How Regular Massage Will Change Your Life


How Regular Massage Will Change Your Life

Massage is not only a good relaxing tool but also a healthy procedure that prevents a lot of problems. Massage is a complex effect on the human body with the help of the hands or with the use of special equipment. Depending on the type, massage at is aimed at solving a variety of problems: from stress relief to fighting cellulite and osteochondrosis.

The benefits of massage 

Depending on the variety, massage can be used to improve health, overall body tone, and mood. This physiotherapeutic procedure is both an excellent relaxant and the prevention of disease. The benefits of regular massage for the body: 

  • It relieves stress by relaxing the muscles. 
  • Improves sleep by calming the nervous system. 
  • Rejuvenates the skin by stimulating intracellular metabolism and the movement of blood and lymph. 
  • Stimulates the heart by improving blood circulation. 
  • Relieves pain. 
  • Controls sugar levels by increasing glucose consumption in the muscles. Strengthens the immune system.

Benefits for men 

Massage has a beneficial effect on male potency. The main enemies of male health, especially at an age, are prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. Often the cause of these annoying diseases is stagnation of blood flow. Pelvic massage helps disperse the blood, as well as stimulating testosterone production, relieves muscle tension, relieves stress, the main factor in psychological impotence. 

Benefits for women 

Because of the peculiarities of fat deposition, it is mainly women who suffer from cellulite. In this case, the cause of the “orange peel” is not always an inordinate amount of food. Cellulite is formed because of stagnant lymph under the skin, stress, chronic fatigue, bad habits. Lymphatic drainage massage removes puffiness and smoothes the skin – even a simple dry brush massage, which is easy to do at home. Massage – with some restrictions – is recommended for pregnant women to relieve muscle and joint pain, minimize swelling, improve sleep and balance hormones. Pregnant women can have high blood pressure, and massage helps to relieve it without the abuse of drugs, which are not good for the development of the embryo.

Massage can be part of a set of measures for conception. Gynecological massage is a delicate thing, it should be performed by a gynecologist. He needs a bend in the uterus, adhesions, it is recommended for amenorrhea [absence of menstruation – approx.], low uterine tonus. It is also appointed in preparation for IVF procedures. Benefits for children Doctors recommend massaging babies, especially premature babies – regular procedures improve the tone of the internal organs, contribute to a more rapid recruitment of muscle mass, and the baby catches up with peers. Children who are regularly massaged are less prone to respiratory illnesses. They quickly develop fine motor skills and coordination.

Benefits for the elderly 

Massage for the elderly is carried out with extreme caution because of brittle bones, joint problems, and chronic diseases. But it is worth trying – massage can stop many of the problems that are constant companions in the life of an elderly person. Massage helps with arthritis (but it should not be performed during an exacerbation): it relieves pain, restores blood flow in the affected tissues, helps the production of natural “lubrication” of the joints. Massage is useful for diabetes – it lowers blood sugar levels, restores blood circulation in the extremities, certain types of massage stimulate the endocrine system.

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