How Much Does Air Conditioning Installation Cost In 2021?

air conditioning installation

Anybody can feel miserable in the summers if one does not have an air conditioner at home. Ever since technology has changed and the economy has boosted, you can find multiple options in AC brands and models. Besides, AC installation is a significant concern as it is expensive and a crucial phase. Therefore, you need to find the best air conditioning installation Los Angeles services for getting the best deals. The professionals will visit your home with their team to correctly and safely install the air conditioner.  

Now the question arises- how much should you spend on the installation? You must comprehend that installation cost depends on the AC brand, model, size, place, and other factors. We are decoding the expense list that you may incur for AC installation. You can take reference from the points mentioned below to assume how much you need for installation services. 

Know the Average Installation Cost!

According to the latest reports, the HVAC repair Los Angeles contractors state that AC installation costs between $4000 and $7500. The final price relies upon your AC brand, model, unit, size, and possible ductwork repairs. If your house is not prepared for an air conditioner, the installation cost can surge up to ten thousand dollars.  

Besides, you need to locate the right technician for safe installation. Many states’ law deciphers that HVAC contractors need work-permit and license to render the AC installation services. Therefore, you must ensure that you hire a licensed, experienced, and certified technician for your needs. You can also find numerous air conditioning installation Los Angeles services in your area. A stern eye and smart mind are all you need to save money on installation costs!  

What Is A Hvac Cost Calculator?

Since many homeowners are worried about the AC installation cost, many companies or websites deliver a cost calculator for your convenience. The calculator is designed by analyzing the installation cost database in various states, countries, or localities. You can search for a legit calculator and know the average AC installation cost in your area.  

You can refer to the points listed below for comprehending how the calculator works. They are:

  • Step 1: You need to enter your area’s pin code and country name
  • Step 2: Now enter your AC model and size
  • Step 3: Select the options for ductwork repair or installation
  • Step 4: Press on the “DETAILED ESTIMATE” option.
  • Step 5: Check and analyze the average AC installation cost.

Average Installation Cost According To Ac Size:

Every installation project is different! Therefore, you will need the assistance of HVAC repair Los Angeles specialists to get a customized estimation. We have collected some information for the average installation cost according to AC size:

  • 2.5 Ton size: 3000-4000 dollars
  • 2 Ton size: 2000 Dollars
  • 3.5 Ton Size: 3500-5000 Dollars
  • 1.5 Ton size: 1000 Dollars 
  • 14 SEER unit: 3000-6000 Dollars
  • 16 SEER Unit: 3700-9000 Dollars

Do Professionals Or Their Teams Affect The Installation Cost?

Most homeowners are not aware that professionals or their teams also affect the AC Installation cost. AC size, brand, model, the SEER rating, ductwork, etc., adversely affect the installation cost for an air conditioner. However, you will also have to pay the technicians or their assistants for their air conditioning installation services. You can refer to the points mentioned below for understanding how professional affect the cost:

  • Contractor: A licensed or certified technician will fundamentally assess your house area, air conditioner, and other aspects. Whenever everything seems fair, he will safely install the system.
  • Assistants: An AC installation is not an easy task. Therefore, a contractor sometimes needs assistants to help him with bracket mounting, ductwork, and wiring.

After reading the points mentioned above, do you realize a technician’s expertise is an additional cost to incur? Therefore, you can check how many professionals are visiting your home for AC installation. 


If you already have an air conditioner at home that is not working proficiently, you can procure HVAC repair Los Angeles services. It will help you save money on new AC installation. Nonetheless, a proper air conditioner installation is imperative for better investment returns and cooling effect at home. Now consider the points listed above to comprehend how much do you need for an AC installation! 


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