How does content writing help drive SEO scores?

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Do you want to hire the best advertising agency in Gurgaon for content Writing ? More than 90% of customer experiences get triggered by search engines. It doesn’t matter whether you buy old or branded new shoes, or explore a new cafe. You’d start searching on Google.

When people look for content and keywords related to a service, you want to top Google SERPs. Did anyone tell you before that you need top-notch content to rank on Google? But, how do you write content that adheres to the best SEO practices? 

In this article, we will highlight some sets of SEO writing tips to help you rank at the top of SERPs.

What is content writing? 

The SEO agency in Wellington tells what content writing is. You want to learn how copywriting differs from essay writing. The fact optimized content writing combines a couple of SEO marketing plans to produce an ad copy that tops Google search results. It likewise adds value to your readers.

We will unpack the matter a bit more. SEO includes a set of marketing plans designed to enhance your site’s ranking. 

SEO includes things like the following.

  • Keyword targeting
  • Page-speed optimization
  • Cleaning up the code on your site
  • Collecting backlinks

Create content to target more valuable keywords. 

If you missed out on a point, it’s content creation. The best advertising agency in Gurgaon says that search engines have got nothing to rank without quality content. SEO-based copywriting is vital if you want to top Google rankings. 

Ultimately, a high Google ranking helps you earn more leads, traffic, and revenues. Indeed, getting a huge Google ranking is vital for your firm. 

Do you want it takes to write an impressive ad copy for your marketing campaign? Keep reading!


It is worth noting that it takes time to write content-rich in SEO juices. In addition, an effective SEO plan starts with keyword research. 

If you want to discover what’s relevant to your firm, you need to search for keywords. 

For instance, a florist may select keywords like a flower arrangement. Keyword research helps you uncover priceless topics for writing. The best advertising agency in Gurgaon asks you to add keywords in places like meta tags, titles, descriptions, and web content. Just remember not to overuse keywords on content. 

Keyword stuffing used to be a well-liked SEO marketing plan at some point. But, things changed with time. In addition, keyword-stuffed content doesn’t offer a good user experience. 

Related keywords make it simple for Google to learn from your content. You may use tools like LSIgraph to produce relevant keywords. 

Create content to match the search intent. 

You want to create content that matches the search goal of your potential client. 

When people search for keywords, the intent of the search isn’t clear to them. 

It’s why experts at the best advertising agency in Gurgaon want to split the search intent into classes as follows. 

  • Informational: It demands you to dig for a topic or a subject.
  • Navigational: It mandates you to troll for a specific site or brand.
  • Transactional: It needs you to search with the intent to buy. 

While SEO content focuses on topping Google ranking, you want to write content that is easy for readers to understand. You need to remember that you are writing for human readers who you want to become your customers. 

It is helpful for you to think about how can I add value to readers in a way that existing content on a webpage doesn’t. The best advertising agency in Gurgaon wants you to focus on creating a piece of top-notch content that addresses the pain point of your readers and solves their problems. 

It is better to stick to a 2 to 3-line sentence paragraph length to allow your readers to go through your content and highlight the main point. 


You can think of adding images, videos, and graphics to your SEO content that gives a boost to the ranking. It will engage the site visitors. 

Some topics will work on a 1000-word blog, while others will need more 2000-word to cover your topic. 


You can think of encouraging content writing. 

Google looks at the quality and number of backlinks when ranking content. When credible sites link to content on your site, the advertising agency in Gurgaon helps makes your site more authoritative. Search engines will rank your content on SERPs. The bond between site rankings and social shares is a bit cloudy. 

While social media isn’t a direct SEO factor, social shares will create a buzz for your brand. 

Do it by including CTAs and social share buttons that will motivate your people to share and like your content. Triverse best branding company claims that people will link back to your site when they like it.

It’s why you can enhance site ranking with SEO marketing services


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