How to create real estate ads that sell in 2021

creating of real estate ads in 2021

To learn how to create real estate ads that sell, above all, you need to keep in mind that the action of investing in advertising is not necessarily the recipe for all ills. Of course, it is fundamental and helps a lot.

However, the vast majority of people’s mistake is to deposit all the chips in a campaign that, if it doesn’t work out on the first day, is already discarded. This is misleading, and in the long run, it can make you lose a lot of money.

There is no minimum time limit for a campaign to pay off. In other words, this is data that is not within its power to control.

It is a criterion beyond its control and should not be integrated into the strategic plan. However, what you can (and should) do is think and optimize your campaigns according to a series of items that we will cover in this text. This is your only chance to work with a focus on a goal and do everything you can to achieve it. However, the long term is crucial.

What is a good ad

Now that we understand that a good advertising campaign can take some time to pay off and that the long term is your best friend, it’s time to understand what a good ad is. Is a Facebook campaign that reaches 10 million people the best strategy?

Or, is the best billboard on a busy highway a good option? There is no recipe. What exists is the adequacy of some criteria to their reality.

A good ad reaches the right people and informs what needs to be informed so that, perhaps, the person decides to buy. However, this equation cannot be solved mathematically, as if one plus one equals two.

The human and behavioral variables that involve the perception of a possible client are numerous. And what you can do to be ahead of your competition is just that: study your audience, understand their behavior and align the strategies on top of that.

If someone tells you that a certain media or a certain action is working, there is no point in copying the same steps. It may be that your actions do not have the same strength. And that boils down to a key point in any planning: realities. There are hundreds of different realities, and you will need to find yours and your real estate agent’s. Follow the text to understand.

What to consider before creating an ad

How to create real estate ads that sell if you have no idea what to create? Well, some questions need to be answered before even running a digital or offline campaign. What to consider before creating an ad? This is a broad question. It will serve as a basis to guide your entire method and serve as a checklist to structure your campaign or your real estate marketing plan.

As we mentioned earlier, the main point is not even finding the best channel or the best “recipe.” The main point is that you understand who you are in front of your potential customer and what you can offer to solve their problem.

If possible, being better than the competition is a huge step. And in a good ad, you can have space to differentiate yourself, as long as it is done correctly and healthily. See what to consider before starting your campaign.

– Strategy

To create an effective ad, first of all, you need to be motivated. Where did your motivation come from? What is the real purpose of the ad? To discover this, you will need to devise a strategy that involves ​​your real estate company’s marketing area and integrating all areas of the company.

Everything needs to be working together and paddling in the same direction. Thus, developing a feasible sales strategy for you, your company, and your potential customer is essential.

Having a good strategy is one of the most compelling, practical, and feasible ways to set up an ad campaign. After all, you need to know where to go. Otherwise, any place will be enough, isn’t it? So, think of your business or product as something that needs to go somewhere.

How are you going to get him to this place? It can be through many resources. And advertising is one of these features.

Until when do you need to sell this property? What will the profits from this sale represent for your real estate company? What percentage of this profit are you willing to give up to invest in new opportunities and campaigns?

These are some of the questions that need to be answered before buying billboards or setting up Facebook campaigns. You need to be aware of your needs and work on them.

Property type

After elaborating on your entire sales strategy and aligning with all real estate departments, it is time to understand a little about your final product. Before you even put ads on the air, you need to keep in mind that each type of product will have a form of dissemination.

Is it worth it to advertise the rental of a kitchenette on Rede Globo, for example? Maybe not. That is, you must be very careful when choosing the ways to create the ad. He needs to be in a place that his audience is.

So, the first step to being where your audience is is understanding your final product. Make a list of all the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages (yes, negative points) of the property. These answers will give you excellent guidance for decision-making.

 Target audience

This criterion for understanding how to create real estate ads that sell is one of the most important. It is directly linked to the previous topic, where you have defined and understand what type of property you are selling.

Therefore, the product’s target audience is fundamental to direct its resources in a very focused way to a good ad campaign. From the target audience, you will have a series of important definitions to choose between options A or B.

For example, the target audience is responsible for informing you about items such as the age of the potential customer, social class, education, personal tastes, and hobbies, in addition to several other issues. All of this data will be and should be used to enhance the features of any ad.

A good example of this criterion is the following: is it worth it to advertise a luxury home for students in the first semester of college-aged between 18 and 20 years old? It may not make sense for many reasons.

Therefore, it is of fundamental importance that you adopt this aspect as a real guide for any action with ads. It will save you a lot of work, time, resources and, above all, you will have much more return potential, because you will be talking to the right people, at the right time and with the right product (which you studied in the first topic).

4- Place of placement

Do you know what the placement square is? It’s not the corner square! Rather, the location where your ads will run. As well as defining the target audience and understanding your product as a whole, you must understand where it is most feasible to make your ads.

We can quote the same example used earlier. If you have a luxury home for sale in São Paulo, is it feasible to advertise to cities with a good per capita income? Maybe not.

Media for placement

After defining your product, understanding your target audience, and defining the placement, it’s time to understand the best medium further to run your ad. The example we gave earlier can also be fitted in this context.

Is it worth it to announce the rental of a kitchenette in the Globo TV program? It may not make sense. Now, wouldn’t it be worth creating a Facebook ad, extremely targeted to the target audience? Perhaps it makes more sense.

This is the logical thinking that you need to have. Choosing the right media to serve your ad is also part of the process. After all, not everyone is in the same place. And the more you understand your audience about their behavior, the better. You will certainly be ahead of the competition.

Five tools to create real estate ads

great real estate ad contains quality photos and videos, and relevant information. It’s not just that. It needs to be easily found by potential customers. Therefore, we will present five tools that allow you to create an ad with all these qualities.


A picture is worth a thousand words. And in the real estate market, this maxim makes even more sense. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors in the United States, practically all buyers (98%) consider images to be the most important data in real estate ads.


Virtually no one likes to wait a long time to load a website. And on the internet, seconds are an eternity. If your real estate ad takes too long to load, the user will likely get irritated and leave the page.

In that sense, heavy images are a great villain. Remember that they need to be loaded on any device and often on slow 3G connections.

A little detail can make all the difference. So it’s worth paying attention to the ad’s URL – your internet address. If it is too long, with multiple numbers and codes, it can generate suspicion or confuse users.

SEO Counter

As we said, as important as containing quality images and relevant information is in your ads’ visibility. Knowing that searching for properties over the internet starts at Google, it is very important to invest in SEO.

One more tool to create real estate ads is the SEO Counter. It helps a lot in optimizing your ads, especially in the creation of good titles and goals descriptions – those explanatory summaries about your real estate that should appear in search engines.

It takes just a few clicks for your ads to appear on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viv areal Portal, OLX, and so on. You save time daily and get closer to finding the ideal customer.

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