How To Confirm All Facebook Friend Request in one click

How To Confirm All Facebook Friend Request in one click
How To Confirm All Facebook Friend Request in one click

Many people want to learn how to accept all Facebook friend requests at once. Sometimes, when we aren’t using Facebook for a long time and open an account after months or years. We found and there are lots of pending friend requests. Now, how to accept all friend requests in a single click on Facebook? Facebook Friend Request

It’s not possible to accept all of them one by one, as they are too much. So, most of us start searching on Google for Auto accept friend requests facebook javascript, FB auto friend request accepts, etc. In some cases, we will get accepts a solution on Google, but sometimes we don’t. But don’t worry, in this tutorial you will learn about all Facebook friend’s requests accept/reject at one time How To Choose A Digital Marketing Company Name?.

Whenever we made a new account on Facebook, we love to make new friends on it. Some people are so crazy about making friends on Facebook, they want to make more and more friends on Facebook. But we aren’t able to make more than 5,000 friends on a single Facebook account, so they make many accounts on Facebook and make more friends in them. To make friends fast, they post-viral photos, nudity pictures of girls, etc.

in Facebook groups and it will lead to high quantity friend requests. They will receive more than 100 friend requests in a minute on their ID. But it is not an easy task to accept a large number of friend requests on Facebook because it takes so much time to accept all friend requests manually one by one. Facebook Friend Request

Hack Facebook account password with the android phone?

how to cancel all sent friend requests in one click

Facebook is the largest social media site. It has extended its role for business owners. Now I will teach you how to accept all friend request on Facebook by a single click. Today’s online business, as well as marketing mainly depends on social media sites. Usually, marketers use FB fake IDs behind excellent profiles & sometimes they use fake Female ID to connect with more friends on Facebook. Most of the time they succeed in this process and get huge friend requests. To save time need to accept all friend request on Facebook by a single click. Just follow the below steps and enjoy it. the Facebook Friend Request
To Accept All Friend Requests On Facebook.

Step-01. Login to your Facebook account.

Step-02.Go to this Page

Step-03.Scroll Down and Click on Show More to open all Pending Request

Step-04. Copy this Script.

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”).length;i++){document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”)[i].click();}void(0);

Step-05. Now Click F12 or Ctrl+Shift+J to open Console Box and paste it (Script).

Step-06. Click on Enter then Just wait few Seconds and almost done

here is a simple method to Accept all friend requests (or Reject) at once on Facebook. Even if you have more than 1000 friend requests, you how to accept all friend requests on Facebook at once by a single in one click confirm accept reject all Facebook Fb auto friend requests accept Start Facebook Social Toolkit by clicking on the extension icon. Select accept all friend requests at once from menu items. Click on Accept all friend requests at once button. The Facebook social toolkit will click on all confirm buttons for you and accept all friend requests Facebook Friend Request

1.Go to the Facebook Forgot Password option

2.Enter your email or mobile number or username or name in the text box and click search. generally, a name is not recommended since there may be more than one person with the same name. Username is a unique Facebook identity, that you may find in your profile URL. Example: Here Zuck is the username of Mark Zuckerberg.

3.You should see your profile with a recovery email address and mobile number if any. Select the mobile number or email address that you can access right now and then click Continue.

4.Check your mailbox if you choose email / mobile inbox if you choose the mobile number to get the recovery code. Enter the recovery code to continue.
5.That’s all. Set your new password and get back to your Facebook account

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2. Submit Report to Facebook

The first and foremost task is to report Facebook team about the hacking of your Facebook account so that they can take immediate steps to protect it. Follow following steps:

  •     Go to the Facebook Account Compromise Reporting Page
  • Click the “My Account is Compromised” button
  •     On “Find Your Account” page, you need to identify yourself. At the provided box, enter your email, registered phone number, user name or full name. Now, click the “Search” button.
  •     Follow the instructions provided to report your account as compromised.
  •      Now, after following the recovery steps, you will be able to gain access to your account back. You might have got verification/password-reset link via email, verification code via SMS a phone that helped you to reset your Facebook password again.
  •     If the verification code/link just provided you the access to your account, it is recommended to change your Facebook password immediately. You can do this by visiting your “Account Settings” page and click “Change” link under “My Account” Password section.
  •     Now visit Facebook Privacy Settings page, click on “Apps and Website” and delete all the suspicious apps that hacker have used to hack your account by clicking “Edit Settings” and then “X” under “Apps You Use” section
  •     Check your activity log to know locate any suspicious activity done by the hacker using your account, for example commenting, status updates, post on friend’s timeline etc.
  •     Inform your friends and followers that your account was hacked and if someone sent them any message or suspicious links then don’t click those links. recover hacked .Facebook
  • how to cancel all sent friend requests in one click

final words: facebook account hacked and locked my FB account is hacked and email changed recover hacked Facebook account through friends how to recover hacked facebook account password


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