How to DIY a scented candle ?

finished scented candle

How to DIY a scented candle ?

Scent candle is a very traditional aromatherapy product, not only for its pleasant fragrance. But also it is the best way to create a romantic atmosphere and make people feel relax.

There are candles for confession, dining, bathing, wedding gift, etc. But buying a good smell scented candle is very expensive. How to give him/her an elegant & unique gift on a special day? Handmade scented candles are your best choice. Then how to DIY a scented candle ?

First you need to prepare the materials as follow. It’s very easy to find them online or store and the cost is pretty low. Most of them can be recycled.

Soy wax 

Cotton/wooden wicks

Essential oil

Glue dots

Stirring sticks

Wick holder

Candle jar/tin

Melting pot




Hot plate

Electronic scale

The most high-quality scented candles on the market now use natural plant waxes, mainly include soy wax and coconut wax. They can preserve and diffuse the fragrance very well.

Meanwhile, they are smokeless, healthy, and eco-friendly. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular. The texture of these two types of waxes is relatively soft, and containers are needed to make them.

Step one: Prepare a candle jar.

You can use glue dots to fix the wick to the bottom of the candle jar.

There are cotton and wood wicks. Both of them are great.

Step two: Melt wax

Put the prepared soy wax into the wax melting pot. Add a larger pot of water outside of the melting pot and melt it in water so as not to make the wax liquid at too high a temperature.

Heated it to 75 degrees until the wax is completely melted. 

Step three: Drop essential oil.

Wait until the liquid cools to 60 degrees. Drop your favorite essential oil into the wax liquid. The proportion of essential oil should be controlled at about 3%~10%. For me, 5% is perfect.

stir it evenly with a glass rod. When the liquid becomes pure and transparent. Turn off the fire.

Step four: Filling

Pour the liquid into the prepared candle jar.

Use holder to keep wick straightly when choosing cotton wick.(Otherwise, it will be crooked when filling the wax)


Step five: Decorate

If you want decorate it with dried flowers or crystal, etc.

Put them into the jar according to design when the candle is half solidified.

It should be set just right. If it is too soft, the dried flower will not stand, 

If it is too hard you will damage the surface smoothness. 

So the decorating time should be controlled within three minutes,

You must imagine it in advance.If there are some cracks on the surface, don’t worry. You can pour a little melted liquid to fix it.

Step six: Finish

Just wait for it to solidify naturally.

Then cut off the excess wick.

You see, The steps are very simple, right?

But many details need to be noticed, the most important thing is temperature.

Because different waxes require different temperatures to ensure the best performance of the fragrance.

Good scented candles always smell nice whether they lighted up or not.

This mainly depends on the temperature control during DIY, Including melting temperature, dropping essential oil temperature, filling temperature.

Another detail is the proportion of fragrance. It is not the more the better. Some candles will show oil on the surface, that’s because too much essential oil is added.

In addition, the size of candle wicks is very important. Too thick, the candle burns too fast, and there will be a lot of carbon deposits at the top of the wick when burning. If it is too thin, the heat will not enough to cover the entire surface, which will create ugly pits.

The finished scented candle can be used for lighting or as a decoration. This hand-made gift has your most cherished blessings. 

You can light it up before going to bed, and the flickering candlelight will calm people down. Soothe the nerves and help sleep, meanwhile create a romantic atmosphere and increase interest.

Let the primitive warmth of candles healing us. Make us slow down to enjoy life.

Little Tips: When using candles in daily life, pay attention to trimming the wick, which will extend the service life.


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