How does school management system make your child’s future secure?

school management system
How does school management system make your child’s future secure?

Many parents struggle a lot with their child’s studies when they need to leave them at school with professional life. They need to face many academic challenges, but the school management system with a mobile app creates a relationship with administrators, teachers, and parents. And so in this way, eSchool software has all the features that create a strong bond between school administration and parents to resolve all the academic issues of their child’s. The parents are busy all the time because a lot of responsibilities are on them, and they get a short time to track the progress, homework, marks, and attendance of their child’s, etc. So this is becoming a need nowadays for schools to facilitate their clients which are parents. Providing this facility for parents is becoming very important and satisfies them that their children are getting an education in a good educational institution. Using school management software like eSchool software the parents become more responsive and work effectively and efficiently with the school.  

The professional life of parents and economic situations

Today’s there are thousands of families where both parents are working, and it is becoming the normal practice due to the economic needs that is the basic reason. So, It is not normal to manage work-life with children. The parents cannot give proper time to children’s study in these situations. The schools’ administrations and parents easily understand there is a need for a system where parents can easily communicate with teachers and administrators for tracking all activities of their children likewise children’s performances, mark sheets, weekly reports, and fee invoices using different SMS and emails. School software products like eSchool software have made it possible for the parents to have the reports of their child’s on phone via SMS, or they can easily log into the parents’ portal to know everything about their child’s on their phones. 

Issues with conventional paper opinions

Normally many schools are using different paper notifications and in that case, the problem will start raising because the parents receive too many paper notifications and there will be a chance that these paper notifications will be thrashed out even without looking into it. Even when this type of notification brings the child to the home, there is a chance that he or she could mix up with other documents or might give them to the parents. In these types of situations, Anyone can feel the need for a school management system in Pakistan with a mobile app having all the features of attendance, fee, and exams that can inform the parents of the time effectiveness without the chance of missing anything. What are parents looking for?

The parents intend to have great communication with schools without the chance of missing anything, and they need genuine communication that can grab their attention, and it shouldn’t be long. It is preferable nowadays they can get all the detailed progress reports related to their children on the phone, and it is the point where the school management system like school software comes in and serves the needs of both parents and schools. 

Now I will discuss here the eSchool parent app and portal features that help the parents to get connected with schools for good communication and updates regarding the child’s.

eSchool Parent Portal

One of the important features of eSchool software is the parent portal. This portal enables the parents to get connected to a student’s classroom and teachers 24 hours a day. This feature keeps the parents to be involved and actively participates in the child’s education. The information that is available to parents in the parent portal is completely customized by the school and can include different attendance records, homework assignments, calendars, message boards,  and all kinds of basic parent and student information. To a lesser degree, parents wait for their children come home and bring homework, classroom notes, and letters regarding attendance, and requests for teacher meetings. With the parent app, the parents don’t need to wait and hope that their students will give them all the materials right from their computers and the straight information that comes from school parents and teachers. Information in the parent will be always up to date which will be specially related to attendance and grades tracking. The parent portal will also teach the teachers of the constant request for progress and attendance reports. This portal is daily updated by the eSchool team.

Quick and open communications

Sometimes parents have questions that must be addressed before the start of the next day of school, especially if they are going to questions related to homework, exams, and all projects due to the next day. Parents also want to touch base with their student’s teachers if they have different questions, suggestions, and comments regarding classroom activities, attendance, and different kind of discipline issues or grades. The parent portal also includes a different kind of communication features which enable the parents to send a message to the teachers. The direct line of communication helps parents and teachers to ensure the success of their students.

eSchool parent app

eSchool software is an online multi-user, highly secure, and user-friendly school management software in Pakistan. This software is designed for comprehensive communication between schools, parents, and teachers. This software can be easily customized according to the requirements of any educational institution. This software has all the great features and functionalities that any school can easily pick this software for their needs.eSchool software provides strong support for all administrative functions as well as managing any school easily. eSchool parent app has great features to manage attendance, results, homework, notice-board, and notifications in school. 

Features of eSchool parent app

These are the different features of the school parent app discussed below

  • Notifications for fee submission, results, and attendance 
  • Child profile and request changes 
  • Attendance, leaves 
  • Request for leaves 
  • Timetable 
  • Daily homework
  • Notices 
  • Blogs 
  • Fee slips 
  • Exam results 
  • Marks sheet
  • Online chats 
  • Events 
  • Event pictures and videos 
  • Student performance grades 
  • Fee submission online 
  • Direct communication with teachers 
  • Overall performance of a student report 

Modules of eSchool parent app

  1. Admin 
  2. Teachers
  3. Parents /students
  4. Super Admin


  1.  Setup 
  • Add/ Edit/Delete /View classes
  • Add/ Edit/Delete /View subjects 
  • Add/ Edit/Delete /View staff
  • Add/ Edit/Delete /View children profiles

2. Attendance

  • Add/ Edit/Delete /View classes
  • Add/ Edit/Delete /View subjects 
  • Add/ Edit/Delete /View staff
  • Add/ Edit/Delete /View children profiles

3. Fees

  • Add/Edit/Delete/ View Fee particulars
  • Add/Edit/Delete/ View Class Fees
  •  Set Facilities fee for students
  •  Collect Fees

4. Homework

  •  Add/Edit/Delete/View/Renew  Homework

5. Results

  • Add/Edit/View/Delete  Results (Test and Exams)
  • Search Results by Date, Class, Result Type (Test or Exam), and Publish Status
  • Student Result Card

6. Notice Board

  • Add/Edit/View/ Delete Notice Board Entry

7. Notifications

  • Notification Panel for all Users
  • New Result Notification to Students/Parents
  • Student Absence Notification to Students/Parents
  • New Notice Board Entry Notification to all Users

8. Settings

  • Change School info like Name, Image, Address, Mobile, etc.
  • Change Password
  •  Notifications Settings

Benefits of using eSchool parent app

Parent’s can involved with the child’s education using the school parent app that will help too 

  • Achievement of higher marks and grades
  • Getting notifications for different events and participating will help in the development of children’s personalities. 
  • Fewer chances of child’s failure 
  • Achievement of social and interpersonal skills 
  • Stress-free learning environment 
  • Great engagements in creating programs 
  • Child’s personality development 
  • Paying the child’s fee online
  • Required no visit for official meetings 
  •  Direct communication with teachers 

The continued communication and involvement of parents with the school of their children’s will accelerate the pace of student’s educational development. Yet again, I would recommend eSchool parent mobile app has been made all things easier for parents, by letting them, having access to information via a dedicated app. 

eSchool is an all-in-one customized ERP software with a parent mobile app for schools and other educational institutions. Everything is packed in a single school software. When you set up eSchool for another educational institution except for the school, then the workflow in the school software will be changed accordingly. This eSchool software helps to manage teachers and school staff attendance, leaves, salaries,  appraisals and also enables the schools to keep track of their finances better. Basically, this school management system is a suite of customized educational software with a mobile app that includes HR, Payroll, Admissions, Accounts, Library, Inventory, Petty cash, Exams, Fee collection, Timetable to automate school operations, from learning, task and exam management, attendance management, students enrollment, and school finances.

School is the product of SW3 solutions, A leading web development company in Pakistan. SW3 Solutions is an IT service provider, headquartered in Lahore. The company is dedicated to providing e-commerce solutions, web, and mobile app development. SW3 Solutions have been doing a lot of researches to develop school software and this one is the largest school management system in Pakistan. This software is an online web-based software having great interaction facilities for parents, students, and teachers besides the mobile apps. The educational institutes can purchase this software at low prices without investing in any hardware. They need to use this software with a single click only. 


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