How Much Does Microneedling Treatment Benefit and Its Cost?

How Does Microneedling Cost

Microneedling is an invasive skincare treatment that uses hair-thin needles to puncture your skin and enhance the quantity of collagen in your skin. As a result, your skin is stimulated into a healing process by fixing its inconsistencies. Patients who have to bear the microneedling process ask their therapists about the benefits and how much microneedling costs. This post discusses the advantages and costs of microneedling.

The method used determines the cost.

There is no set fee on how much does microneedling cost. Therefore, the cost fee depends on many factors as analyzed below;

With added topical serums.

Topical serums, like hyaluronic acid, are also used as an anti-aging boost for wrinkles. The value with serum may cost as little as $240 per session, with a minimum of three treatments spaced out every few weeks.

With Added Radiofrequency

It uses electromagnetic waves to treat scarring. The general public needs a minimum of four treatments spaced six weeks apart for optimal results. Scar treatment is commonly dearer, and Radiofrequency with microneedling is not an exception. Some estimates report a median price of $1,525 per session.

Cosmetic or home sessions

Decorative styles of microneedling are done in reception without the help of a medical professional. Instead, this process involves employing a conveyable tool called a derma roller that you swipe across your skin.

These home tools work best for fine lines and other superficial skin concerns. The length of the needle on the tool will determine how often you wish to use it.

The cost of a derma roller is usually between $15 and $140, reckoning on add-ons.

With Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Some microneedling treatments are utilized in conjunction with PRP injections. PRP further stimulates skin tissues to encourage tightening. PRP has usually targeted wrinkles, scarring, and other signs of aging.

This combination may cost around $750 per session. You will need three to 6 treatments spaced out every few weeks for best results.

PRP injections are sometimes marketed as a “vampire facial.” This can be a trademarked name, and it will only be utilized by those who have received specific training and use specific products by the corporate that trademarked them.

Overall surface area.

The value of microneedling varies more by type and overall area covered than it does by individual parts. This can be very true for microneedling exhausted combinations with added serums or PRP.

A larger surface area means more time will be spent on the treatment and more product. The more products, the higher the price.

Benefits of microneedling.

  • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines are guaranteed to start popping up on our faces as we age. Microneedling therapy can help combat these skin conditions by stimulating the assembly of collagen and elastin. Within the process, microneedling helps confine loose skin.

Other than reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging, micro-needling can even slow aging by boosting collagen and elastin production.

The process can also stop aging before it happens, especially when combined with other anti-aging treatments.

  • Reduces Scars and Stretch Marks

Microneedling has been known to reduce the looks of scars of each kind, including acne scars. To reduce scars, microneedling breaks down old tissues and stimulates the assembly of elastin and collagen. As scars start to fade, the skin’s surface will appear smoother and more even in tone. However, stretch marks are often tough to eliminate, making some women self-conscious. To scale back the looks of stretch marks, you have to be ready to have a micro-needling treatment done. Only some cosmetic procedures can help with stretch marks.

  • Improves Skin’s Texture

Skin texture is tough to hide. Within scars, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and other conditions that commonly affect the skin, you would possibly notice that your skin has begun to seem rough and bumpy. Microneedling uses many tiny needles to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which helps plump the skin to fill within the issues on skin texture. Generally, patients will start to work out better skin texture immediately after a micro-needling procedure.

  • It Aids in Treating Acne

People who have acne or cystic acne recognize how painful and frustrating it is to your skin. The treatment reduces blackheads and sebum production to tackle active acne while stimulating elastin and collagen to spice acne scars.

  • Reduces Blackheads

Acne is annoying, but blackheads are incredibly stubborn. This procedure can help release blackheads from pores if you have plenty of blackheads, and the process typically keeps blackheads away for about three weeks. Additionally to removing blackheads, microneedling may make pores smaller, which helps prevent more blackheads from forming.

  • Provides Exfoliation.

Dry skin is dull, and therefore removing the old skin off and replacing it with new, fresh skin will help improve the looks of the skin. In addition, exfoliation makes skin appear smoother and younger. Microneedling helps with exfoliation by disrupting the very best layer of skin.

  • Helps Even Out Skin Tone

Hyperpigmentation (coloring of skin tissues) is more common than we prefer. However, this therapy can help even out skin tone to make it look smoother.

Microneedling is usually recommended over specific laser treatments for women with darker skin tones. This is because some lasers, like light-based lasers, can worsen pigmentation problems in those with darker complexions

  • Shrinks pores.

Are large pores a difficulty for you? Many ladies are concerned with the looks of their pores. A myth surrounding this therapy states that the process can enlarge pores, but that is not the case. Fortunately, microneedling can help make pores look thinner by stimulating collagen production, which plumps up the pores and appears small or closed.

  • It makes skincare products work better.

If you have used quality skin care products, you would like to make sure that they benefit your skin the most amount possible, right? Well, it is difficult for products to penetrate your skin, and studies have reported that only four to eight percent of the serum you place on your face is being absorbed. Microneedling improves the flexibility of product absorption into the skin. In addition, since micro-needling creates many small holes in your skin, products can sink into your skin more easily.

  • Reverses sun damage.

Sun damage might be a controversy for several women. Discoloration caused by sun damage is noticeable and intensely frustrating. The extra pigmentation that sun damage causes are erased by microneedling treatments, more similar to the other pigmentation issues that micro-needling can help treat.


How does microneedling cost? Several factors have to be considered to determine the cost of microneedling. These factors, therefore, raise microneedling costs at a higher price. I hope this post will be of much help to you.



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