How to dehumidify your home?

How to dehumidify your home
How to dehumidify your home

Why do you need to dehumidify your home?

Humidity in the house is a bad thing to peel, but don’t despair. There are many solutions to eliminate it! Here is the complete guide on how to dehumidify your home. Keep humidity at bay and live a healthy hygienic life.

The rainy season can mean bring humidity to the house. All our domestic activities do not seem to give us satisfaction. The floor that does not dry, the damp and unscented laundry, that cold residue of the sheets. Not to mention the cold soaked in the rigid and contracted body, the main cause of discomfort and ailments. Is our life really going up in smoke due to the humidity in the house?

Yes and no. Humidity is a factor that, within certain levels, must be present in the places we live in. An environment that is too dry (the so-called “consumed air”) can cause us a terrible headache and excessively dry our mucous membranes, making us sick. Even excessive moisture, however, long-term, can cause us health problems like colds and allergies. In severe cases, in moldy environments, we can also run into asthma attacks and severe respiratory infections.

In this article, we will find out how to measure the percentage of humidity in the house and what values should be maintained. We will then review all the effective methods and tools to keep it under control.

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Triggering factors

Before deciding which remedy we want to resort to, we should be sure to identify the problem at its origin. Only in this way will we have the certainty of implementing an effective and definitive strategy, without wasting time and money. Usually, the alarm bells for humidity in the house are damp marks on the walls. In some cases, neglected for a long time, you can already notice the onset of mold patches on the walls. The causes could be of a different nature:

Poor insulation of the external walls

It is quite easy to understand if the damp comes from the outside. Usually, when these patches are present on an outer wall of the apartment, the enemy lurks there. Depending on whether we live on the ground floor or higher, the humidity in the house can be due to rising or infiltration. We talk about rising when, in fact, the steam rises from the ground, and the patches of mold appear in the lower area of the wall. This phenomenon can depend on the type of soil on which the house rests or on insufficient drainage of rainwater.

In case of infiltration, on the contrary, we will notice vaporous spots in the upper corners of the walls, or longitudinal, in the case of external walls. If you find similarities with what happens in your home, it may be necessary to renovate the walls. Our advice is to ask an expert for help to verify the nature of the problem.

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Failure to adopt adequate domestic practices

We are talking above all about small gestures that do not involve the purchase and installation of devices. There are many simple tricks that could make a difference on a general level. Usually, the wettest areas in the home are, by their very nature, the bathroom and the kitchen. On the other hand, they are the rooms in which hot water is used and in which, therefore, the steam condenses. For this reason, these rooms should be ventilated for 15 minutes a day, and always open the window after cooking or taking a shower. Indeed, one could provide for ventilating these environments for as long as they are not in use.

In this way the air exchange is favored and the so-called condensation, the water droplets which fill the tiles, is eliminated. The damp, unlike condensation, is not visible, but is present in equal quantities and installs very quickly in the walls.

Use Electric dryer to dry your cloth
Use Electric dryer to dry your cloth

In general, you should also avoid leaving standing water in plant saucers and drying laundry indoors. When the laundry dries, in fact, all the water that evaporates is immediately deposited on the walls, contributing to the excess humidity in the house.

Another mistake we often make is to block the air vents. The apartments of recent construction are made so as to be as much insulation as possible, to prevent the dispersion of heat. Don’t overdo it, though! If our house has air vents, it is precisely to counteract the formation and accumulation of humidity. Even if they can be uncomfortable in the coldest periods, do not obstruct them!

Unfavorable atmospheric conditions

Alas, if you live in a particularly humid and rainy geographical area, there is little to do. Despite having all the credentials on a structural and routine level, you could run into these problems. This does not mean, however, that there is nothing to be done. Rather! You can opt for one of the remedies for humidity in the home that we will see shortly.

There are many cards to play, at different price ranges and based on the severity of the problem. Some remedies, to be used in minor conditions, are even at no cost. If, on the other hand, you have to face a more substantial problem, you can help yourself with many different types of devices.

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Ideal humidity in the house | Hygrometer

As we said, it is right that the air that circulates inside our apartment is not too dry. That is, we should balance the values of the atmosphere so that it is neither too dry nor too vaporous. This is a factor that varies continuously, depending on the activities carried out (cooking, washing, washing etc.), the people present in the room, as well as the size of the environment itself.

There is a reliable and accurate tool to measure the percentage of humidity in the house. It is called a hygrometer; it is small in size and can be moved from one room to another. The important thing is that the measurement is not distorted by excessively determining factors such as open windows, heaters, stoves, and so on.

In general, the price of the hygrometer fluctuates between $ 10 and $100. However, we can say that from $50 upwards we are already talking about professional appliances that are used in the construction sector.

Therefore, economic models are more than good for home use. Keep in mind, however, that the higher the quality of the device purchased, the greater the accuracy of the measurement.

