How to choose a good tender writer for your business

a level tuition
a level tuition

Using a bid writing company or tender writer can help you win your next tender. You’re busy enough as it is running your business. With this service hired in you can get on with the admin as well as endless other tasks so key and vital to the running of a business. When it comes to it, a good tender can also ensure you are also able to win in the new clients. You can end up with some new clients you may not have been able to get in other times previously. They can help you in no end of ways.

Many companies rely on tendering and a tender writer to secure contracts. It is important to choose the right bid writing company and services for your company. You need to know they know your industry and what you are trying to achieve also. They also need to have a good grasp of who it is you are applying to. Also really consider the business you are going for too. A good tender writer will be able to pick this up very quickly.

Choose the right tender

If you choose to go for a tender that matches your business, you’ll need to have good writing skills. A tender writer will be sure of this and make sure you hit the ground running. Your document won’t get past the starting post if it’s full of spelling mistakes. The same too can be said if there are grammatical errors or just off topic and rambling. In the worst case scenario, a misplaced typo that changes the meaning of a sentence could mean the difference between win or lose. The benefit to having well-written bid documents is that they can also work as an extra member of the sales team. While you’re involved with other opportunities, they’re out there in front of the decision makers and potentially winning you more work.

Choose the right company for the job in hand

Firstly, there are a lot of bid writing organisations and bid writers out there and it is important to find the right one for you. We strongly advise against outsourcing to a freelance bid writer as this is often only a part time job and your bid will not receive the fullest attention. Bid writing companies also take more responsibility and must conform to certain internal processes which individuals need not. Another tip for choosing the right company is to not pick the cheapest quote. As the famous Red Adair quote says – “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”. That’s not to say that you should choose the most expensive either. Speak to each company about their services and processes. Also, look at testimonials then make an informed decision.

Its an art that takes years to perfect

Effective bid writing is a skill that you can develop over many years. Each success and failure will give you a deeper understanding of the types of tenders you can go for, as well as identifying what buyers are looking for. With public tenders, buyers will issue feedback and this is incredibly useful for identifying your strengths and weaknesses. The problem with this method is time and investment. With no guarantee of success, a lot of resources will be utilised to gain the experience needed to become a competent bid writer. You can however accelerate this by learning from experts, considering their advice and using their methods.


Once you’ve applied you should have an idea as to when the results will be published. Obviously if you’ve been successful you’ll enter into contract delivery negotiations and enjoy the benefits that brings. Alternatively, your submission has not been successful. It will be disappointing. But you’ll be offered feedback on the areas where your application fell short which you can feed into future submissions. Like all things in business there are highs and lows. With persistence, learning from the process and a can-do attitude your chances of future success are greatly increased.


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