How Harmful or Unhealthy Is Masturbation?

How harmful or unhealthy is masturbation ?

How harmful or unhealthy is masturbation?

Masturbation itself is not a harmful activity. It becomes harmful when it starts interfering with the normal activities of life and prevents a male from establishing intimate relations with the partner.

Masturbation is self stimulation of gentiles to gain the pleasure and experience that comes from being intimate with the partner. The stimulation is done by touching, stoking, or massaging the organ. It is done by every adult male and female in their adult or early years of adolescence. doctors considered to be a specialist in relationships said that 99% males masturbate and 1 % who said they do not cannot be trusted. Let us study whether it is harmful or not.

Masturbation relieves tension 

As mentioned, masturbation is not harmful or unhealthy. It depends to a great extent on the male or female to keep it within safe limits. It is a safe and secure way to relive tension and sexual frustration. Whenever an adolescent feels sexually aroused, he can perform the act to restore balance in thoughts and behavior. A highly private activity, masturbation does not need any partner or help from anyone to get the satisfaction one gets from real intimacy with a partner.

By indulging in masturbation, you can get the same pleasure that a partner may have given you being physical. Also it checks the spread of sexually transmitted disease and keeps the need for maintaining relations in check. Anyone who has no partner or cannot afford a partner, because of social or moral issues, can get the same satisfaction from masturbation that a physical act can provide.

Check the frequency to keep it safe

Once a week or even a couple of times a week masturbation in early years of adolescence cannot be harmful. This is also the time when the testosterone production is at its peak and sexual tension remains high. But you also have to keep it within the safe limits. The chances of dependency on masturbation can be high with daily indulgence.

High frequency can cause loss of sensitivity

Everyday masturbation can lead to a situation when there will be no sensitivity left in the male organ. It might happen that the presence of a female partner will not have any impact on the desire level. Since a male is used to getting sexual satisfaction from the self stimulation act, no need will be felt by mind or body for a partner.

A habitual masturbator may find that he is unable to get the arousal levels for an intimate session. It further could lead to erectile dysfunction, which is a lack of erection. Since masturbation can be done without a hard erection, a habitual loses the ability to maintain an erection.  Though, that is not a problem because Cialis 60 mg Online provides erection help . The habit of self stimulation reduces the ability and intention to maintain physical relations with the partner.

Masturbation can be harmful when it affects normal intimate life

Higher than normal masturbation habits can lead to a situation where there is no arousal even in the presence of the partner.  The habit of self stimulation has become so strong that there is no need for a partner. It is the point when masturbation starts interfering with normal life and intimacy. The mind is stimulated only when thought of self stimulation comes, not being with a female partner.

It can also be harmful when the mind is always focused on stimulation and cannot concentrate on any other topic. Masturbation is harmful when it leads to weakness, dizziness and joint pain due to excess ejaculations often more than one a day.  The worst is when masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction due to lack of sensitivity in the organ.

Check your own safe level

It is natural and safe to indulge in masturbation in years when you are experiencing new development physically and exploring your sexuality. But reduce its frequency gradually. Keep it once a week to encourage healthy development of relations.  A small test whether masturbation has become a harmful habit is when it is affecting your daily life and you have to do it even when you are in the middle of some work or study. If you do not feel excited in presence of the partner, consult a doctor who may suggest Sildenafil citrate 150 mg to overcome mental and physical hesitation behind lack of erection.


Masturbation can become harmful if it is done in excess and has started affecting your concentration and focus on work or study. If it is a normal once a week affair, take it as a healthy sign of your sexuality. But if you feel that you are becoming insensitive to the touches of the partner, and then stop masturbation to prevent any damage to your healthy relations.







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