How to Download the Latest Call of Duty Mobile MOD


Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD – Talking about android games is never-ending. The latest games are released every time, even some games that have been around for a long time are also given new updates to attract more game lovers. The choice of games is increasingly diverse, making Android games even more loved. Many PC or console gamers have finally moved to android games because of the fun it provides. Besides being fun, games on Android are also equipped with a very amazing UI.

Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD
Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD

This android game itself consists of various genres, ranging from the MOBA genre, Battle Royale, FPS, and many others. However, of the many game genres, the most interesting and loved today is the Battle Royale game. In games of this genre, players must fight each other to be the last one standing until the end of the game. Usually, there are several game modes provided, namely single, duo and squad modes. Each player must quickly find weapons scattered on an island, then start fighting.

One of the most interesting Battle Royale games is COD or Call of Duty. This game was originally available for the PC version, but now a mobile version is also available. You can install it for free through the Google Play Store and start playing it. However, some gamers sometimes prefer to play COD Mobile games in MOD or Modified versions. One of the reasons is because the MOD version of the game is more feature-rich. Are you also one of the game lovers who like to play MOD games but don’t know how to install them? If so, here’s how to download the latest Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk Download that you can try to apply.

Information About Call of Duty Mobile Game

Many are arguing about who is the real publisher of this COD Mobile game. For information, initially, the Call of Duty Mobile game was worked on by two well-known developers, namely Tencent’s Timi Studio and Activision. However, after being released in Indonesia, the game was published by Garena. So, Garena is not the developer of this game, but only the publisher. So, it’s clear who created and developed the COD Mobile game, right?

This Call of Duty Mobile game itself carries the concept of a shooter or shooting game. Where in the game you are required to be fast and precise in aiming at the enemy so as not to be attacked back. The game is very exciting and challenging for sure because here you will fight other players from all over the world.

There are at least 3 game modes provided in this COD Mobile game. The first game mode is Deathmatch Team 5v5, meaning you can form a team of 5 players and fight other teams. Second, there is the Sniper Vs Sniper mode, wherein in this mode you will compete with accuracy and speed in terms of shooting. And finally, there is the Battle Royale mode, wherein one game can accommodate up to 100 players to fight for victory.

The Call of Duty Mobile game itself has a fairly large size, so it requires a high-spec device to make it more comfortable to play. In addition, the appearance of the game UI looks so amazing that it spoils the eyes of the players. Thanks to the support for exciting gameplay and stunning graphics, this game is in great demand by game lovers. Evidently, there are already more than 10 million downloaders who have installed the COD Mobile game on their smartphone devices.

How to Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD Latest Version

Download COD Mobile MOD
Download COD Mobile MOD

Maybe for some reason, some gamers prefer to play COD Mobile games in the MOD version. As we know, there are some interesting features in the COD Mobile MOD game that cannot be found in the official game. Are you also interested in playing the MOD version of the Call of Duty Mobile game? If so, here are the steps to download it you can apply.

  • The first step you download the game Call Of Duty Mobile Mod here:
  • If so, now you are looking for the downloaded file and directly click to open it.
  • If you can’t, then you need to activate the permission to install apps from outside the Google Play Store. How to enter the Settings menu >> select Security >> select Install unknown applications >> then activate the permission .
  • If you have now opened the COD Mobile MOD game download the file again.
  • Click the Install button on the popup notification that appears on the screen.
  • Wait until the process is complete. And now you can directly play the game.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD Game Features

As explained above, the COD Mobile MOD game has interesting features that are not found in the official game. The interesting features in the Call of Duty Mobile MOD game include:

1. Support for all Android phones

The COD Mobile game is equipped with stunning and realistic graphics. This makes the size of the game swell, so it takes a high-class device to play it smoothly.

But not for this COD Mobile MOD game. The game is claimed to support all types of Android phones currently available. Apart from stunning graphics, you even enjoy the very realistic 3D sound.

2. Attack of the Undead Mode

In the COD Mobile MOD game, you can try a unique game mode, namely the Attack of the Undead Mode. In this mode, there will be 10 players involved, where 9 players act as survivors and 1 other player as a zombie.

The zombies will attack the players and if they are bitten, they will also become zombies, and also attack other survivors.

3. Get Unique Loadout

In the COD Mobile MOD game, you can get a unique loadout. Inside there is special gear that you can later use to take part in battles in Battle Royale mode or Multiplayer PvP mode.

The gear you get is of course very special because it is provided by a unique loadout. Thus you can be more confident in participating in the battle.

