How to Download Spotify Premium Free for PC, Android and Iphone


Discover the music you have never heard before, renew yourself, find out what’s new, everything you can do with Spotify premium free An app for your mobile phone that you will not get bored with! surely you have heard of it before, there are millions of people using this wonderful app today.

Spotify Premium Free

This popular service for listening to music streaming, which offers excellent high fidelity sound and the best part is that it allows you to download an unlimited number of songs in mp3 format, that is why it is used by everyone today. . Yes, there is the free version of Spotify Premium Apk, but its users want more.

This is the most coveted version of this app and the best thing is that you can have it for free. Don’t worry, you won’t endanger your cell phone. In this article, we’re going to give you some tips on how to get an artist’s tracks, any Spotify playlist, and its Premium App features, without even paying any fees or subscription.

How to download Spotify Premium without ads?

Whether it’s your Android phone, iPhone, or even your PC, although it is most useful when used from a mobile phone, these simple steps will work for all of those devices, you So have many options to use Spotify Premium for free.

Why do you want Spotify Premium?

The reason everyone wants to have Spotify Premium is because of the many advantages it offers over its Spotify Free version. Among the various reasons why most want the paid version of this app, are as follows:

  • Something really annoying about apps is that they have ads and buttons for in-app purchases, in the case of this version you can say it’s clean, with it you can devote yourself to the only important thing: enjoy the best music in the world.
  • All available files are hi-fi, so you can easily connect your mobile to a hi-fi system and listen to the volume you want. In theory, the Premium version offers the hearing palate a higher level of “quality” than the free version, and it really shows.
  • Something really great is that it has the functionality to download songs and playlists to listen to on your device, without having to be connected to your data connection or Wifi networks.

Download Spotify Premium for PC

We have obtained a premium beta version of Spotify, which allows you to listen to all music from Spotify, with the same user, and without any risk. We leave you the link and the explanation of how to use it next:

  • Download the Spotify Beta app by following this link.
  • Install it on your device and connect to your data.
  • As we told you, this is a Beta version. But the truth is, it has all the features of the Spotify Premium app, but without having to pay.
  • One of the different advantages of the app is that this free version of Spotify Premium does not allow downloading files to listen to them offline, but it is not a limitation. You can download a separate MP3 downloader, or a feature that you do not miss because you will always be at home or you will have an Internet / Wifi connection to enjoy the application.

The formula to get Spotify for free

This mobile music subscription service is perhaps the most famous today, with more and more subscribers. But being paid for it, we are offering you this beta. Another option is to use apps that allow you to block ads.

Spotify on mobile devices (iPhone and Android)

It is an application with an easy-to-use menu, has a “Start”, where you can find playlists that the application offers you and which can be to your liking, in addition to allowing you to listen in shuffle mode. In addition, there are 15 special playlists that you can listen to in any order and skip as many songs as you want.

It has the option “Search” and types in what you are looking for. You can listen to any album, artist, or playlist in shuffle mode. To listen to a specific song, you need to add it to a playlist.

You can also explore the different categories we have for you and listen to playlists that are ideal for every moment (eg Pop, Indie, Chill, Exercise, Trending, etc.). There are other categories as well, such as new releases, lists, and podcasts.

It has a personal space, called “Your Library” so that you can find and shuffle the playlists you have created, as well as the albums, artists, podcasts, and (in the Favorites playlist) the songs you selected.

Record songs, albums, and podcasts

To save a song, you need to add it to a playlist or mark it.

To add a song to a playlist:

  • Find the song.
  • Tap the three dots.
  • Click Add to Reading List.
  • Select a playlist.
  • Important: You will be able to listen to the playlist in shuffle mode.

Songs that you mark with a heart will be added to your Favorites playlist in your library.
To record an album, artist or podcast, click on the upper right corner. All the content you mark with will be saved in “Your Library”.
Choose and listen to the music you want
All the playlists we create for you (e.g. your News Radar, your Daily Mix, etc.) and a few additional playlists that the app thinks you will love are available so that you can listen to them however you want. It’s up to you: choose the order and skip as many songs as you want, enjoy the music you want, when you want!

Data backup mode

With Spotify Data Saver Mode, you can enjoy your music without spending so much data. This mode optimizes the music files you listen to so that they consume less mobile data. This is ideal for times when the Wi-Fi is down.

To activate it:

  • Tap Start.
  • Click on Preferences.
  • Tap Data logging mode.
  • And activate it.

There are a lot of benefits offered by this app, it is very similar to the free version of Spotify Premium, it is a minimal difference, enter the link we left at the beginning and look at it!

And a little more to say friends, if you wish, leave a comment below on what you thought of the App Beta. See you in the next peña posts.

Alternatives to Spotify for music streaming

Spotify is now one of the leaders in the streaming market for unlimited music. However, subscribing to this platform is not the only alternative available to you if you want to have good music with you everywhere. Indeed, Spotify generally offers trial offers: you can test the platform and services for free for several weeks. By cunning a little, you can also multiply the offers and thus benefit from several free months before you commit.

If you are not satisfied with Spotify, there are a few great services out there as well. What to offer to offer you your favorite titles in a few gestures on your smartphone. You can easily find Hi-Res and Master Quality Audio formats offered by the service’s direct competitors, such as Qobuz or Tidal. Reliable providers who offer you perfect and quality content with legal FLAC & HiFi offers so as not to put you in the illegal while pursuing your quality of daily life. You can find your favorite sounds on all your media: smartphone, tablet, computer, PC, and even in the car. No more time to waste to discover the offers of music in streaming and never again live without the rhythms of the music.

Get three months of Spotify Premium if you have a Chromecast

Google made a difference in the world of smart TVs when it introduced the first Chromecast model, turning any TV with an HDMI port into a smart device. The ease of use and the low price made this device a resounding success, managing to sell the first model 20 million units. But Google is not enough to provide a device like the Chromecast at a low price to attract customers, it also wants to benefit current ones with juicy promotions. One of these new offers is the possibility of getting three months of Spotify Premium Apk

A very interesting new promotion

Two of the initial offers that came with the new model were those that allowed you to rent a movie from Google Play Movies completely free or the possibility of accessing three months of unlimited Google Music. These promotions are joined by one that in Spain, taking into account the success it has here, will be really interesting. Spotify Premium free for three months.

When the new Chromecast model was presented, one of the applications that were shown as a novelty was Spotify, the most popular streaming service in the world, which now allows you to play your music directly on our television or speakers if Chromecast Audio is available.

If we take into account that this offer can be added to the three free months of Google Play Music, if we take advantage of it well we will have six full months of music without advertising and offline to enjoy. The only negative point of this offer is that if you have previously taken advantage of the possibility of having Spotify Premium for € 0.99 per month for three months, you will no longer be able to access this promotion.

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