How to Create an App and Make Money Online for Free

Create an App

It is not a secret that the world is now spending more time on mobile applications than ever before. According to stats, mobile users spend approximately 85% of their mobile time on applications. The probable cause of this data surge is endless. App developers can earn millions from their app ideas in no time. 

Moreover, developing an app of your own is not a distant dream anymore. Anyone, from business people, non-technical professionals to those who have no idea about coding, can have their app. What most of them don’t have, is the right idea to start. This article will focus on all that you need to know about making an app and making money online.

Steps to Create an App 

Making an app of your own will be a lot easier if you have proper prior planning. You must include the following steps in your plan to maximize the results.

Brainstorm App Idea

Your plan of having an app will be 50% done if you already have an idea in mind. You need to think about the demands of the consumers as well as incorporate your approach. If you already have an app idea, then great, go ahead with it.

If you are still considering it, you should keep your mind at a racial approach as rarely an utterly new app comes forward in the market. Sometimes you need to explore and improve the ideas that already exist. You can go ahead and do your research, conduct your surveys, and perceive the consumer needs.

Research Your Market

Once you have decided and know your app niche, you are ready for the next step. The immediate thing that you need to do is have a complete understanding of your market. Your app idea is likely to have a lot of competitions. 

Take notes of their app name, features, monetization plan, publisher, updates, ratings, reviews and the number of downloads. Knowing the demands of your market and improving the pre-existing mistakes will make your app stand out more than others.

List Out App Features

Imagine how you want your app to be and list out its features accordingly. The features will change over time based on your app reviews, but the primary structure should be your own. 

Write down the features you imagine your app to have, and you can even review it with some of your experienced peers. Keep consideration of the consumer standards, needs and priorities and work on them appropriately.

Create Your App Layout 

Design the app keeping the features in mind. In your design, consider what the users will see when they open the app and interact with it. You can design the app yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you. 

If you do not have much experience in digital designing, it is better to use online designing websites. Several websites will design your app according to your module. Make sure that your app has a user-friendly interface.

Develop Your App

Finally, it’s time to give your app the shape of reality. After having completed the design and graphics, you can go ahead and develop your app. If you have the idea of coding, then you can build your app yourself. 

But for a non-technical professional, consider websites that develop app software. Numerous websites are available online with high-class app developers who can code your software script into the app.

Submit The App To Play Store or App Store

If you are creating an Android app, you need to submit it to the Play Store. To publish your app, you need to follow the following steps:

  • In the Play Store, create a developers account and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Go to Google Merchant and sign up with the account.
  • Upload your app.
  • Provide your app details and, more importantly, content ratings.
  • Choose monetization if you want to and distribution.
  • Finally, publish the app.

If you are creating an iOS app, you need to publish it in the App Store:

  • Read the guidelines thoroughly and fill your data carefully to the App Store Connect
  • Submit your app and wait for approval.

Publishing just the app is not enough for you to make money. A significant percentage of app owners do not make the amount you imagine them to be. To start earning, you also need to have a solid marketing strategy in hand. Keep reading to know more about it;

Promote Your App

Promoting your app is very important for marketing. Without proper promotion, your audience will increase very slowly, and the figures you are aiming to reach could be unreachable. Here are few ways you can incorporate and promote the app in various fields:

Cold Email

If you have a regular audience from your website or other social media, cold emails could work efficiently for you. 

You can send your audience cold emails to increase your network. Many online tools provide cold emailing facility to you.

PPC Advertising 

Pay-Per-Click is a marketing module where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads on any platform. You can contact any such platform and endorse your app advertisement. 

These ads work on the user algorithm and change accordingly. PPC could work great on both ends, and your app will reach more people in a short period.

Social Media Marketing

Promoting your app on social media platforms will increase its reach manifold. The number of consumers of social media platforms keeps growing exponentially. 

Introducing your app into this user pool will help its market growth. You can approach popular social media platforms and websites for paid advertisements.

Influencer Marketing 

The number of social influencers keeps increasing. These people have an audience of their own, and they endorse several products on their platform. You can offer sponsorship to any famous Influencer to promote your app. 

You can never undermine the effect of these people in the industry. A single endorsement by a famous face can increase your app user reach to a whole other level.

Referral Marketing

A significant percentage of apps use this technique. You bring in some offer that a user can avail of if he shares the app. The user then recommends it to other people, who then join the app through their reference link, to avail of the same offer. The shares and references keep exposing your app to a never known audience.

Keep an Eye on App Ratings

People are underestimating the power of app ratings and don’t take it seriously as a marketing channel. But if your ratings are excellent, then your conversion rates will skyrocket, and people will show trust in your product or services. 

Keep an eye on app ratings and always look for innovative ways to get positive reviews as many as possible. Also, in the long run, app ratings are game-changer strategies. 

How to create an app

With coding

Currently, hundreds of programming languages are available, but only a few are popular and have great communities. Each language has its pros and cons. 

Some of the popular programming languages are python, javascript, angular, ruby, PHP and react. You can learn any of the programming languages mentioned and create your app for free.

If you are interested in learning programming, you should learn the language compatible with creating mobile apps. However, developing an app through coding is a time-consuming task if you build it from scratch. 

The main advantage of creating an app through coding is that you can do customizations as much as you want. 

Without coding

Suppose you have no programming skills and do not want to learn a programming language on your own. Don’t worry; hundreds of websites and applications are available online, which helps you create your app for a free or a nominal fee. 

Shortly, there is no need to learn code, and still, you can make your customized apps. Some of the popular websites that allow you to create an app without coding are Bubble, Appy Pie, Thunkable, AppGeyser, Andromo, AppInstitute etc. Even with some app builders, you can make a mobile app using your existing website or web app.

Some of the essential features you will get with app builders are Pre-made templates, popular websites clones, prototype building, extensive graphics collections, cross-platform apps, hybrid apps, progressive web apps, and automatics submission to play store and app store.

App builder websites allow the user to customize their apps to a certain extent. Create your dream app with no coding skills and within a few hours. Some app builders even publish your app through their platform to the app store or play store.


By now, you should have a complete understanding of how to create your app and then how to create your market efficiently. You can now use this knowledge in making your dream a reality. 

If you are a businessman, a game enthusiast, an artist, or simply an online consumer, making your app could change the arena of your network. So, without waiting any further, make the app you always have dreams for.


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