How does kybella treatment work near me?


Kybella is a treatment for double chin. Kybella injections made from deoxycholic acid, eroding fat cells beneath the skin and making them less visible. It can take 2-3 treatments to see results, but they can last up to 1 year or more.

Kybella injections have available in the US since 2015 and have over 100,000 treatments performs worldwide.

The most common side effect reported by patients is swelling at the injection site lasting less than three days, with no other significant complications reported so far. A consultation from your doctor will determine if this is a good option for you.

Kybella not intend for weight loss or to treat obesity. It perform by trained dermatologist (skin doctor). Read on to understand how kybella near me works.

How Long Does Kybella Treatment Take?

The length of time depends on how many injections you will need and where the injections are given. But, the treatment usually takes about an hour.

The treatment may be done at any time of the day except for right after a meal to reduce swelling.

Kybella is injected into multiple areas underneath the chin to attain visible results. It is best to have 3-4 injections in various locations on each side of the chin.

Kybella injection side effects

While Kybella is considered safe for use, it may cause mild to moderate side effects, which can be easily handled with medication. These side effects are:

Painful sensations in the treated areas, especially in the first few days of treatment; this occurs due to swelling but reduces after a few days.

Mild to moderate swelling at the injection site is seen in almost 80% of cases; this lasts for around 2-3 days after surgery and may be treated with cold compresses or an ice pack to reduce swelling.

It was swelling under the chin and jawline, which occurs due to treatment and resolves within a few days.

Bruising, mild pain and swelling in the cheek may last for 3-4 days. This is caused by micro-injections done near the jawline region.

A small amount of swelling in the eyelids due to injections at this area; usually lasts for less than one day and may not even be seen.

Allergic reactions are infrequent in Kybella injections. If they do occur, it is usually due to the local anaesthesia used for the treatment, which may be treated with antihistamine medications prescribed by your doctor.

Swelling and redness of the skin around injection sites can occur, which resolve gradually within a few days.

In some cases, the fatty tissues under the chin may permanently destroy.

The kybella near me, as mentioned earlier, near me side effects are unlikely to occur. Still, you must contact your treating physician or visit an emergency room immediately in case of any severe complications.

Patients with allergies to the local anaesthesia used for injections or any other ingredients in Kybella injections such as alcohol, iodine or dextrose should inform their health care provider before undergoing treatment.

How to prepare for kybella injections

Before your first kybella injection procedure, you must visit your doctor for a physical examination and discuss the details of the surgery. Your physician will also ask you to fill a health history questionnaire, which will help decide the treatment plan.

During the physical examination, your doctor may do tests such as blood pressure check, heart rate measure and skin biopsy. The tests usually for safety purposes, depending on your overall medical condition. You should inform your physician of any medications which take,diabetes and heart problems.

You should eat a small meal just before your surgery as this will help increase blood sugar levels which will increase the chances of fat breakdown.

Your physician might suggest you get an MRI or CT scan. Before the treatment to determine the extent of fat deposits under your chin and jawline. Your doctor will ask you to arrive at the clinic on time for surgery, which begins immediately after all preparations are complete.

What involves in kybella treatment?

The injections you receive during Kybella treatment place in multiple areas underneath the chin to attain visible results. It is best to have 3-4 injections in various locations on each side of the chin. The size of individual syringes and the number of injections used for a single session will depend upon the extent of fat pockets present under your chin and jawline.

The first set of injections only on one side, and then another set may perform after few days to treat the other side.

Depending upon individual requirements, ‘touch-up’ sessions may done after one month from the initial treatment session. The overall number of Kybella injections you will require for best results depends on the extent of fat pockets under your chin and jawline region.

Patients who undergo Kybella treatment may experience swelling, bruise, and a small amount of pain in the treated areas for few days after the procedure. This is generally self-limiting but can control with cold compresses or oral medications prescribe by your physician.

How does kybella surgery work?

The Kybella procedure works by destroying the fat cells in your body. During a Kybella injection, a solution containing deoxycholic acid injects below the chin and jawline using fine needles. The injections directly under your skin, below the fibrous tissue layer surrounding the chin and jawline.

The solution works by inducing apoptosis or programmed cell death in fat cells, thereby breaking them down permanently. The breakdown of fats results in the gradual elimination of the fatty tissues under your chin and jawline region, thus giving you a slimmer contour within a few months of treatment.

How long does the kybella procedure take?

The Kybella injections are usually perform under local anaesthesia. You may not feel any pain during the procedure. The entire treatment session takes 1-2 hours depending upon individual requirements. It may done either as an outpatient or as a daycare procedure if required. A shorter treatment time is possible when your doctor injects two or more syringes of the Kybella solution at one time.

The results of kybella treatment begin to show after a few weeks and persist for up to 12 months depending upon your age, weight and how many syringes you received in a single session. Most patients start noticing a gradual reduction in the fat deposits under the chin and jawline within 1-6 months of treatment.

What are the advantages of Kybella over chin implants?

Kybella is a non-invasive procedure which compare to chin implants which may require incisions and have more downtime associate with them.

Chin implant surgery can also cause swelling and bruising if you are allergic to any of the medications used during the surgery.

But, you should consult with a cosmetic surgeon and understand your options before making any decisions of undergoing chin implant surgeries or Kybella treatments.

How can I find out more about kybella treatment?

If you wish to find an excellent cosmetic surgeon and what other procedures they perform beside chin augmentation surgeries, read on further.

What is Kybella treatment near me?

You can search for ‘Kybella treatment’ or ‘Kybella Seattle’ on Google and find an excellent cosmetic surgeon near you.

For your convenience, we have provided the list of some top-rated cosmetic surgeons in different cities of the United States for your reference below:

List of Top Cosmetic Surgeons in the US who offer Kybella Treatment to patients living nearby:

If you plan to undergo Kybella treatment in the United States anytime soon, give us your feedback about the doctor who handled your case in our comments section below. We will publish it on the site and even send you an email as soon as someone writes a review for the doctor you are planning to consult.

If you wish to find out more information about chin augmentation procedures, such as choosing the right surgeon and what maintenance require after the surgery, read on further.

What To Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

The decision of choosing which cosmetic procedure you should undergo may be overwhelming and confusing at times. Not only do you have to figure out whether or not you need plastic surgery, but also the cosmetic surgeon to perform it for you. But, keep in mind that choosing the wrong plastic surgeon can ruin not only your desires and expectations from the surgery but also put your life at risk.

The best way to find out which doctor is right for you is to list down all the features or factors that are important to you and then check which surgeon meets them:

Experience in the field

One of the best ways to know whether or not a cosmetic surgeon. It has experience enough to perform your plastic surgery is by checking their website. Check out if they mention any procedures. How many times they perform those surgeries.

Always check if the surgeon has a good number of before and after pictures on their website.

When it comes to experience, it’s always better to choose a surgeon who has performed numerous chin implant surgeries or ones that offer skin health and Kybella injection services instead of starting with someone new in the field.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your facial features without undergoing invasive naturally.

Kybella is a non-invasive procedure that can perform in the comfort of your home.


Kybella injections made from a naturally occurring substance called deoxycholic acid, which dissolves fat cells and reduces their volume. This is not surgery, and it does not involve any incisions or recovery time. You may resume your normal activities immediately following treatment with Kybella near me injections.

The only side effects associated with Kybella treatment are temporary redness. At the injection site and swelling around injected area. In which resolves within a few hours to two days after treatment. However, this usually poses no problems for patients. They often feel better than before the injection. In these areas because inflammation reduce significantly by the injection process itself.


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