How to Buy Fit Shoes for Baby

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Many parents are more concerned about baby’s clothing, and about baby’s shoes, they often care more about the shoes appearance. They think that baby’s shoes are “just the right size”. Obviously, there is a big problem with this perception. On the one hand, children are generally more active, and their feet bones, joints, muscles are relatively soft, and shoes need to provide necessary support and protection, not just good-looking; on the other hand, for most people, only a few of the foot problems are congenital, and most of them are acquired, especially during growth and development. Children of different ages need to wear wholesale baby shoes designed for the feet at this stage, which can also prevent many problems such as heel valgus and poor gait, and avoid foot distortion.

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From the perspective of age, in a broad sense, anyone under the age of 18 can be called a “child.” Children are generally divided into infancy (1-3 years old), toddler (4-6 years old), and kid (7-12 years old). The baby’s feet are almost full of cartilage, and they will slowly ossify as they grow older. From the normal distribution curve of growth, baby will start walking independently between 9 months and 16 months. When baby can walk, parents should buy shoes for them.

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For infants who are just learning to walk, generally 3-4 pairs of shoes should be prepared. According to different seasons, at least 2 pairs of shoes are required for replacement each season. Baby’s shoes in this period are often soft in texture, and provide necessary protection when baby start to walk, but will not affect their foot movement; in early childhood, when the gait is stable and there are more running and jumping behaviors, 4-6 Pair of shoes. At this time, the baby’s arch slowly begins to form, the heel bone begins to ossify faster, and the shoes also need to take into account the performance needs of anti-skid and protection.

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  1. The baby’s five toes are open and free to move! Therefore, the choice of baby shoes must be wide in the front and narrow in the back. The front width is to give the baby’s toe movement space to prevent squeezing, and the back is narrow because the toe is wider, and the heel must be retracted to fix the foot.
  2. 70% of the baby’s feet are cartilage tissue, the instep is high, because it is soft, it will deform if you don’t pay attention to it, so you must choose the shoes with high back, full-open cavity design, it is best to choose freely fitting foot shape Velcro shoes.
  3. There are 500 sweat glands per square centimeter of the foot. The baby’s foot is a reduced version of an adult. 40% of the human body’s sweat is discharged from the foot, so you must choose pure cotton, leather, and mesh for shoes. Shoes made of materials that absorb sweat and have good breathability can keep your feet dry at all times!

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  1. Vamp height

    The shoe surface height can be adjusted for children’s feet, and the instep is thicker than adults. The shoelace or Velcro shoe type that can adjust the shoe surface height according to the instep is more suitable for children.

  2. The sole should have moderate elasticity

    The sole has moderate elasticity to cushion the impact from the ground, thereby protecting the feet. Too thick soles will hinder the development of baby’s feet.

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