How is outsourcing the present day solution for all your medical billing challenges


Today some of the reasons for the closure of healthcare practices mainly in rural areas are largely due to low reimbursement rates, low patient volumes, regulatory barriers and mostly importantly staffing shortages according to a recent report by the American Hospital Association (AHA). In fact, in the year 2020 alone, more than 32% of hospitals were being closed due to staffing problems.

With healthcare practices getting hit hard by the “Great Resignation” aftermath of the pandemic crisis; healthcare practices, in fact, in some places had to face more obstructions than ever.

Even though the significant staffing shortages were an area of concern even before the pandemic crisis, today the issues have been further augmented. Acute workforce shortages and increasing labor expenses resulting from the pandemic have placed additional pressure on many healthcare practices. This is why today more and more healthcare practices are looking for an option like outsourcing.

How outsourcing can resolve your staffing challenges:

Today outsourcing medical billing is the answer for not only healthy healthcare practices that are struggling to ensure a seamless billing process but also for practices looking for a better ROI at a cost-effective rate.

Helping healthcare practice earn a better ROI and a continuous cash flow, outsourcing not only help in operational cost reduction but also help you save a lot of your time so you can concentrate on other important healthcare aspects like patient care.

Leaving no cash on the table, an operational extension in fact offers a complete RCM services at a much more cost-effective rate which the in-house team can never beat.

Helping in the need of the hour, outsourcing improves your finance and helps in improving your billing operation, reduces your billing error, and ensures better billing transactions in no time, said Dr. Dipak Nandi, a proficient New York base Neuro-Psychiatrist and a pioneer in the healthcare industry.

With a complete understanding of the industry regulation, new codes, changing billing regulations, outsourcing from experienced resources, and dedicated assistance with a scalable blend of technology in fact help in organizing or optimizing workflow effectively.


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