How to Create Engaging Instagram Carousels with free templates?


One of the most captivating pieces of content on the photo- and video-sharing platform is Instagram’s carousel postings, and businesses of all kinds are joining in. A carousel post template makes it simple and quick to construct an Instagram carousel.

It is a crucial remedy in the arsenal of the contemporary marketer. With a few clicks, apply your brand identity and collaborate in real-time with your team.

Discover more about Instagram carousel posts and get started with one of more than a dozen engagement-boosting designs. Following that, you can use our drag-and-drop editor and simple templates to make your own Instagram carousel.

What is a carousel on Instagram?

Instagram carousels, which were first introduced by the platform in 2015, let users publish several photos or videos. Even though corporations have swiftly embraced Instagram carousel postings as a strategy to increase interaction, the function is well-liked by regular users.

Carousels receive more reactions than single images or videos, which is the main reason why businesses and people like to post them. According to a Searchmetrics study, carousel postings have an engagement rate that is almost 10% higher than images and almost 33% higher than videos.

You can also use a Private Instagram Profile viewer tool to see your competitor’s Posts, pictures, and carousels to get an idea of how to make your own strategy to compete.  

An Instagram carousel template is what?

Instagram carousel templates are a potent tool for any company, brand, or person wanting to increase their numbers on Instagram because it may be difficult for businesses of all kinds to constantly provide compelling content.

Instagram carousel templates, like those found online, facilitate production by enabling users to easily build interesting carousel posts.

You can personalize a design like this for an Instagram carousel for your own account. You can create a polished, captivating Instagram carousel post that is ready to help you increase your Instagram interaction by just changing a few aspects, such as text, photographs, and icons, and adding your own branding using Brand Kit.

Your company may maximize its advertising and marketing budgets by streamlining the image development process by keeping a few high-impact carousel templates in your back pocket.

How to make a post in an Instagram carousel?

Marketers may utilize Tool to change a choice of Instagram carousel designs with their messaging and identity, or they can start from scratch with a blank template. Once you’ve done that, you can utilize Brand Kit to change your Instagram carousels by adding text, replacing pictures, symbols, and illustrations, or applying your brand colors all at once.

Additionally, you can work together in real time with your coworkers to produce Instagram carousel posts that are ideal for your company’s Instagram feed.

Canva’s designs have numerous pages, making it simple to create a smooth transition between slides by establishing fonts, colors, and icons exclusive to your business. This is where Canva most distinguishes itself from other carousel builders.

Utilize our drag-and-drop editor to quickly and easily add new images, icons, graphs, and more with just a few clicks, and watch your engagement rates soar.

Other developers of Instagram carousel templates

Let’s examine some of the other well-known Instagram carousel template creators and see how they stack up.

  1. Canva

Canva is a powerful graphic design tool, but it is significantly inadequate for Instagram carousel postings. In fact, Canva doesn’t offer any pre-loaded multi-page Instagram carousel templates, so if you want to create a seamless carousel that simulates the appearance of motion, you’ll need to download and divide the image into numerous portions.

2. PicMonkey

Although more pages can be added, PicMonkey’s carousel templates only come with one page. However, the approach has fewer bells and whistles, including icons and pictures, which could make it difficult to generate carousel posts that are very engaging.

3. BeFunky

Although BeFunky has an Instagram post template, there is no way to add pages to your design or create carousel posts. As a result, each additional spot in your carousel post would require a new image. 

How to place a carousel on Instagram? 

On Instagram, creating a carousel post is as easy as creating a single image or video post. Simply choose “post with multiple images” and enter your images or videos. Hence If you want, you can apply filters or change the order in which they appear. After adding a caption and clicking “Share,” the carousel will be sent to Instagram. Besides this If your post is solely for marketing purposes, you will not post it as an advertisement under any circumstances, so you will not be able to tag each image individually unless you are using an ad-enabled Facebook account to post the carousel. 

Examples of Instagram carousels

Let’s take a look at some other methods for Instagram carousels that your company might choose to implement in their upcoming Instagram promotion. 

  1. Visual coherence

We wrote this article to draw attention to a significant issue related to climate change. An organized approach to carousel posts is demonstrated by this example of an Instagram carousel. We used all 10 slides in this scenario to convey as much information as possible, and each had the same font and color scheme. Therefore, This method is also a great way to maximize the usefulness of the information you create. This data analysis section we created has all the information and labels for the posts. 

2. Individual content

Supergoop, a sunscreen company unrelated to Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, used this straightforward carousel strategy to engage consumers across the United States by providing information about their cities’ UV index and recommending Supergoop products to residents of those regions. Since Increased Instagram followers are assumed to reside in one of the listed locations, this new technique provides readers with knowledge that is both actionable and personalized

3. Visual storytelling

The animated post look can be achieved with smooth carousel Instagram posts without the work and expense of animating the frame of your image by frame. By placing organic shapes in the corners of each frame, this example of an Instagram carousel achieves this goal. Indeed without using video, which is less engaging than graphics, the resulting effect simulates the experience of animation. 

4. Instagram carousel templates

Ready to increase brand engagement by creating recognizable, clickable Instagram carousel posts? Check out these Instagram carousel templates for ideas and simplify the design process. 

5. Inspirational quotes for the Instagram carousel

Looking back for inspiration can be a successful method of discussing a current news story or spotting a holiday if you’ve done your research to make sure you’re not sharing false statements. So featuring quotes from black leaders and artists around the world, this Instagram carousel is a great way to demonstrate your support for the cause of racial justice. 

6. Instagram carousel designs for social justice

Hence Brands may have shied away from taking a stand on distribution issues in decades past, but today’s customer wants to know that Businesses that make money share some of their ideas. Moreover, You will find actionable advice in Social Justice and Advocacy Carousel posts like this one for being a good ally. 

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