How to Deal Effectively with Home Renovation Contractors

Deal Effectively with Home Renovation Contractors

Home renovations require a considerable investment both in terms of time and money. For this reason, one must incorporate careful budgeting, planning, and saving for facilitating the renovations effectively. Moreover, one must be familiar with the right practices to deal with home renovation contractors effectively.

Otherwise, you end up with unsatisfactory results such as improper finishing, delayed project completion, and many more. That’s why we have curated a list of things that you must keep in mind to get the best out of the services provided by the renovation contractor.

Tips To Effectively Deal With Home Renovation Contractors

Do Proper Research

Before hiring a renovation contractor, make sure to do thorough research to select an appropriate one. Because hiring a good contractor sorts out the majority of things for you.

One of the best ways to choose a renovation contractor is via recommendations. You can get contractor recommendations from your friends and relatives. This way, you get assured about the quality of the services.

Moreover, to get a glimpse of the contractor’s work, contact them and visit the site location on which they are currently working. Also, ensure to pick the ones with a good track record of completing the renovation projects in the desired time and budget.

Check The Licence And Other Documentation

Before handing over renovation projects to contractors, it is important to ensure that they are registered and licensed. Firstly, check if the contractor is licensed from the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Afterward, ensure that the contractor is eligible to work on home projects.

Because there are separate licenses for home renovations and commercial renovations. So, if you end up hiring a commercial renovator, the services will not be up to the mark. The reason is they do not have any experience renovating the residential spaces.

Incorporate Professionalism

You must convey the requirements of the projects clearly and precisely to the contractor because treating them casually may lead to unsatisfactory results.

Although you must be respectful to the contractor and the construction team; don’t hesitate to point out their mistakes. Moreover, don’t get influenced by the contractor as they try to manipulate you according to their benefits. Therefore, ensure that the contractor and the construction team incorporate professionalism in the work.

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Also, make sure they use high-quality materials and skilled workers to complete the renovations.

Check The Paperwork

It is important to check if the contractor is maintaining proper documentation for various stages of the renovation and occasional amendments in the project. Firstly, start by getting the renovation contract in writing from the respective contractor. It includes the start date, end date, and other important details about the project.

Besides, ask for all the amendments made in the renovation project in writing, if any. Furthermore, keep a check on the supplies and their cost to avoid any irregularities that may cause disputes later.

Have A Clarity About Your Requirements

As mentioned above, have good clarity about what you want from the renovation project. This way, you can convey to the contractor in a clear and precise manner.

On the other hand, if the individuals are not clear about their own requirements, the contractors easily manipulate them for their profit. Consequently, the project proceeds according to the renovation contractor and not the property owner.

Do proper research about the material prices and current market trends to correct the renovation contractors whenever they try to influence you.

Discuss Cleanup At The Starting Of Project

When the renovations are in progress, it is natural to have dust-covered furniture, scuffed walls, and damaged floors. So, make sure to assign the cleanup and the damage recovery to the renovation contractor in the beginning.

Moreover, after the project completion, make sure the contractors get the broken glass, stray nails, and other dangerous items removed from the house. Because, if you don’t discuss these things at the very beginning of the project, you may end up paying extra money for the cleanup.

Keep A Check On Measurements

It is a good practice to take the measurements of various elements like tiles, carpets, etc, and compare them with the renovators’ measurements. The reason is, the contractors generally tell you the increased supply requirements so that they don’t fall short on the material during the renovations. Consequently, you end up buying extra supplies that are of no use and can’t be returned.

For example, a carpet of 6 meters in length is required, and you end up buying the one with 8 meters. Those 2 meters of carpet are wasted as it can’t be used anywhere else. So, it is better to have an idea about the measurements and order the supplies accordingly to save money and material wastage.

Inspect The Project Site Carefully

A good approach is to get a regular progress report of the project from the contractor. Moreover, visit the site every once in a while to check the work quality and finishing. When you regularly supervise the work, the contractor and the construction team stay disciplined and dedicated. Also, it is better to fix the damages and irregularities in the work as soon as possible.

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Otherwise, they keep piling up, and you may not even notice them altogether. For instance, there is a small crack in the wall. The construction worker may hide that using furniture so that it is not noticeable. But the crack will grow larger and will be evident later on after the renovations are completed. So, it is better to visit the renovation site regularly and get things fixed in time.

Hold Final Payment Until Project Completion

Don’t hand over the total payment for the project to the contractor, at the beginning of the project. Not only does it save you from the financial burden; but it also facilitates easier amendments to the budget in case there are changes in the project.

Moreover, a good practice is to make the final payment after the project completion. This way, you only pay if you are satisfied with the work quality. 


The above are some useful tips that will help you effectively deal with renovation contractors, and get the remodelling done as per your preferences. As renovations are a huge investment, it is better to hire contractors with good experience and expertise in the work. To find reputable renovation contractors in Singapore, simply make an online search like renovation contractors Singapore, and get the appropriate results. Preferably, go with the ones having an HDB license, to ensure quality remodelling work.


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