Eliminate moisture | Remedies at no cost

There are a number of do-it-yourself systems to combat humidity. Since these are simple and homemade solutions, they will be effective only in minor circumstances, with a humidity level slightly higher than the average. Let’s see them together.

The coarse salt

You have probably already heard of this remedy: it is an ideal trick for small and not too humid environments. Just chill a lot of coarse salt in the fridge for 10 hours and then put it in a container. The salt will get wet after 3-4 days, collecting the humidity in the room. You can dry it in the microwave and reuse it 4-5 times before replacing it. How much salt should I Use? About 150 grams for a room of 25 square meters.


The principle is the same as for salt: just place it in a perforated container and wait for it to dry every room in the house.

Gum arabic

It is a natural rubber extracted from acacia with a dehumidifying power. It can be used not only in any room, but also in drawers and cupboards. In addition to drying the environment, it releases a pleasant fragrance.

Eliminate humidity in the house | Effective remedies

For all situations in which the humidity problem is more consistent, you can choose one of the following remedies. Obviously, they differ in size, price and room in which to intervene. Some are products specifically designed for the bathroom, for example, while others can be used in any environment. These devices all have in common a medium-high efficacy in cases of considerable humidity.

Portable dehumidifier

To combat humidity in small to medium-sized rooms, a portable dehumidifier could already make a difference. It is a light, handy and fairly quiet device that runs on electricity. The dehumidifier sucks in the air from the room and retains the water component, before putting it back into circulation. The more expensive models like that of Ansio allow us to select the silent mode (just 28 dB) to use it at night.

In general, however, dehumidifiers emit an unobtrusive hum that you get used to easily. The capacity of the model chosen depends on how often we need to empty the tray. This also and above all depends on the use we want to make of it. Consider that a good model is able to collect even 250 ml of water per day in a room of 10-15 square meters.

Bathroom vacuum cleaner – (how to dehumidify your home)

The aspirator or suction fan is a specific solution for the most humid area of the house : the bathroom. If you do not have very large windows or if opening the windows is not enough, you can think of installing one.

The new models are very different from the rowdy and hellish ones we have in mind. Companies focus on minimal design, chic and discreet LED lights, maximum silence and doubled power. Some models have an on / off button on the back. Others have a built-in timer settable at the time of installation, choosing intervals from 3 to 20 minutes.

You just have to pay attention to specifications such as the nominal diameter and length of the duct. The power of some devices, in fact, may not be sufficient for a long duct. Most customers have easily solved the problem of condensation in the bathroom.

Electric dryer

If you don’t have the option to dry your laundry outdoors, you can opt for an electric dryer. The capacity of these appliances is measured on the basis of the kg of laundry, and a drying cycle lasts about 3-4 hours. The noise varies depending on the model: it can be as noisy as a hairdryer or a little less.

All customers agree, however, on consumption, equal to that of a washing machine. It is therefore a household appliance to be used sparingly. All in all, it seems like a good solution not to dry the clothes inside and to prevent the accumulation of humidity in the house.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning can control humidity


What distinguishes portable dehumidifiers from those proper? It’s a legitimate question if you think that technology has made great strides and powerful dehumidifiers, once super bulky, are also small in size. They too are powered by electricity and can be moved to different parts of the house.

The differences, however, still exist. It is equipment to each bulkier way (at least 30 x 50 cm) and heavy ( approximately 10 kg ), equipped with an engine and much more powerful mechanism. The performance cannot be compared.

The dehumidifier does not affect the room temperature but strongly alters its perception. The heat and cold intense are much less bearable when the rate of humidity is very high. By bringing this percentage below 40%, this device significantly changes the air quality, making it more pleasant and above all healthier.

In addition to having a tank with variable capacity ( 2 liters or more ), the dehumidifiers also have a continuous drain hose. They switch off automatically when the tank is full and have washable or replaceable air filters. All in all, they are appliances more like an air conditioner than portable dehumidifiers.

Air conditioning

It is probably not the cheapest or the most practical choice, but at least it guarantees us to solve the problem. A good air conditioner with an integrated dehumidifier is a very effective appliance against humidity in the house. With just one beep you can decide to heat the room, cool it, or dehumidify it, depending on the needs and the seasons.

Clearly this is a relatively invasive choice, unless we already have the predisposition of the implant. But it is certainly the ideal choice for those who want a definitive solution to the problem and do not want to waste too much time.

Obviously, the air conditioner offers, compared to the dehumidifier, a wider range of possibilities, and therefore of comfort. If to acclimatize a room, for example, we would need an electric heater and a dehumidifier, we might as well opt for an air conditioner. It allows us to promptly change the temperature and keep the humidity at the right levels.

In the most recent models, we can even set the desired humidity percentage ourselves. On the other hand, these sudden changes in temperature could cause us ills, so we must always use air conditioners wisely.


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