How to Create infographics Online


Everyone has come across infographics and knows what it is. Posts containing infographics (whether n a website or on social networks) usually get the most views and likes. Creating professional infographics requires good design skills or money to pay such designers. However, everyone can create infographics.

Next, I will look at popular online services for creating infographics. I will include in the review only those services where you can easily and quickly figure it out. However, if you are going to create and use infographics all the time in the future, I recommend reading a book on the subject.

It is worth adding that many services have more or less similar functionality. Why do I use different ones? Because I don’t want to pay for those a few times a month when I need to take a picture. Each service has some limitations in the free plan, and what is paid in one may be accessible in another. If you are willing to pay, you will still choose one and use it.

A great service made specifically for creating infographics. Nothing more, after registration, you can immediately start visualizing your ideas. There are ready-made templates, and you can start from scratch. Everything is done very simply. It seems to me that even a child will figure it out. It seems that the service is even free. I did not find a payment word.

Service for creating infographics — Infogram

The service has not have so many templates and a download limit in the free version. You can use it for free if you are ready to sketch a picture in the service and save it as a screenshot.

Allows you to insert icons pictures, build graphs, insert maps. In general, everything that you have ever seen in someone else’s infographics can be done with this service. Also, Infogram allows you to create interactive infographics and immediately publish them on the Internet. Ideal if you regularly make infographics. For one-time work, it is a little expensive.

Service for creating infographics – Picktochart

Great service for creating infographics. You can even draw from many high-quality free templates extensive editing options from scratch. The service logo is added during export in a free account, but you can crop it if you wish. I think that the free functionality will be enough for the majority, but for those who deal with infographics professionally, it’s not a sin to switch to a paid one. Has many free templates.

Creating infographics on the Venngage service

Are you not a designer? No problem! Editable templates for infographics, presentations, reports, social media posts will help you become a design guru in just a couple of clicks. Choose from over 100 Venngage infographic templates and follow the steps below to create your infographic.

Use one professionally designed infographic template to inspire and quickly create infographics. Visualize data in charts and graphs. Quickly change your infographic design by experimenting with fonts and colors in Venngage’s infographic maker. In the free plan, you won’t download infographics, but screenshots solve the problem.

Service for creating infographics and design — Crello

Boring tables and lists are of no interest to anyone. Package your information into beautiful and engaging infographics with Crello. Switch to any of the professional templates or create designs from scratch. You have all the necessary tools and objects at your fingertips – even if you are a beginner, you will succeed.

Crello is the main competitor of Canva, and in my opinion, they are doing well. For example, in the free plan, they have available features in other services only for money. There are no restrictions on the functionality. There is only a limit of 50 downloads per month. That is, the service makes money on those who really use it a lot, allowing ordinary users to use the service for free.

Visme for creating graphics online

Visme is a cloud-based platform for creating and collaborating on visual content. Visme allows anyone to create professional images and infographics, regardless of skill level.

From presentations and infographics to prints and reports, access thousands of easy-to-edit templates and content blocks to quickly create beautiful documents. The free plan has a download limit, for example, you won’t be able to download it in pdf, but you can save it as pictures. The template library is also limited.

Snappa – create graphics online

Create graphics with Snappa for social media, ads, blogs, and more, even if you’re not a graphic designer. The perfect size image is always just a click away. Image sizes for social media, display ads, blogs, email, and infographics are available as clickable presets.

Don’t start from scratch and never look at a blank screen again. Choose from thousands of ready-made templates that look professional and get more attention, clicks, and customers.

Snappa claims you can make cool infographics like a pro without watching lengthy video tutorials, reading how-to posts, or being a graphic designer. You can download only 3 works per month on the free plan, but you hardly make infographics more often? Many generally need it for one time, so the service is excellent.

DesignCap Service

The service offers thousands of professionally designed templates to help you easily create infographics, presentations, posters, flyers, social media graphics, and more.

Turn your massive data into a visualized excellent chart! Customize the chart as you wish and present the data clearly to your customers and partners.

Service for creating banners and infographics– Canva

The undisputed leader who has practically no competitors in terms of capabilities. Although he loses to services that specialize only in infographics. You can do a lot with the free plan. It almost replaced Photoshop for me.

Millions of images. Create designs with millions of stock photos, vectors and illustrations. You can even add your own files. Photo filters. Edit photos with preset filters or go professional with photo editing tools – the choice is yours. Free icons and shapes. Use icons, shapes, and more with ease. Choose from thousands of items you need or add your own. Hundreds of fonts. Choose from a selection of great fonts for every design. Canva has it all – come and get it.

My choice

I like the possibilities that online services provide for creating graphics. I almost stopped using Photoshop, I have services for each task that solve certain tasks well.

For myself, I single out 2 services:

Canva – is the free plan. The main limitation is the number of ready-made templates and the image library. But I use the canvas as a graphic editor. I create a lot from scratch. I can take the images on free stocks.

DesignCap – It is very easy to use, and there are restrictions on templates and on the number of downloads in the free version.



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