How to fix printer error HP oxc19a0020?


How to fix printer error HP oxc19a0020?


HP printers are made with a guaranteed efficient printing experience for their owners. It comes equipped with plenty of features integrated to make it more trustworthy and versatile when used. Additionally, an HP printer lets you carry out not barely one but numerous errands, including printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and so on. It also provides flexibility in your printing, scanning, and copying work that can be performed from any corner around your home via wireless connectivity options. Therefore, it’s a necessity for your homes, offices, schools, and organizations to make the execution of your tasks much easier.

Despite such a qualitative approach, HP printers, similar to any other machine, get errors while performing an important task. These errors have resulted from various factors, including improper connections, incompatible drivers installed on your PC, loose wires and cables, and more.

This article discusses the HP printer error oxc19a0020, an ink error, which displays an error message ‘Ink system error oxc19a0020’ on your screen. Coming across such an error, you may directly contact the technical support team for an expert touch. However, you may even consider taking the measures being discussed below and try resolving the issue on your own.

Fixing printer error HP oxc19a0020

Check out the steps given below to get rid of printer error HP oxc19a0020:

Step 1: Remove your ink cartridges and place them back

  • Remove the USB cable from your HP printer with the power supply on.
  • Now, open the printer cover and carefully remove the ink cartridges from the printer.
  • Now, close the cover with your printer on in a working condition. Now, wait for a message asking you to ‘Insert Ink Cartridge.’
  • Then, turn the power button off to disable the power supply and carefully remove the printer power cable from your printer.
  • Next, wait for about a minute before reconnecting the power cable. In case the machine doesn’t get opened itself automatically, you need to turn on the power button.
  • Now, insert the ink cartridges you have removed earlier into their place and close the printer door.
  • Now, connect your printer to a PC with the USB cable you have removed earlier, and check if the printer is printing the documents properly.

Step 2: Check for the ink spillage

  • Initiate the process by turning off your printer.
  • Next, ensure removing the ink cartridges from the printer, and check if there is any residual packing material, tape, or plastic is left inside.
  • Clean if any ink leakage is evident on your printer or cartridge with the cotton swab. Make sure it gets cleaned completely.
  • Check the link status of the cartridges. If the cartridge has a low ink level, replace it with the new and original ones.
  • Remove all cartridges, clean the ink in the printer and then unplug your printer for about a minute. Then check if the ink is still leaking. If not, you are good to go and you can start printing your stuff again.

Step 3: Clean your ink cartridges

  • If the above two techniques fail for you to get out of the issue, you may try cleaning the ink cartridges gently, to overcome the problem. Get a lint-free cloth soaked in distilled water to clean the ink cartridges.
  • Use the same lint-free cloth to clean the area washed earlier.
  • Now, before putting them back into their slot, wait for about ten minutes for the ink cartridges to get dried.
  • If the issue or an error message persists, consider tacking it through the control panel. If everything is smooth, there you go. Happy printing!

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