How to convert EDB files to PST format?

convert edb to pst

This write will talk about a manual way to convert EDB to PST using the Exchange Admin Center. Furthermore, we will discuss the possible and suitable way to restore the inaccessible or corrupt EDB to PST. If you want to be aware of the EDB conversion, stick to the article till the end.

The EDB file is inaccessible files and to access them; users need to convert them to any accessible file. Usually, users prefer PST file format over other file formats. This is regarding PST’s secure, compatible and portable character. The Exchange EDB still residing on the Exchange server can be converted to the PST from the Exchange Admin Center. But the problem persists when users have their EDB file in their local directory. It is indeed not that big problem because many EDB to PST Converter tools are present in the market.

Reasons to convert EDB to PST:

  • It is challenging to repair corrupt EDB files; it would be better to convert them to PST for access.
  • EDB files occupy comparatively larger space than the PST for the same amount of data.
  • PST file reduces the mailbox size, improves performance, and optimizes space.
  • PST is preferred for the safekeeping of the data due to its easy in access trait.
  • Change in system or account doesn’t affect PST accessibility.

How to Convert EDB to PST?

Users can use Exchange Admin Centre as the EDB to PST Converter when the Exchange server contains the data. But when the EDB is stored in the local directory, the users need to look for professional tools instead. First, we will talk about how to convert Exchange data through the Exchange admin center then we’ll dive into the professional approach to converting offline EDB to PST.

Convert EDB to PST from Exchange Admin Centre:

  • Jump into the site:
  • Sign in to the Exchange Admin Centre using Admin’s credentials.
  • Proceed toward the Permissions tab and click on the Admin Roles option.
  • Choose Recipient Management and hit the ‘+’ sign button.
  • Provide a name and description for your role group.
  • Scroll down to the roles option and hit the + button. In the pop-up, select Mailbox Import-export, tap on Add and subsequently hit OK.
  • Following hit + option adjacent to Member and add members you want to export.

(These steps bring the Mailbox Import Export option under Recipient Management.) 

  • Now press the Recipients from the left list, tap on Mailboxes, select the mailboxes you want to export, hit on three dots (…), and select Export to a PST file.
  • Select or browse the mailboxes you want to export from the two radio buttons: export content from mailbox and export content from Mailbox’s archive, use them appropriately, and press Next.
  • Provide the path in your local directory to save the resultant PSTs and go ahead with Next.
  • Choose the Mailbox where you want to receive the confirmation email after completing the conversion and press Finish.

Best EDB to PST Converter Tool:

As I told you before, there are many EDB converter tools present in the market to convert offline EDB files into PST. But users must look for proficient ones because the business-related data always remains crucial. And from the very long list of third-party tools, Weeom tool is the one that has already made his space among the users. So, in this blog, we will talk about the working and features of the Weeom EDB to PST Converter tool.

Working of Weeom EDB Converter:

  • Download the Weeom EDB to PST Converter tool and open it on your system.
  • Hit on Add EDB icon; a wizard will appear, browse or search EDB files to add them and hit OK.
  • Now click on Export Mailbox > Outlook PST.
  • A list of folders and sub-folders will appear, deal with them accordingly, and hit Next.
  • Choose the radio button: Export in existing PST or Export and Create New PST File, provide the path for the same and proceed.

(On this wizard, users can also set a password on PST, split PST by providing size for each          split, and select incremental Export.)

  • Now comes the item filter wizard, where users can use filters based on item class and date.

(From this wizard, users can tap on the Advance option to use features like thread count, folder mapping, email translation, etc.)

  • When the users hit Next on the filter wizard, the conversion process starts, hit finish when the process completes.

Features of Weeom EDB to PST Converter Tool:

The GUI of the Weeom tool is framed or developed in such a way that users can interact with it beneficially. Moreover, this tool comes with the given below features:

  • This tool allows the number of EDB to add in a single go. And on that doesn’t bar any large-sized EDBs.
  • Weeom tool converts inaccessible and corrupt EDBs to PST without any alteration of data and structure.
  • It allows users to convert EDB with the particular items by providing them with the filter option. Users can filter the data based on item class and message date in the filter wizard.
  • Users can convert EDB to PST with the required level of accuracy by using the folder mapping option of this tool.
  • This tool’s email translation features facilitate users to replace the canonical email addresses with authentic ones.
  • Provides users an interface where users can access their EDB file before conversion, whether they are corrupt or healthy.
  • This tool is even capable of recovering hardly deleted items of the EDBs.
  • Along with converting to PST, if users require, this tool can also export the EDBs to Live Exchange Server and Office 365.
Final Sayings:

The manual method performed on Exchange Admin Centre only works for those Exchange Database stored on the Exchange server. So, users need to use professional tools to have their EDB files in their local directory. Here we have talked about the Weeom EDB to PST Converter tool. If you want to evaluate this tool before purchase, you can use this tool for free in the demo version.




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