How shareholder advance can be useful in Canada



Shareholder advances are financing that can be useful to private corporations in Canada. Shareholder advances are similar to dividends and are a way for investors to receive money back from their investments. However, shareholder advances aren’t the same as dividends because shareholders don’t own stock in the company; they’re just entitled to repayment of their investment if the company goes bankrupt or fails financially.

Why is shareholder advance useful?

Shareholder advance is a loan to the corporation from the shareholder. This type of financing is useful for businesses that require dividend or debt-like financing, as it provides capital during times when necessary. Shareholder advance helps to pay dividends and fund business operations by providing short-term funding on a flexible basis.

If your company needs additional cash flow but doesn’t want to take on long-term debt and interest expenses, then this type of financing could be the right choice.

How can a shareholder advance be used?

A shareholder advance is a short-term loan that can be effectively used to fund several different endeavors. For example:

  • Business expansion – if you need money to expand your business and hire new employees, then a shareholder advance may be the right option. Shareholder advance is especially useful when businesses need more cash to make large capital investments, such as purchasing machinery or equipment.
  • The new product line – if you want to introduce new products into your inventory but need some extra capital before launching them, then using shareholder advances is an excellent way of getting the funding needed without having to acquire expensive loans from banks or other financial institutions.
  • Effective marketing campaigns require a significant up-front investment for them to effectively attract potential clients and boost sales revenue over time.

What types of businesses commonly get shareholder advances?

Shareholder advances can be useful in Canada if you’re a business that needs to pay dividends or debt-like financing. Businesses in their early stages of development may also find shareholder advances beneficial as they look for short-term cash flow. A business plan and a growth strategy are also required for this type of funding, as well as the ability to repay it quickly (within a year).

Businesses that require dividends and debt-like financing use shareholder advances in Canada.

Shareholder advances are a form of equity financing. Businesses that require dividends and debt-like financing use shareholder advances in Canada. They are not available to public companies and are not loans but rather equity provided by shareholders or third parties.

Shareholder advances can be helpful for businesses seeking additional funds without the need for a formal loan process. To secure funding through a capital increase, a company must issue new shares of its stock, which dilutes existing shareholders’ holdings and transfers some ownership control from founders/shareholders to new ones or receive cash payments equal to the value of ownership shares (equity).

The former option is more common in Canada; share price increases following initial public offerings (IPOs) often result from issuing more shares at market value while maintaining overall ownership percentages unchanged (e.g., 20% stays at 20%, 30% stays at 30%, etc.).


Businesses that require dividends and debt-like financing use shareholder advances in Canada. This type of financing is useful for companies that want to maintain their equity and not give up control of their company to outside investors. Shareholder advances let you get much-needed cash without having to sell part or all of your business, which can be a good option if you’re bootstrapping or looking to grow slowly over time while remaining independent.


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