How to Add Rugs to a Maximalist Style Home



How do you add rugs to a maximalist-style home? It’s not always easy with the busy patterns and high-contrast colors that are common in this design. The maximal style interior is not for everyone. The maximal style home often features less furniture and more open space compared to other styles of homes. You want your rug to complement the space instead of distracting it with loud colors or clashing patterns. Maximalist homes are all about big, bold designs. It’s not just the furniture that catches the eye, but also the rugs! The right rug can turn a room from bland to breathtaking with its color and texture. Maximalist-style homes are usually characterized by their simplicity and minimalism, which is the complete opposite of what adding rugs do. But there are ideas to make it work. Here are some tips on adding the best area rugs to a maximalist home interior without compromising the minimalist look.

Choose Rugs That Fit The Room Size 

The maximal home decor is very different from the traditional home style. The objective is to use as little furniture and decor items as possible. So if you are adding rugs to this type of interior design, choose ones that can fill up most of the space available without looking too cramped or cluttered. The perfect rug size for your maximalist home decor should be about one-third to two-thirds of the total room area. Make sure that the rug pattern is not too big either, as it will overshadow smaller pieces of furniture and make them appear even smaller in contrast to the bigger flooring design.

Use Two or More Colors 

The maximalist style is all about using different colors, patterns, and materials in your interior design, so add more than one rug with different designs in the same room. You can also combine two main color tones for a cohesive look between them, but make sure that they are contrasting enough not to look too dull. A mix of few neutral and vibrant colors can be just perfect for this style. You can also look for one design that you like and use it as the centerpiece of your room, then surround it with other colors or patterns. A mix of ivory and red rugs or blue and pink ones can look amazing in a maximalist home. The colors and designs don’t have to be the same, as long as they complement each other.

Simple Designs 

While maximalist style is all about using different materials, designs, and textures in every space of your home to make them stand out, not everyone can afford to buy expensive ornate pieces. The simple and plain design of shaggy rugs also makes them perfect for this style. They are inexpensive but look great in the maximalist home décor, so they are often used to add color and texture to spaces that need more warmth. Also, a solid color thick pile can look just as great in a maximalist home, especially when it is placed under the bed.

Add Rugs of Different Shapes and Sizes 

Of course, you need to remember that rugs are not only rectangle shapes, so don’t limit yourself with them. Mixing different sizes is also necessary to create a visually interesting interior design layout. You can even add round rugs, which are perfect for the living room. Furthermore, Rug colors are also important to take into account when planning your maximalist home décor. While you might want one color throughout the design, using different shades of a single hue can look great too. Also, combining various sizes and shapes in a single area can be very effective. However, you need to make sure that the rugs look interesting and beautiful together if this is done. For example, several rounds or oval area rugs could work perfectly for a dining room layout. At the same time, a rectangular or square rug would be a better fit for the living room.

Use a Bigger Rug Size 

This will depend on the individual room itself, but use larger rugs if you want to make your maximalist home appear bigger. It draws attention away from other design elements such as doorways or windows, which can help with making a room appear larger. Remember that you still need to walk from one point of a room to another, so ensure that there is enough space for someone else if they have to pass through your living area or dining room. In many cases, wide runners can work great as long as this is one of the main focal points in a room.

Modular Rugs 

If you want to go for an all-over pattern, then consider modular rugs. You can buy them as individual pieces that are tessellated together, so they fit perfectly within your hallway or living space. This will give it a luxurious look and is a great way to show off your design aspirations. In the hallway, you should be looking for something that will give you an excellent contrast with whatever flooring or tiles are in there. The maximalist style is about making a statement, and it is important to maintain that. The rug will stop this space from looking too bland and uninteresting.

Don’t Mix Patterns

The maximalist style is all about patterns and mixing them up, but this does not mean going crazy with your rugs. If you have a very ornate rug in the hallway that has some bold colors going on, then it may be too much for the rest of the home’s interior design. It would work better if one room had a larger patterned rug and the other rooms were mostly plain. At the same time, Mixing colors is also something that needs to be done with care if your maximal style home has many bright or vivid colors in it already. If you go for a vibrant red rug, make sure everything else complements this choice of color. Otherwise, you may end up with an interior design disaster on your hands.

Statement Decor Pieces and Paintings

Finally, add a few decor pieces. The maximalist-style home is known for having statement pieces and paintings. These are usually bright colors, unique textures, or shapes that can generally be found in the living room of this design scheme. When decorating rugs to match these items, it’s important not to go too wild on patterns or color schemes as they may conflict with what’s already there. The best thing to do is keep things simple and elegant.

On a Final Note

The maximalist design scheme is beautiful in its own right. If you have the money to decorate this style of home, then go ahead and do so! Just remember that when adding rugs, it’s important not to overdo things by bringing too much color or pattern into the space. So, how do you make a maximalist-style home more functional and livable? Add rugs to the floor! RugKnots has an incredible assortment of modern area rugs that will add warmth, comfort, and function while tying your minimalist design together. Our support team will help you find something perfect for your space. 


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