How story telling from chilhood develops good reading and writing skills


There’s no doubt that reading and writing skills are essential to success in school and beyond. But did you know that storytelling is one of the best ways to develop these skills? storytelling from an early age can help children learn how to read and write better, and it can also boost their creativity and imagination. So if you’re looking for a way to help your child excel at school, start by encouraging them to tell stories. Here are a few tips about how to get started.

Start with color and images rich Books

It is a natural fact that kids like and attract to colors, images, cartoons, and related creations. They love birds, cats and other pets to play with them and get more excited when find that pets friendly. So by birth the nature of kid is very soft and gentle.

Benefits of Storytelling

There are many benefits of storytelling, and one of the best in the development of good reading and writing skills. Children learn vocabulary and learn to use it in stories, which is a valuable literacy skill that they will need in adulthood. Stories are a great way to help children learn vocabulary and develop their creative and imaginative thinking. They also develop a love for words and enjoy telling stories.

Storytelling helps children learn to listen to others. They learn to let others speak for them, and they can understand the storyteller’s plot. It also allows children to develop emotional intelligence, or the ability to control one’s feelings.

It can help children learn new information and develop their understanding of difficult concepts. Additionally, stories are great bonding experiences. They can be done anywhere, and are the perfect way to pass down important life lessons to younger siblings.

Development of senses and imagination

Throughout childhood, children learn to develop their imagination and a strong sense of identity through storytelling. By hearing stories, children are exposed to new worlds, points in time, and invented characters. They also develop their listening skills.

During a story, they can pause and ask questions to stimulate their curiosity. This process improves reading and writing skills. This can help them to be more creative in writing and reading. According to the best professional essay writers children should start writing from the early classes and continue this process to develop strong writing skills.

Develop the ability to listen and understand

Stories help children learn to listen to different perspectives and viewpoints. They learn to listen to a storyteller’s voice and the plot that the story is based on. Children also learn to learn about diversity and differences. Teens and kids can also be taught about the different cultures and societies around the world. The best part of story telling is that it is an enjoyable experience for both parents and children.

Develops good reading and writing skills

Storytelling helps children develop their reading and writing skills. It is a valuable way to open the mind to new ideas. It is also a great way to teach children to think critically and to make sense of the world. After each story, students should participate in a discussion with their partners. They should ask questions to check their understanding. After all, the kids will learn from this experience.

During childhood, kids can begin telling stories. They have probably heard stories from their parents and grandparents. They are more likely to be creative when they are told stories by their parents. As children grow and learn, they will learn new words and phrases through storytelling. However, if you want to boost your child’s reading and writing skills, it’s important to invest in structured activities.

Role and responsibility of Parents

Children who hear stories from their parents will develop their reading and writing skills, they will be more attentive and empathetic. They will be more able to comprehend details, will be able to express themselves clearly. Children will learn to focus and listen attentively. They will also be more sensitive to other people’s opinions and feelings. This will lead to better communication. Lastly, story telling will increase your child’s concentration and creativity.

As children grow and develop, they will learn to enjoy stories. It will also help them to become more imaginative and creative. Besides, stories will help them to learn new words and sentences. They will also develop their creative skills. They will develop better listening and writing skills. The same is true for oral storytelling. So, it’s important to make sure your children enjoy stories. It will make learning more fun for them!

Good stroies develop good habits

Besides helping children develop their reading and writing skills, stories will help them to learn more about themselves and their surroundings. By reading stories, children will gain more empathy and become more empathetic, and they will be more willing to help others. They will be more likely to understand the point of view of the other characters and their emotions. They will also learn to appreciate different cultures and customs.

Emergence of technology and storytelling

The technological advances we have today provide us with amazing opportunities to help kids in the telling of stories. Whether it’s through providing resources for teachers or creating new ways for audiences to experience a story, technology can play an important role in enhancing the storytelling process.

It is more important than ever that we continue to invest in and support quality storytelling, as it has the ability to devlop senses, understanding, skills and listening ability in children. In this age of technology kids have phones and tablets in their hands from the early chilhood, so learning applications tools and videos can also help to improve skills in children even before going to school.


We’ve seen that storytelling is a great way to help kids develop their reading and writing skills. It provides them with a context in which they can understand the written word, and it also helps them to see how stories are structured. Storytelling is an important part of childhood, and we should make sure to take advantage of its benefits. Have you tried using storytelling with your child to help improve their literacy skills?


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