How to Change Outlook Message Format to PDF with Multiple Solutions


Are you having need to solve how to change Outlook message format to PDF? Then you can trust on this blog that can help you to solve how to change Outlook messages to PDF Adobe documents in multiple ways. Yes, in this blog, you can achieve manual, direct & alternative solutions. You can try all explained solutions at free of cost then decide which will suit you to change Outlook message to PDF. Lets’ focus on the given methods to know how to change Outlook message format to PDF Adobe documents.

Overview of Outlook & PDF

Outlook is an advanced mail app of Microsoft that comes with MS Office Package. Microsoft cares it and updated time to time with advanced functions. It supports mailing service, contacts, calendar, notes, journals, tasks, reminders, etc. Almost all Computer users are used MS Office so the possibilities for using Outlook may increase and so thousands of users are using MS Outlook. On the other hand, PDF is the document file format of Adobe Reader that is available on free of cost. It is a UNIVERSAL document file format so used in all over the world to represent documents in all places – hospitals, colleges, schools, offices, courts, governmental offices, etc.

PDF files are easily available on free of cost and it is open on multiple devices – mobile, computer, laptop, desktop, iPhone, etc. PDF data can operate on multiple Operating Systems – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, etc. Users cannot only get text functions in PDF documents even it also has attachments, formatting, images, hyperlinks, etc. It is simple to operate for representing data. PDF documents have a user & owner password protection facilities to protect documents from unwanted access.

After seeing the advantage of PDF file, we can easily understand that why users are going with PDF from Outlook. PDF demands are increasing day by day and used all places so Outlook users may have a requirement to save Outlook MSG emails into PDF Adobe documents. But the main concern is that how to change Outlook mail messages to PDF Adobe documents.  here, you can get three methods to change Outlook mails to PDF Adobe documents. So, read this article carefully and get complete information for changing Outlook emails to PDF.

How to Change Outlook Message format to PDF with Direct Migration Method

If you are handing MS Outlook in your system and have need to save some Outlook mails to PDF then you can follow the given method that can change single Outlook mail to PDF at a time. Lets’ know –

  • Open MS Outlook on your desktop screen.
  • Select any mail which you need to save in PDF.
  • Then go with File Menu and choose Print option.
  • After that click on Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  • If your printer is saved as default printer then you can save Outlook messages to PDF with attachments. For that, choose print-options from Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  • Tick on the save mails to PDF with attached files option.
  • Click on Next button and choose saving location.
  • Click on Ok button.
  • Repeat the process to change other mail of Outlook to PDF.

How to Change Outlook Message to PDF with Manual Method

Sometimes, users have their Outlook selective mails as MSG file format (Outlook provides opportunity to save selective mails, contacts on your desired location by drag & drop method. These dropped messages of Outlook are saved in MSG file format.) There are lots of Outlook MSG file users who want to change the mails in PDF file format. In such situation then can go with the given manual method. It can change single MSG Outlook mail to PDF at a time –

  • Select any MSG email which you want to save in PDF.
  • Open it with MS Outlook and go with File Menu.
  • Choose Save as option and save the file in HTML file format at your desired location.
  • Now select the saved HTML file and open it with MS Word.
  • Go to File Menu & export option.
  • Choose Create PDF/ XPS documents option and click on Create PDF/ XPS option.
  • Choose saving location and click on OK button.
  • Repeat this process to change multiple Outlook messages to PDF.

Limitations of the Explained Solutions

Both explained methods have some limitations for that these are not useful in every condition for all. So, you should know all of them. Outlook installation is required for proceeding both methods. The manual method cannot change Outlook email to PDF with attachments while if your printer is set as default printer then the direct migration method can save Outlook email to PDF with attachments. Both methods are useful only for few mails and these can change single mail in PDF at a time. Sometimes, both may fail due to technical issues.

How to Change Outlook Mails to PDF with Alternative Solution

Have you need urgent migration solution of MSG emails of Outlook to PDF and also have a large Outlook mail backup? Then you can go with PCVARE MSG to PDF Converter that can simply change all Outlook MSG files to PDF at once and provides single round processing. You can simply change Outlook emails to PDF with metadata, formatting, images, hyperlinks, etc. It also supports the “Convert Attachments as PDF” option to save Outlook emails & their attachments into PDF Adobe documents. The software is created with all well-developed functionalities which help to provide 100% exact migration outcomes. It supports to change Outlook 2019, 2013, 2016, 2010 & 2007 MSG files to PDF documents. The app supports multiple file naming options – from+ subject+ date, from+ date+ subject, date+ from+ subject, date+ subject+ from, etc. It is simple to handle so anyone can simply operate it without any problem.

If you are in any confusion then download the MSG Migration tool that enables to change Outlook 25 MSG files to PDF at free of cost. You can check out its working efficiency and know-how to change Outlook MSG emails to PDF at free of cost. Now you can try any explained solution without any charges. You can simply solve how to change Outlook messages to PDF without any cost.



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