How to Deal with Sexual Frustration in a Relationship without Hurting Your Partner?

Sexual Frustration

Sexual Frustration is one of the most difficult problems that a person can deal with, especially if they are in a committed relationship or married with a family.

If we talk about sexual frustration, from a medical point of view, we can say that it is deep dissatisfaction in the sexual pleasures that we deriver or don’t derive in the relationship.

Sexual frustration can occur in different types of relationships and it comes with many own challenges of its own, apart from its direct negative influence on your relationship with your partner.

But with proper communication, awareness, as well as the willingness to make your relationship work, will help you in dealing with sexual frustration in your relationship.

Accept that it is Okay to be Sexually Frustrated even if you Love your Partner:

Many people assume that sexual frustration only happens if the person is not involved in a sexual relationship or if they have not enjoyed any sexual activity for a long time. And yes, it does happen that if you are refraining from having sexual activities, or are unable to have sex with your partner, then a person may become sexually frustrated but it is not the only reason behind it.

Even if you are in a loving relationship with your partner, there are certain factors that can lead to one of you or even both being sexually frustrated.

Lack of Adequate Time and Energy in the Relationship

Long-term relationships such as marriage can make us overlook the signs in the relationships that demand your attention, time, and energy. You may be working too hard at work for your promotion that you may come home drained and exhausted, leaving your wife feeling alone and unloved.

Your wife may be exhausted after running behind your kids the whole day, juggling between her jobs, and barely having any time for herself. In spite of these factors, you may still have sex, but it is quite possible that it is more of a formality, something that you do, just because that’s what you did in the past and not because it’s important to you.

Once in a while, these things are acceptable, but if you and your partner keep up this routine, sexual frustration is going to creep up on you, leaving you dissatisfied in bed and can manifest itself in anger, mood swings, and even violent behavior at times.

But these things can be dealt with if you and your partner are willing.

The first step towards resolving your sexual frustration is to discuss it with your partner in an open, friendly, and understanding manner. It may even happen that one of you may be bottling it all up and your partner may not even have the faintest clue that you are not happy with the way they make love to you.

When you are talking, please know what you want from the conversation, do you just want to discuss your feelings, or do you want a solution to your problem or are you aiming for both.

There are times when a lot of bottled-up sexual frustration can be dealt with by openly telling your partner about and acknowledging that you may have a problem there. Many people bottle up their sexual frustration thinking that they have no right to feel dissatisfied in bed if their partner is loving and kind and providing them with everything else that they need.

On the other hand, some people have extremely unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex, which has been inspired by movies and books. Just like in everything else, even lovemaking acts and satisfaction reach a certain plateau. It’s a normal and healthy part of the relationship, not even the hottest movie stars have earth-shattering sex every day.

Medical Conditions & Physical Deformities that makes either partner feel inadequate in the relationship

Not all causes of sexual frustration are related to your emotions, feelings, and the degree of intimacy that you share with your partner.

There are certain medical conditions that can also lead to sexual frustration such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Thankfully, there are various times of oral medications such as Cenforce 200 and Fildena 100 which help you with having a sexually fulfilling life and treating erectile dysfunction that springs from a lack of adequate blood flow.

If you wish to have a more long-lasting impact, you can try Vidalista 20, and there’s Kamagra Oral Jelly which offers you a novel way to take medication for your condition. Men may also suffer from premature ejaculation which leaves them feeling unable to satisfy their partner and result in inadequacy while your partner may feel unloved or even assume that you have lost interest in them.

Women go through a lack of sexual drive due to various conditions which may lead to sexual frustration for their partner which can also be treated with proper medical assistance.

Just remember that even though a sexual relationship is not the prime supreme in a relationship, but it is important to sustain it and build it into a loving and successful one.

Sexual frustration can be a result of factors outside of your Bedroom:

It’s easy to assume that only your sexual activities (or their lack) are making you so angsty and on the verge of breaking point, but that is not always the case.

At times, sexual frustration may be a result of a lack of oxytocin, which can be achieved by physical touch, which is not necessarily sexual. Cuddling, holding hands, or even just taking a nap together can help you deal with the sexual frustration that comes from oxytocin.

Some people do project the condition of their professional life into their personal life, so if things don’t look good in their career, they often find their sexual life lacking even if everything may be right there.

All kinds of sexual dysfunctions can be dealt with if the root causes can be identified and necessary measures are taken with a commitment to dedicate your time, energy, and resources to make things right in the relationship. Remember, it’s a “couple effort”, you cannot get rid of your partner’s sexual frustration if he or she doesn’t invest their energy into it.


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