How I got my website to the first page of google


It’s a known fact that the first page of Google captures almost all traffic.

There’s no doubt about the fact that there are significant differences in click-through rates between websites at the top and websites at the bottom results of the first page.

If you’re not at the top of Google search results, you are missing out on a lot of clicks.

I will be sharing a very brief idea about how I got my site to the first page of google. The site shows up when you search for “Mobile app development company in Lagos” and few other keywords as well.

This article is going to be very brief and straight to the point:

Mandatory techniques to implement

1.) Ensure your website is responsive. i.e it adapts well to every screen dimension.

2.) Ensure your sites load fast. You should reduce the size if images on your site to achieve this. If possible, remove those that are not too relevant. Check how fast your site loads here

3.) Try to have a separate web pages for each service you offer.

4.) Ensure each page’s url describes the page. e.g

5.) The “Title”, “Description” and “Keywords” meta tags are very important.

6.) Ensure each pages title describes only one service and not too long. eg. “Mobile Application Development Company | NameOfYourCompany”.

7.) H1 tag is important on your webpage and its ok to use it only once on a page. Also let it contain keywords you are targeting.

8.) Also ensure your writeup includes the keywords you are targeting on that page.

Now that you have done all these. We can now proceed to what I believe is the decisive factor. Backlinks.

Yes! I and many SEO expert still believe backlink is extremely important for a site to rank high on google.

Backlinks (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links”) are links from one website to a page on your website.

Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

Not all backlinks are created equal.

In other words, if you want to rank higher in the SERPs, focus below guidelines.

1.) Ensure they come from trusted, authoritative websites.

2.) They include your target keyword in the link’s anchor text.

3.) The site (and page) linking to you is topically related to your site.

4.) The link is a “Dofollow” Link. No-follow links are good to but do-follow links are better.

5.) The Llink is from a domain that hasn’t linked to you before.

Where to get backlinks.

1.) You can start off with business directories. When you register on business directories, you get a chance to include your website.

2.) Create social media pages for your website and include your website’s url. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

3.) You can pay bloggers to write article about your website.

4.) Write article about your website on free related forums.

5.) Comment on blogs and provide your website’s url in the comment.

Thanks for reading my article, I do hope it helps you find your way to the first page of google.


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