How to book cheap Flights Anywhere?

How to book cheap Flights Anywhere

How to book cheap Flights Anywhere?

From our childhood, I have been hearing about traveling to far-off parts of the world. As children, I could just imagine what these places were. And there were many occasions I was told to travel as much as I can while I was still young. But it’s not that simple, is it?

It wasn’t till I was an adult that I realized it was all talking no show. After all, I would travel as much as I want to but who would pay for all that? it’s not like it’s free. Speaking of free, the price of travel has been ever rising.

Hell, the price of flights is higher than ever. And I have to think a thousand times before I actually book a flight. Especially following the covid pandemic, the rates of plane tickets are quite high. Now, all of this is because of something, and I know this.

The world might be in debt, but that doesn’t mean I get richer as the price increases. I am the same old, broke middle-aged man, who blogs for a living and loves to travel. And there are many out there who are just like mean.

Hundreds, rather thousands of people looking for cheap flights from here to there, from the USA to Ireland, cheap flights from Seattle to Houston, or just any said location. Now the thing, how do you find cheap flights from one location to another location?

Now, that’s the question we all should be asking. And luckily I did some research on my end, and as it turns out there are actually methods through which we can book cheap flights to any given location. In this blog, folks I shall be spilling the tea.

So, we will be going through the different sections, looking at different methods for booking cheap flights. Thus, fasten your seat belts, and get ready, for you are in for a ride. And with this said, let’s get right into it:

Book early

Remember how our parents used to tell us to always be a bit early. Arriving in class, or work, or some social gathering just a few minutes before as to not risk being late. And they weren’t wrong. Because the early bird gets the worm.

The same concept applies in the world of flight travel. Now, you might be asking how, and why. Well, it is simple when you understand one simple principle.

See, when the demand for a flight increases, the price of the same flight also increases, and the opposite is also equally true. Meaning, when the demand for the flight decreases, the price is also as low as possible.

Now, ask yourself, when is the demand for the flight lowest? Certainly not one day before the day of travel. The demand is lowest when fewer people are looking for that flight which is a few months before.

You might not know it but the flight is available for booking as early as 9 months before. So if you can book then, well, you have the cheapest possible ticket. But then again, we have to come back to reality, for I may be an early bird, but not everyone plans on flights that early.

In fact, people don’t even know they will be alive 9 months after or not. And I understand that, so I figured that the latest possible point by when you should book the flight is actually 2 weeks. See that person, just 2 weeks.

If you are able to book flight 2 weeks before the day of travel, it is still good enough to get you decent off of the flight. With this being said, let’s move on to the next point.

Explore different options

Most of the people are stuck to one airline, one flight booking website, while loyalty is good, you should know when to switch boats.

Most of the time, the airline you so love doesn’t care about you and doesn’t lower the price of the flight. But you aren’t a tree, and you can walk away any time. And that is exactly what you should do. there are 100s of airlines and 1000s of websites that let you book flights online.

So, when you are not getting a good deal on the existing one, you should try others. And this is the point.  Explore the options you have, because you can.

Most of the time, 2 airlines offer quite different deals on the same route. Chances are, you are missing an amazing deal, that could literally save you hundreds of dollars. In fact, even the economy class of 2 different airlines can be tremendously different from each other. So, why not try the other one.

Similarly, flight booking websites often have amazing deals that you never check out. So, don’t be like everyone else, and book a cheap flight using this method.

Stay loyal

Yeah, I just said that you should stick to one best airline in the last point, but folks hear me out. If you have been traveling with one airline for a long time, there are chances that you have been collecting a lot of miles’ points. After all, almost each of the airline has its own reward system, and it can be used in different ways,

If you didn’t already know about this, you are in for a surprise. Check your reservation account. There must be thousands of points. Now, you can use these points for many things. This includes buying in-flight stuff, or you can also spend it on the airline’s lounge at the airport.

But best of all, you can use these miles to pay for a part of your ticket. Now, how amazing is that? if you have enough miles you can use them to buy the whole ticket without actually paying a single penny.

Now, that’s what I am talking about. This is one of the best ways to buy cheap or even free flights to any location across the globe, the condition being it is covered by the said airlines.

Take a flight with a layover

Most of you might say that direct flights are the best. And most won’t argue you. after all, a direct flight takes you from Point A to point B no bullshit, straight business. What can be better?

Well, I don’t know about better, but I definitely know something cheaper. And those are the flights with a layover. Yeah, you heard that right. These flights might seem like a worse deal but they are actually better.

You see, they take a little longer and keep you in a plane for a while longer, they are actually quite cheaper than nonstop flights. If you don’t trust me, go and look for yourself. these fights are amazingly cheap.

This is probably due to the reason that the total cost of travel is divided between a different batch of travel, in contrast to direct flight where some people have to bear all the cost. Let’s leave the technical things for nerds, what concerns us is the cheaper price, and flights with a layover serve our purpose the best. All you need to do is sit in the plane just a little while longer, or sit at the airport for a while at most. But that is a tradeoff, most of us are willing to make. Right?



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