How does the insurance for motorcycles work?

Motorcycle insurance form and dollars on the table.

When does a motorcycle become vintage? And what are the regulations governing vehicles of historical interest?

How does the insurance for motorcycles work?

If you intend to take out insurance for historic motorcycles, you must first make sure you have a vehicle that has certain characteristics. Those who own motorcycle insurance benefit from a specifically dedicated rate, often more advantageous or, depending on the company, a policy with special bonus/malus rates.

The possibility offered to collectors of vintage motorcycles to access a policy with a lower price allows them to circulate with their own vehicle and possibly insure even more than one historic motorcycle without weighing excessively on the wallet.

They are intended as they meet the requirements of art. 60, paragraphs 2 and 4, of the Highway Code :

  • motor vehicles of historical and collectible interest: all those registered in one of the registers defined by the legislation (eg ASI, FMI History …);
  • vintage motorcycles: all those canceled by the PRA because they are kept in museums or premises and without the characteristics necessary for admission to circulation.
  • For these categories of vehicles, it is possible to subscribe to a special policy that protects the motorcycles and their owners in the appropriate way.

Vintage motorcycle after how many years?

Many wonders when a motorcycle becomes a vintage?

The answer is simple. The motorcycle must be at least 20 years old. To establish the age of a motorcycle, the date of first registration is taken into consideration which, unless proven otherwise, refers to the year of its construction.

Motor vehicles can also take advantage of tax breaks :

  • for the means they have accomplished 30 years  of age, the payment of vehicle taxes is not envisaged;
  • for vehicles aged between 20 and 29 years and in possession of a certificate of historical significance, there is a 50% discount on the vehicle tax. 

However, it is always necessary to consult the regional regulations that may introduce changes or further concessions in relation to taxation and circulation for vintage vehicles with respect to national legislation.

Classic motorcycle requirements: what they are

Taking out insurance for vintage motorcycles is simple: it is enough that the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle possess the minimum requirements. Among these, it is essential, first of all, that the motorcycle is regularly registered. Furthermore, to be insured with Helvetia, the motorcycle must be registered either on the ASI register or with the Italian Motorcycle Federation.

Only motorcycles that are at least 20 years old can be registered with ASI or the Italian. The motorcycle in question must be duly registered after having been viewed and must have been regularly subjected to mandatory inspections, to be performed every two years.

How to register vintage motorcycles with ASI or FMI

Registration with ASI consists of membership in the national federation. To be considered registered with ASI, therefore, it is necessary to register with one of its local clubs, paying one registration fee. The ASI services are many in favor of the owners of historical vehicles who are united by the history of the vehicles and manufacturer brands.

As an alternative to ASI, it is possible to opt for the Italian Motorcycle Federation. The IMF has a register of historic motorcycles that are over 20 years old. The IMF can be accessed when the vehicle owned is restored and in perfect condition. Before joining the FMI, the motorcycle is subjected to an “examination” by a commission that assesses that the motorcycle is perfectly matched to the original. All types of motorcycles can access the Italian Motorcycling Federation, therefore both motorcycles and mopeds, as well as motorcars or wheelchairs.

 insurance  policy can be taken out for the following vehicles:

  • vintage motorcycles ;
  • motor vehicles with registration or construction date over 30 years and certified by ASI or FMI.

Helvetia’s classic motorcycle insurance includes Civil Liability and Assistance in the basic package, to which other guarantees can be added such as Legal Protection and Driver Accidents.

Helvetia offers the possibility to customize the policy according to the customer’s needs. In fact, it is possible to ensure up to a maximum of 99 motor vehicles of which 2 can circulate at the same time. Also the number of, but they must be at least 21 years old. The vehicle owner must be a member of a club. drivers can also be customized: a maximum of 4 can be insured

The world of historic motorcycles is full of enthusiasts who can count on real jewels that have contributed to writing important pages in the history of motorcycles. For all enthusiasts who already own a historic motorcycle or for those who intend to buy one, it is important to carefully evaluate the costs of insurance. In fact, anyone who has to insure a vehicle of this type can count on several advantages that should not be overlooked in any way. In general, before insuring your motorcycle it is advisable to identify the best option available from the comparator for motorcycle insurance.

Historic motorcycles are vehicles that are more than 20 years old from the date of first registration in Italy, still registered in the public PRA register, characterized by a good state of maintenance, and able to meet the minimum safety requirements. Historic motorcycles can circulate if they are equipped with the relevant insurance. First, however, it is necessary to complete the registration with the Italian Motorcycle Federation which can also be completed online and is valid for one year with a fee of 60 Euros (with the online procedure you can pay by Visa or MasterCard credit card). To complete the registration, simply visit website and have all the vehicle documents available as well as photos of the same.

Insuring a historic motorcycle has several advantages with discounts to insurance coverage for all members of the IMF. Compared to normal RCA, insurance reserved for historic motorcycles offers some unique features such as the application of a fixed class of merit, which blocks the increase in the insurance premium from year to year, free driving of the vehicle on the road (it is necessary to indicate the personal details of the driver (s) at the time of signing the insurance) and the possibility of receiving extra discounts with the Garage formula reserved for true collectors of historic motorcycles who own and like to use more specimens that fall into this category.


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