How to Choose a Viable Sand Manufacturer for Construction?

sand for construction

Finding the right type of sand for construction purposes is a difficult task if it’s the first time you are handling something like this. There are multiple applications of sand in construction projects, from building cement, concrete, pavements and so on.

Getting sand is easier than ever, as there are reliable manufacturers and providers in the market that offer various types of sand. Before we explain how to find the right partner for supplies, let’s have a look at the most common types of sand being used in construction.


River Sand

This is one of the most commonly found sand types, usually can be obtained from the river banks. This usually comes in a white grey color and has a dine texture. If you need sand for concrete and plastering, river sand is a viable option to go with.

Pit Sand

Just like the name suggests, this type of sand is extracted from pits that have to be dug under the ground. Compared to other types of sand being used in construction, pit sand usually comes with a very coarse grain. This should not be your primary option when considering construction projects due to the larger size of its particles.


Manufactured sand or commonly called M-Sand in the market, is a sand type that is artificially manufactured by fine crushing the aggregrades to the required size for construction. This is considered the best option when you need sand for construction purposes. Since manufacturers can control the quality of sand, it offers much more application compared to other types of sand in the market.

How to Find the right Manufacturer?

Finding the right manufacturer or supplier is crucial as the quality can vary from one vendor to another. And finding the best option is crucial for safety purposes as well. 

Any compromise with the quality can not only lead to damages and losses, it can also endanger the safety of the people residing or working within these buildings. Use the following pointers to find right vendor or manufacturer for your requirements.

Find the Options

The first step is to find vendors that manufacture and supply sand. Evaluate your requirements and compare them to the services of the provider. Make a list of options that match the most.


The next step is to filter the vendors based on the quality and price. You will need to set a budget beforehand and then compare that to the prices being offered by each manufacturer. Compare the quality of sand they offer as well, as that is going to play a major factor in your projects end results.


Once you are down to the last few options, the next step is to understand the local availability of the manufacturers. Are they available in the location you are planning to build. Don’t forget to add the transportation cost as well.


Depending on the type of sand you are going to purchase, evaluate that type of quality the manufacturer is offering. This is especially applicable when purchasing M-sand as its quality is controlled by the vendor themselves. If you need finer quality, go with the manufacturer that fulfils that.

Do not Compromise

When it comes to construction, any compromise will lead to losses. These losses can be on reputation, money, time, or injuries. For example, if you are building a house, you do not want a low quality product that cannot withstand harsh weather conditions or is not as durable. Similarly, for pavements constructions, choosing the best sand manufacturers will yield high quality results that last longer.


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