How to buy rugs? | Discount rugs online

How to buy rugs Discount rugs online
How to buy rugs Discount rugs online

Rugs are the signature pieces that add versatility and elegance to your home. These floor covers add an incredible effect and serve as a comfy note. With the revolution in technology now you can buy rugs both online and directly from the home centers. However before you buy a rug online there are certain important points that you should know. 

Keep in mind that it is always a best choice to buy the rugs from your own place. Rugs present an astonishing worth. Whether you are trying to overcome the time and budget constraints or simply you don’t have good places to buy. Shopping online is always a good choice. But, buy rugs online smartly. Rug buying that is equally visual and perceptible in an online medium is so tough. 

Before adding any further ado let’s move towards the parameter for buying discounted rugs online.

  • Avoid improper measurements 
  • Check the material information 
  • Learn about durability 
  • Pile height  
  • Needle count 
  • Check out the knots or lines 
  • Confirm the colors from customer guide 
  • Shipping 

Let’s read more about the details 

Avoid improper measurements 

One of the biggest mistakes that buyers usually make are improper rug size measurements. Online rugs stores offer you a wide range of sizes. Measure properly the width and length of your room. Buy the one that closely fits your place. 

With the right measurements you can find out the best rug for you. ‘’bigger is better’ if you are confused about the right rug size that always buy a bigger piece.  While taking the measurements keep furniture in mind. Select a one that properly covers the entire floor including furniture.  Smaller rugs will make the whole scene quite awkward.

Check the material Information 

There are a lot of rug materials. With respect to material online rug shopping is again quite attention seeking. While browsing the internet not click on the cutest pattern right away rather find out the information about material. 

Investigate wisely. Read about the material guide that describes either what material is used in the construction. Since online shopping is not like the one in stores. You cannot run your finger over the entire rug. 

Read the below section for a better idea 

Natural materials

  • Wool 
  • Cotton 
  • Silk 
  • Jute & sisal 
  • Synthetics

  • Natural material 

For rugs construction, natural materials include wool, cotton, silk and jute. All these materials are pure and derived from natural resources.

  • Wool 

Wool is one of those materials that is used for rugs construction since centuries. It provides warmth, cosines, style and delicacy at once. However wool is not a good choice for high traffic areas. It is expensive and has a long life span. 

  • Cotton

Just like wool, cotton has also been used for rug construction for many centuries.  Cotton is an affordable rug material. However, one drawback of cotton is that it is not highly durable.

  • Silk 

Silk rugs are also one of the best rug material. These rugs are smooth and shiny. Silk is a good choice for low traffic areas. 

  • Jute & sisal 

Jute and sisal are also good choices.  These rugs are the best choices for patios and corridors.  These rugs do not provide warmth however they are highly durable

  1. Synthetic 

Synthetic rug materials are durable, plush and have an easy upkeep. However the major drawback of synthetic rugs is the use of chemicals. 

Learn about durability 

Durability is one of the most considerable factors while buying rugs online. There are some buzz words that will confuse you a lot. High durability means that your rug has a long life span. For having a better concept about durability understand the pile height, needle count and line count of the selected rug. 


Pile height 

Pile height means how deep are the rug fibers. Low pile height is not good and the rugs are not plush. However high pile rugs are soft, long and plusher.   In terms of cleaning low pile height is a good option as compared to the high pile rugs. Deep or long pile height are the good choices for rugs.

Needle count

Needle count of any rug determines the no of loops. Higher the needle count higher will be the rug density. However needle count is not much concerned with rug quality, only thing you need to know is the pile height. 

Check out the lines 

Line count is also known as the knot count of the rug. It is basically the no of notes per square inch. Higher the no of knots higher will be the rug quality and vice versa. Persian and oriental rugs usually have high no of knots exceeding 6000 in some cases.

Confirm colors from the customer guide 

Never underestimate the power of colorful rugs. In online shopping colors are the biggest scam. Don’t buy the rugs with the colors that will get dull with the passage of time. Always consider the customer guide before finalizing the colors.

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Rugs are a big investment.  It is really worth it if you are buying large pieces of rug. Typical prices range in between the few dollars to thousands of dollars. You can save money on shipping only. Try to browse for the sites that deal with free shipping rather than the ones that charge heavy.


Before you purchase your rug on the net, it is consistently a smart thought to check in the event that it is a claimed and worked business from inside your country (there ought to be in the about us segment you can check) with an actual mat store area, instead of a here now gone again later business. 

The rug site ought to have an SSL security authentication or something comparative, as this is for protection cover for online robbery. In the event that they don’t have an SSL testament, we don’t suggest buying from them. It can likewise be savvy to check to ensure on the off chance that they notice free delivery countrywide. 

You can check with them first about this as numerous just convey to major CBD zones and charge more for any remaining regions. Ensure that they have substantial email and telephone subtleties so you can check these things, in any case quite possibly the site you are requesting from is deceitful.


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