be required in case of future hair loss in adjacent areas apart from the transplanted areas.
  4. Hair transplant can bring back your lost self confidence and self worth by growing hairs on your bald area.

What are the considerations for Hair transplant surgery which you need to know?

Hair transplant surgery has been misjudged by many myths prevailing on online portal. Thus, it is important to clear your doubts prior to planning for the hair transplant surgery. These include:

  1. Hair transplant surgery is often misjudged as regenerative procedure which can regenerate all the lost hair follicles. But this is not true as the hair transplant procedure could only replace the hair follicles in the bald area from the other high hair density areas which has permanent roots.
  2. Most of us believe that hair transplant provides immediate results but it is not true, one has to wait for months to receive the desired amount of growth.
  3. Hair transplant is thought to provide complete coverage of scalp as was the case before hair loss. But ideally it could shift only approximately 30% of the lost hair follicles as every hair follicle need its individual blood supply to receive nutrition for growth. But the results achieved are quite pleasant and are worth spending the offered amount.

“Medispa hair transplant clinic” in Delhi and Jaipur offers world class hair transplant facilities at an affordable cost. Dr Suneet Soni: the head of “Medispa centre” is one of the best hair transplant surgeon well known for delivering astounding hair transplant results.


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