4. Additional Map and Battlefield

In this latest version of the COD Mobile MOD game, you can get a new Map in it. In addition, several new battle modes are also presented, of course, which will make you more addicted to playing the game. Competitive and challenging games are the main attraction of this COD Mobile MOD game.

Tips for Playing Call of Duty Mobile to Become a Pro Player

Tips for Playing Call of Duty Mobile – Call of Duty Mobile or what is often abbreviated as COD Mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royale games played today. Compared to PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, the Call of Duty Mobile game is arguably the best in terms of visual graphics. Players will be very spoiled by the appearance of the very amazing graphics.

Tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile
Tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile

Not only in terms of graphics, but the COD Mobile game also carries exciting and very challenging gameplay. Some of the same characters are provided as in the PC version of the game. Various types of weapons can also be found and use in the game to make it easier to win the game. In addition, skill is of course also needed to win in the fight that is undertaken.

Just like other Battle Royale games, in the Call of Duty Mobile game, it will also not be easy to get a win. The reason is, the enemy you face is unpredictable. It could be that the enemy is a pro player or noob player. However, there are some tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile that you can apply to make it easier to level up to become a Pro Player. You can see more information below.

Tips for Playing Call of Duty Mobile to Become a Pro Player

Tips for playing COD Mobile
Tips for playing COD Mobile

To be able to level up in COD Mobile or CODM games, the only way to do it is to win the battle. For those of you who are still beginners, it may be quite difficult to get a win in this game. However, by mastering these Call of Duty tips, you will most likely become a Pro Player faster. Here are the tricks for playing COD Mobile so that you can continue to win in full, you can apply.

1. Selecting Shooting Settings

In the Call of Duty Mobile Game, there are 2 modes of aiming settings, namely simple mode, and advanced mode. If you choose the simple mode, later the weapon you use will shoot automatically if the crosshairs are right at the enemy. As for the advanced mode, you can further refine the shooting function. This will certainly make it easier for you to shoot from a distance.

Before starting to play, you can choose one of the two aiming settings. Try each mode one by one so you can know which model best suits your playing character.

2. Buy Weapons and Upgrade them

In the Call of Duty Mobile game, you can buy various items, including weapons. In addition, you can also upgrade weapons to maximize the shooting ability of these weapons. Thus, it will be easier for you to get victory in battle.

To be able to upgrade weapons, you need to use what is called an XP card. This XP card itself can be obtained if you have completed the challenges provided in the game. In addition to getting XP cards, the more challenges you complete, of course, this will further improve your playing skills.

3. Master the Battlefield

Tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile to win continuously, namely recognizing and mastering the battlefield. By properly recognizing the battlefield, later you can find it easier when looting and exploring places. However, to be able to recognize and master the field takes a long time. Playing often is one way to recognize and master the battlefield.

In the Call of Duty Mobile game itself, nine maps are provided with different terrain characteristics. However, most players prefer to play on a map that is a favorite for COD Mobile players.

4. Class Selection According to Ability

As we know, in the Call of Duty Mobile game, several classes are freely chosen by players. Here you must be able to choose the right class and according to your abilities and playing style. Each Class will give you various abilities and skills in playing.

In the Call of Duty Mobile game itself, there are 6 classes, each of which offers different facilities. The six Call of Duty Mobile classes includes Scout, Defender, Clown, Medic, Mechanic, and Ninja.

5. Choosing the Best Loot Location

Tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile to win the next game quickly is to land on the map area that has the most loot. Not every location on the map holds great loot items. You must be able to choose and land right in the area that has the best loot.

On the other hand, don’t let you land in a location that doesn’t have the best items at all. There are some of the best looting spots in Call of Duty Mobile, including Launch, Killhouse, Shipment, Sakura, Nuclear Plant, Nuketown, and so on. Try to secure loot in the locations mentioned above.

6. Utilize Vehicles in Battle

If you find a vehicle, it means a good thing and you should take advantage of it. Use the vehicle to explore all the places on the battlefield. Traveling by vehicle will certainly speed up your exploration of various locations.

For example, using a car to find and shoot enemies quickly. You can also choose a helicopter to make it easier to find enemies and shoot them from the air. And finally, use a raft that will make it easier for you to navigate a lake or river.

7. Keep Moving

Tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile so you don’t die easily is to keep moving. Many gamers think that hiding continuously will make it safe. Even though it’s not, a fast game you can die even though you’re hiding. Unlike when you keep moving, this will make it difficult for the enemy to find your whereabouts.

In addition, keeping moving will also make it difficult for snipers to target you from a distance. This method also allows you to more easily get to a safe place from enemies so that you live longer.


Those were some tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile so you can win continuously and level up quickly. Don’t forget to share the information above with your personal social media account, okay?

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