How To Break Through A Workout Plateau

How To Break Through A Workout Plateau

We have all hit a fitness rut. You feel as if you have stopped making progress in your workout routine. If you have hit a workout plateau, do not feel discouraged, as we have some workout tips to help you get your groove back.

Fitness Plateau: What is it?

A workout plateau happens when you try to tone, get stronger, or lose weight and hit a wall without feeling that you are making progress. The truth is everyone experiences it, and it is normal. When you first begin with fitness, you have loads of muscle to gain and weight to lose to make progress.

But at some time, your body naturally comes to a halt. It is a good thing as it signifies that your body has progressed and is time to change things up. With the tips provided, you can try each of them, but everyone’s body is not the same and can respond differently.

So we recommend choosing one that works best for you. Visit Body Renovation to learn more.

1. Increase The Intensity of Your Workout

The body constantly adapts and is one reason why you need to intensify your workouts when losing weight, building muscles, or want to get stronger. An easy way to break the workout plateau is to force yourself to work harder but not longer.

For example, you can increase your weight while lowering your reps to give the body a shock. So, instead of doing 12 reps with light weights, you can do 8 reps using heavier weights. The important thing when using heavier weights is still to use proper form and breathing.

2. Change Your Routine

When you do the same things repeatedly, the body automatically learns how to do it in less time. So, give your body something new to learn. You can force your body to adapt to a new workout routine. With variation in your exercise, such as machine workouts, you can switch to free weights. For jogging on a treadmill, you can partake in HIIT exercises. It helps find new workout routines to force the body into something new.

3. Lighten Your Load

While increasing your intensity can break a workout plateau, lightening your routine can also help. It does not mean you need to lighten the weights every day. You can train hard for three weeks with heavy weights and lighten it on your fourth week. So, increase your reps and then decrease your weight by up to 60%.

4. Rest is Important

Yes, getting adequate rest is essential for your mental health. When you sleep, your body rests to recover, releasing growth hormones to help strengthen muscles to heal and improve fat burning. When you work out your body too hard, it becomes exhausted and leads to a plateau. So rest your body to reach your fitness goals and progress.

5. Relook Your Diet

If your body does not get the proper nutrients, your muscles will not grow, and you will not have fuel to power your exercises. It is essential to get the correct carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, and protein, or your training efforts only go to waste. Even a low-calorie intake is harmful to the body. It slows your metabolism down, making it hard to burn fat. Instead, add one high-carb cheat meal to your diet a week.

Yes, hitting a workout plateau is frustrating, but you can change it with some simple steps to see tremendous results. If you are struggling with a workout plateau, contact a personal trainer in Dallas to help you overcome it today.

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