How to Copy PST from EML File with EML to PDF Converter & Manual Method


Do you have urgent need to know how to copy PDF from EML files or how to copy EML to PDF with attachments? Then this write up is exact for you to overcome from all the explain issues. Basically, we created this blog after complete observation of your requirement so in this blog, we are sharing a manual method & an alternative solution to smoothly copy .eml messages to PDF with attachments & without attachments. Therefore, stay on this blog till the end and grab chance to sort out all migration issues.

Manual Method to Copy EML to PDF with Attachments

  • Firstly Collect your all EML files at a place and install Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • After that, properly configured it and add Import Export Tools in It.
  • Now create a new folder (Choose any mailbox & right click on it. Go with Create new folder option and provide any name.).
  • Select your all EML files & save in Thunderbird newly created folder by drag & drop method.
  • After that, choose some mails or mailbox of few messages. Right click on it.
  • Go with ImportExport Tools and save selected mails & mailbox option.
  • Choose Save as PDF option and saving path.
  • A confirmation message will show there that the process will not save emails attachments during the process. Click on OK button. And navigate to the stored location of PDF file.

Drawbacks of the manual method

  • The manual method cannot save emails to PDF with attachments. It saves only mails without attached files in PDF.
  • It is only a trick so not a perfect solution to save EML messages to PDF.
  • This method is useful only for copying few EML files to PDF without attachments.
  • The above explained method can take lots of time and doesn’t provide urgent mails migration outcome.
  • If you are a non-technical user then you may face difficulty to follow it because it requires some technical skills.
  • If you missed some steps then your data details may be loosed.
  • It is not simple and may waste your time.

How to Copy EML to PDF with Attachments by EML to PDF Converter

If you have no much time and need urgent migration outcome of EML files to PDF Adobe documents & also don’t want to go with the above explained method then you can go with EML to PDF Converter program that is designed by BitVare Software for solving users’ all issues regarding the EML files to PDF migration. The program provides lots of benefits to properly copy EML to PDF. It has multiple forensic purpose functions which helps to investigate EML messages for evidence. Using it, you can view your EML message in multiple modes – hex view, raw messages, content, message header. The method is helpful for large & all types of EML files (it supports EML files of all supported mail clients.

The alternative EML to PDF migration method can fulfil your all requirements for copying EML messages to PDF Adobe documents still have doubt or confusion then Download the BitVare’s EML Converter to PDF tool that enables to copy 10 messages to PDF at free of cost. It helps to clear your all doubts & confusions related to EML to PDF migration. Therefore, now you are capable solve your all problems to copy EML messages to PDF for free by both methods.



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