How have Organizations Such as The UN And NATO Helped Address World Issues?


There’s a long list of global issues that is a matter of public concern. Some of the crucial examples of world issues are covid-19 pandemic, food security, water scarcity, global warming, climate change, and many more. These are some of the biggest problems worldwide that humanity has ever faced. Many times, people just ignore these issues as they don’t find them that crucial.

However, today people have started to actively participate in the fight against global issues. The governments also require global cooperation to deal with all these global problems effectively.

A country’s government faces several problems when they fight these global problems alone-

  • There will be funds-related concerns
  • Sometimes, a government might face difficulties in the implementation of strategies to curb the issues

Throughout history, it has been seen that humans have always faced and solved problems by collaborating with others or forming social institutions. Two such international organizations which are a group of people organized to respond to a variety of global issues with effectiveness are the UN and NATO.

Who’s going to deal with global issues?

The world’s problems such as climate change, infectious diseases, pandemics, energy insecurity, rapidly escalating nuclear proliferation, chemical pollution, and water scarcity are posing threats to species and humans on this planet. How these issues can be solved globally? Who’s going to fight world problems?

Governments of specific countries are combating these issues, making different policies, initiating many changes, and implementing rigorous rules at their level. However, global problems require global partnership and solutions.

  • NATO and the United Nations (UN) are two international organizations that share a commitment to maintaining international peace, combating world issues, and establishing security.
  • These two organizations have been active and cooperating in these areas since their establishment. Both the UN and NATO are supporting crisis-management operations and peace support.
  • The complexity of today’s global problems and security challenges has strengthened the relationship between NATO and the UN.

NATO’s role in addressing world issues

NATO is working closely with many international organizations to fight the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

  • The global issue of nuclear proliferation is also addressed by NATO. Because of growing security threats from nuclear-able countries, nuclear nonproliferation is still a critical world issue today for every country.
  • NATO addresses the threat to international security and peace posed by the proliferation of any sort of deadly weapons. These include nuclear, chemical, radiological, and biological weapons.
  • This international organization has also addressed the pandemic world issues effectively. Right from the beginning, NATO has comprehended, responded to, and addressed the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Right from transporting medical supplies to medical personnel, NATO has flown all possible help to different countries. Apart from that, you can also hire experts for the best assignment editing help in Australia.

UN’s role in addressing world issues

The UN is an international organization that has a forum for lofty declarations. It has addressed so many world problems till now and is still combating many issues.

  • UN also conducted the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio whose main objective was effective measures for the protection of the global environment.
  • UN works and focuses on different objectives that include protecting human rights, tracking & combating pandemics, maintaining international peace and security, promoting sustainable development, and delivering humanitarian help.
  • This intergovernmental organization also helps in upholding international law.
  • For solving the critical global issues, the UN declared and co-ordinate international observances. This was to bring awareness to the problems of international interest or concerns.
  • Prepared in collaboration with NATO, the UN is into addressing the issues of children in armed conflict. Both the organizations have monitored and reported violations against children. And you can also read about computers.

To wrap up

World problems are huge and it requires global cooperation as well as the support of NATO and the UN to get addressed and solved.

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