How to be Popular on Instagram?

How to be Popular on Instagram

Do you want to know how to be popular on Instagram? Who doesn’t want to know how to be popular on Instagram? Having a lavish lifestyle that includes touring the world, meeting other renowned and inspirational people, being adored, and so on. Isn’t it appealing?

Isn’t it fantastic to be popular on Instagram or any other social media site, even if it’s not something you intend to do for yourself?

I’ve been doing digital marketing for about ten years, and I’ve seen some social media accounts go from zero to hero in an instant, while others try for a decade.

It makes no difference how long it takes in the end. You can have anything if you really want it bad enough. Your oyster is literally the globe.

However, I believe there are excellent practices that can assist you in becoming successful on Instagram. As a Digital Marketing specialist, I compiled this essay to assist everyone in standing out faster. Here is the 5 tips how to be popular on Instagram easily.

1. Make a list of competitors and accounts you inspire

Make a list of competitors. This is important for many reasons.

First, it’s good to understand their profile. How do they interact with their followers (can you do anything better)? What types of posts are the most shared? etc.

Secondly, it is better to be friends and cooperate with your competitors rather than fighting for followers. I always recommend interacting with your opponents and screaming if possible (you’ll continue with that later – so keep at it).

Third, if there are certain competitors you want to interact with, but you don’t really get their attention, don’t take it personally. We are all human and we all have 24 hours in a day. Probably not aware of everything that is going on on social media.

However, from time to time you can mention the articles in your headlines. If they see this, they can respond by simply leaving a comment. In these cases, your post has a better chance of pushing it to the discovery feed. A comment from an account with a super high follower base is invaluable.

2. Your bio is important, but don’t overthink it

  • Write your biography
  • Say something about yourself in 150 characters.
  • It’s a challenge if you have a lot to say.

When it comes to writing an outstanding biography, there really is no right way. If you are familiar with the concept of AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action), your bio will be the Awareness or Interest section.

Make a bio that gets instant attention and interest so your potential followers want to scroll down and see your posts.

If you have a link in your bio it’s definitely a good idea to get attention. You can spice up your bio using your personal hashtag (which we talked about earlier).

You can also use emojis in bio, which is a nice addition to make your account look more lively. However, it really depends on your niche and target audience. I’m sure everyone on Instagram gets the emojis, but it may not be available for some accounts.

Tell your potential followers what your account is about and suggest they follow you. Something like “Follow my journey of learning to sing from scratch”.

3. Set your theme

You obviously don’t want to stand out and be a lifestyle blogger, food lover, or world traveler in another religion. Wow, this is so fun…

Anyway, you should always try to stick to a certain color palette or photography style. Don’t copy from someone, but think about what you like and how you can make your post look unique.

Of course, the more real people will see you, the easier it will be to create content and make people fall in love with those facts.

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4. Being popular on Instagram: Tell a story

Telling a story online is not that difficult. We all have stories to tell. Your neighbor in the apartment, your friend has a story, the CEO of Google has a story, and YOU have a story.

The way we present these stories is everything. There are 3 key elements to why people interact on social media.

They want to be entertained, inspired and educated.

Let’s get back to your talent. If singing is your thing, here are some cool ways you can tell a story:

Have you learned or are you learning a new vocal technique? Great! Let your followers know how you’re doing or how much progress you’ve made. Perhaps you could give them pointers on how to master the technique.

Back to a concert? (There) That’s a positive thing. Now you can share this story with your followers and even organize a live concert for them with the Instagram Live feature. People are mostly empathetic and this would be a very interesting thing to do.
Did you hear a great joke the other day? So why not turn it into a song and record a 60 second video of you doing this?

5. Creating a compelling publication

Instagram is all about good content. Don’t expect to get away with low resolution or poorly lit photos.

Never submit content you are not 100% satisfied with. Make each post look like you’ve been working on it all day.

Here is an article on planning and designing your Instagram post and getting featured.

What about selfies?

I’m glad you asked. If you’re building your personal brand and not managing your company’s account, the selfie is definitely at the center of your Instagram feed.

Hubspot’s social media expert Dan Zarrella has put together some interesting findings on what makes a good selfie. Of course, if you’re a nice person, your chances are better, but there are other factors to consider. After viewing more than 160,000 photos with the hashtag Zarrella #selfie, Zarrella found the following on her blog:

Using the right color schemes gets more attention. These are cool, earthy tones such as blue, green and beige.
Using filters isn’t always the way to go. While the filter “Willow” took first place, “Normal” came in second. Also, selfies with the tag “nofilter” gained almost 10% more engagement. If you’re shooting with a professional camera (I highly recommend it), you just need to do some editing in Photoshop. #nofilter, just heavy editing.

Conclusion: How to be popular on Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic tool for gaining popularity. And I believe it will be one of the most popular platforms in 2021. It all comes down to providing high-quality material. You will be more successful if you communicate with your followers and spend more time with new followers and partners. It may appear difficult at first, but as you get 1000 followers, it becomes enjoyable and your development accelerates. You’ll be alright if you follow the concepts outlined in this essay. For becoming more popular, I also suggest to buy Instagram followers 2022 from Flowline Center. They will help too much to become more popular on Instagram.

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