How Does Custom Box Printing Help in your Subscription Business Branding?

box printing

Do you appreciate the value of marketing your subscription services? We bet you wouldn’t have considered customized box printing as a valid candidate for the job. But you are about to get amazed by its power and possibilities!

We can all agree on the fact that subscriptions seem more attractive when packaged rightly. The boxes have the strength to influence higher sales by impressing buyers in the first instance.

So, then why custom printing is still an underutilized marketing aspect? We are here to clear all the usual apprehensions regarding printing the subscription boxes. Read the following guide to understand how customized branded boxes work towards firming brand marketing.

Subscription boxes are part of the brand experience

The most crucial aspect of branding is to persuade your customers to be brand loyal. But with so much variety and choice, it is a difficult task to fulfill.

This is why we see businesses, in general, going the extra mile to make sure that customers get a remarkable purchase feel. The printed features on the boxes remind existing customers of your brand, convince new ones of the brand value, and instigate brand worth for future sales. All these combined can complete your brand story and make it instantly click with the target audience.

Comparatively, bland and dull boxes fail to intrigue customers and generate the desired response from them.

Increase brand and product value

Subscription boxes eventually become part of the products once they are packaged. This is a great way to add value to your products and brand image.

On top of creative box shapes used to attract attention, exquisitely printed color schemes and patterns can also play a huge role in encouraging customers to continue with their subscriptions. This is mandatory to thrive and sustain sales levels in the competitive subscription consumer markets.

Reduced margins due to stiff rivalry make marketing on the subscription boxes even more crucial and necessary. It is a way of reducing overall branding costs while elevating the brand’s value proposition.

Increased protective gear

Did you know that the boxes can actually effectively influence your logistics? Not every brand has the means to ship their products themselves. Most subscription brands often employ third-parties. Rough handling and inadequate storage conditions can adversely affect supplies and deter the shopping experience for customers.

But you’ll be glad to know that your brand can use printed texts and graphics to convey all sorts of instructions on the boxes. Marking the boxes with ‘handle with care’ or ‘fragile items inside’, helps to control logistics. Additionally, the boxes can also be labeled with the required temperatures and warehouse conditions.

Customers surely appreciate crisp subscription boxes arriving at their doorsteps with functional products inside.

Communicate information

Sharing certain data with customers is important. Whether it is informing them of the company’s contact info, user manuals, intricate product details, and more.

Often the boxes dictate how the customers can reuse the boxes for replacing the items. Other times, the brand wishes to inform buyers how to reuse and recycle the boxes. Certain innovative box shapes call for guiding box printing to access the products inside. Such details win buyers’ confidence and help them use the items as desired.

A big part of marketing is to convince buyers of the brand values so they pick the brand for every subscription they demand. The boxes help to get all intended branding messages across more productively.

The role of technology in realizing custom printing

As technology defines the way people shop, it is also leading the way for improved custom printing results.

The recent advent of QR codes has made life easier for subscription brands and customers alike. It saves room on the boxes plus can be scanned instantly to access the product info. Placing QR codes on the box sides or bottom doesn’t take up much space on the packaging and gives protection against theft too. Customers can also track their shipments and be less anxious about late deliveries. It saves time, costs, and efforts in resolving customer queries by a considerable margin.

Distinct packaging boxes

Subscription custom printed shipping boxes travel through various customer touchpoints. They are the perfect tool for marketing the brand and introducing it to more customers.

custom printed shipping boxes

Subscription boxes have a higher chance of appearing in the online trend of unboxing videos if styled well. Offbeat designs, patterns, and colors have a higher probability of satisfying customers and encouraging them to share their experiences with others.

This form of marketing is the most effective way of promoting the brand. It also doesn’t cost anything extra while being viewed by a large number of potential consumers.

What can make the boxes achieve these milestones?

All the above aspects of custom printing are truly alluring. But how can your brand use printing to reap maximum benefits?

Whatever you choose to include on your subscription boxes, ensure that you consider:

  • The financial capacities. Going over-budget isn’t a wise way to market the brand. Make sure you stay within your means so the costs can be recovered easily.
  • Identifying core business marketing objectives. The boxes must look like an extension of the brand image.
  • Reducing extra branding messages and emphasizing the important promotional content.
  • Using understandable graphics, fonts, and texts.
  • Choosing illustrations that take the brand story forward and save on box space.

Apart from these, some other areas of concern regarding box printing facets include:

  1. Premium quality inks to elevate the box appeal.
  2. Crisp and luminous graphics and printed designs.
  3. Creating different versions of the printed boxes and choosing the best one.
  4. Asking customers for feedback and making relevant amendments.
  5. Taking suggestions from box stylists and incorporating customer preferences.

Picking, mixing, and matching different custom printing features and effects have a profound impact on customers’ purchase decisions. They love to see their boxes with specialist designs.


Crafting subscription boxes is both a challenge and a possibility for marketing objectives. Understanding the different printing strengths enhances overall branding. Box printing consists of all the basic marketing techniques plus other informative content about the business. Customers appreciate a sturdy box appeal.


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