How to become a professional web developer?


If you haven’t watched The Matrix yet, we warn you right away: SPOILERS!

And if you did, then we suggest enjoying moments from the film and at the same time taking a couple of good steps on the way to web development.

If you decide to become a good web developer, you have a difficult path ahead of you, which only those who are really passionate about programming can go through.

In this article, we will provide tips on how to become a professional web developer from scratch. You will need to learn a lot, and it is also best if you find yourself a mentor who will review your code.

Let’s start with the definitions.

What does a web developer do?

A web developer is engaged in the development and maintenance of websites and web applications. The creation process is split into stages, each of which is performed by different developers. You can work with the code that is displayed in the browser, or you can focus on the server-side.

Where to begin?

So, in order to get a job in a good web development company in the future, you need to study. We recommend that you study the foundations on which any serious language is built, get involved in the principles of programming and then choose what suits your soul best.

Soon you will have a choice – Backend or Frontend.

Learning HTML

HTML is the foundation every programmer starts with. This language is needed in order to control the content and layout of web pages.

Learning CSS

We need Cascading Style Sheets to customize the look of elements on a website.

Learning JavaScript

This language is very popular, a large number of sites and web applications contain code written in JavaScript. It will come in handy for you if you want to become a front end developer and if you want to work on the back end

Learning jQuery

jQuery is a library used for JavaScript development. For the entry-level, it is enough to be able to connect plugins using the library.

Once you have learned the basics of these languages, you can move on to choosing your calling – front end or back end. The difference is that the first code interacts with the user, while the second interacts with data on the server.

What if I want to become a front-end web developer?

The path from coder to front-end is how to get out of the matrix and begin to understand how everything works, to learn JavaScript deeper. You will feel like Neo, who began to see the code of the Matrix.

  • It is necessary to deepen knowledge of HTML, CSS.
  • Learn client-side JavaScript
  • Learn jQuery
  • For the frontend specialist level, it is necessary not only to be able to typeset but to screw it to the backend or API.

Explore the framework

Any tasks are solved using frameworks since they facilitate the work with programming languages. In order to make a choice among the many frameworks, study the vacancies and understand which one is most in-demand in the companies you are interested in.

React JS – a framework for building interfaces

Angular 1 and 2 – the two versions of the framework turned out to be completely different, the second version is popular.

Learn a CSS framework that works in conjunction with a JS framework

  • Bootstrap
  • Material Design

What if I want to become a back-end developer?

The backend developer is the chief architect of the Matrix:

Programmers work with APIs, parsers, database architecture. Everything should work clearly, you must control the cat and understand where it should run twice, and where not.

Back-end web developers choose the language in which they like to program or the one that is more in demand in the field.

You can choose:

C # (.net)

The language is responsible for the Enterprise-development of complex high-load systems that are tied to the Microsoft ecosystem. Used for programming both desktop and web applications.

Drawing an analogy with our movie, let’s say that it is very difficult for programmers writing in C # and .net to get out of the matrix, it’s like a matrix in a matrix since languages ​​are highly specialized.


This language is easy to learn, moreover, every year it is gaining popularity, especially in the western market. With Python, you can get things done quickly. You can write anything in it, but basically, the language is aimed at application scripts and on Linux OS.


This language is used for both the frontend and backend. You can expand your skills, learn Node.JS (Fast language for developing heavy projects: chats, auctions. The main purpose is to process many small requests), Express (framework for Node.JS), MongoDB (one of the database engines, document-oriented).


As one of our developers said, knowing PHP everything is possible 🙂 PHP – like Agent Smith in The Matrix – can be anyone. It is mainly used for building web applications. A popular programming language that is also not difficult to learn. In addition, explore popular frameworks like laravel development, Symfony, Yii is very much in demand now.

Among Backend developers, the entry-level is distinguished – CMS developers (WordPress, Joomla, MODx evolution) and advanced – working with frameworks, understanding MVC (architecture for building web applications), working with programming patterns (from the level of knowledge of understanding to the level of use)

How to build a portfolio?

You will be very lucky if some company takes you on an internship and your practice and build a portfolio. However, reality suggests that in order to get a job, you need a portfolio and real projects.

The first step to doing this is learning how to manage and publish your code. A great resource for this is GitHub. Also, using it, you can participate in the development of an open-source project – fix something or suggest a better option.

Then do some simple projects – a blog, a small website, a calendar, this will get you involved and get your hands on it.

We advise you to re-type existing sites or write analogs.

Good options for developing a full-fledged project:

Surely one of your friends or acquaintances needs a website or web application. Do project development for them for free. Set a deadline – ideally less than 90 days. Try to build a relationship like with a client, argue your point of view on the project, but at the same time try to listen to the customer’s suggestions. another option is to work with non-profit and charitable organizations. You can create a website or landing page for them, thus getting a new job in the portfolio.

How to get your first job?

When you already have several projects in your portfolio, it’s time to search for “job as a web developer” or submit a resume to the company of your dreams.

If you are more impressed with freelancing work, you can try the services of Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, but be prepared for the fact that you will need to start with small salaries.

But if you are focused on finding a permanent job, it will help you with website creation where you will post your portfolio. Pay special attention to the description of projects, focus on how your work solved the customer’s business problems. A professional web developer focuses not only on personal results but also on the practical benefits for the client.

Few tips for web developers

We advise you to try small companies to gain more experience and learn from experienced developers. It is important to be able to work in a team, communicate with customers, understand what they want and convey their vision. Also, pay attention to whether the company has a grading system and whether the employer is interested in the personal growth of employees. In this case, you will have a good team lead, with whom you can develop.

If you are more interested in the creation of an online store or online business explore the popular frameworks and CMS they are developed on. And look for “your” language, with which you will be most comfortable working.

English is a must-have for web development, you need to understand the documentation, and in the future work with Western customers.

Don’t chase after a fancy programming language – each language is needed for a specific purpose. Remember – Tank loaded the necessary programs into his brain to solve problems: jiu-jitsu to poke an agent, and to crash a helicopter, you need bazooka control skills. So it is with development – JavaScript is good for writing through SPA applications, Node.JS is quick to solve small problems, .NET and JavaScript are more global things.
Neo was the chosen one, but even he did not manage to jump from one roof to another the first time. Mistakes temper – write the same program, re-type the site until it works out perfectly.

Be humble like Neo 🙂


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