How to Clean Car at Home?

How to Clean Car at Home

A car is a big asset for anyone and a lot of people won’t be happy if you dirty or damage your car.

That’s why some people are very careful with their car. However, it is not easy to keep the car clean all the time, especially when you have to drive it to different places now and then and it does get dirty.

In this article, we will learn some of the tips & tricks for how to clean a car at home.

Cleaning tools needed

It’s important to inspect your vehicle before it gets too dirty. Evaluating the condition of your car will help determine how you take care of it when washing your car.

When you wash your car, here are some supplies you may need: -A hose with a nozzle that has different settings. A sponge or microfiber mitt and detailing brush-Car soap-Several soft cloths (at least 1 large).

At least three buckets—one for water to wash with, another for water to rinse with, and one with a special wheel cleaner for the wheels. Rubber gloves-A vacuum for the interior -Instant window cleaner.

Wash your car

Washing your car during the middle of the day—in direct sunlight— is one of the most common mistakes people make when washing their cars.

Take it from a car detailer: Soap, water, and cleaning products dry very quickly in sunlight.

This will leave you with ugly “spots” or streaks on your paint, glass, and windows that can be difficult, if not impossible to get off.

Wash your car

Cleaning the wheels

First of all, you have to be sure that your wheels are completely clean. Thoroughly wash your wheels as well as the tires and then rinse them clean with water.

Next ensure that a large bucket of water is ready for cleaning because there should be a separate bucket for cleaning the wheels and tires, to avoid wetting down the car’s body when you wash the wheels.

Choose to use microfiber cloths, sponges, and even tire brushes so as not to damage your vehicle’s paintwork in any way by using dirty cleaning products on them which are generally intended for use on tires only.

You should look out for special solutions designed specifically for cleaning rusty or dirty rims.

Just spray or pour it on your dirty rims, let it sit on rims and mud, wire brushes it out again, and dry it afterward with a clean dry cloth bundle.

Cleaning the wheels

Wash the headlights

You should always remember to take care of your headlights and they will pay you back with many years of service.

Over time, these critical features can get quite dirty and damaged, which is why you need to clean them on the regular.

That way when you’re driving it will be clear to see where you’re going, not what has caked itself on your headlights!

Cleaning the exterior

Car wash: So, to give your car a clean, you should use some good quality washing detergent on it.

You also need to use a soft sponge or something like that with circular motions so that the grains of dirt do not stick.

It is better to avoid brushes used for cleaning cars because they can harm the surface of the body when they are harshly applied.

Waxing a vehicle is often a questionably necessary step since the effort put into it is typically only seen by oneself.

The process can quickly become monotonous when washing the car for those who choose to.

However, those people are usually rewarded with a nice result and one that sticks around for some time too!

Cleaning the exterior

Cleaning the windows and glass

Clean windshields and windows regularly as they can become very dirty in a short amount of time.

Some dirt is obvious, but specks of skin and pollution particles are invisible to the naked eye.

The best way to avoid damage to vehicle windows and windshields is to clean them regularly. Use glass cleaner that’s approved for automotive use with a microfiber towel.

Clean from the top down, from side-to-side, moving slowly and making sure no dirt is left on the window or glass.

Avoid using a chemical window washer near polished windscreens because there may be chemical cleaners in these products which could lead to corrosion damage or etching of the expensive auto polishing jobs.

When you clean your car windows it’s important to stay out of the sunlight so that the chemicals don’t evaporate before you have time to wipe them away completely.

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Cleaning the windows and glass

FAQs related to how to clean car at home?

Is it OK to wash the car with just water?

Yes, water doesn’t necessarily have the abilities needed to remove dirt from your car.

If there isn’t soap in the water then it’s only going to act like sandpaper on your car and cause scratching!

Soap reduces the surface tension of water, which makes it more effective for washing and degreasing at the same time.

What is the 2 bucket washing method?

To properly get your car clean, take your washed vehicle and have a bucket of water mixed with soap, and another washing bucket filled only with water.

Wash a section at a time by lifting it with the wash mitt and getting it wet while avoiding spraying soapy water onto paintwork that you don’t need to be washed.

Next, direct some soapy water from the wash bucket onto your wash mitt (if it’s not already pre-soaked), lubricating any dirt or dust scales that may have attached themselves to the surface of your freshly dried car.

Finally, lift off what dirt you can find along the side of the vehicle using lighter pressure than previously utilized and avoid using tight circles on surfaces where there is no loose dirt holding on for dear life.

What should I clean my car with?

The shampoo is an effective household cleaner that you can use to cut grease and grime on your car’s body.

A baby shampoo would be the best choice because they are mild and won’t harm your car’s paint.

Add 2 teaspoons in 2 buckets of water and scrub with a soft cloth, so you don’t scratch off the paint of your car.

Can I wash my car with a towel?

Auto Detail Services can play an efficient role in enhancing the look of your vehicle. However, washing it by hand has its risks, especially when it comes to painting buckets and trim.

Using any old rags or sponges to wash your vehicle could end up scratching your car’s shiny finish.

Wash the car lightest possible manner with a touch-free auto wash system if you want to avoid getting deep scratches on the paint job.


Our car is one of the most important possessions we have in our life. While it’s essential to have a clean car, it’s also essential to have a clean car at home.

And for that, you will need great ways to clean your car at home. Cleaning your car at home may seem like a task that you could skip, but regularly cleaning your car not only makes it look good but will also help you avoid expensive trips to the car wash.

We hope you enjoyed reading about how to clean your car at home. This can be a great way to save some money and keep your car looking great!


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