How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay?

How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay

Before knowing how to write an argumentative essay, a student must be aware of the term argumentative essay. It is also a piece of writing that takes a stand on a particular issue. A writer always attempts to apprehend and support their point of view about a particular topic by asserting their own reasoning and providing the evidence to support it. These argumentative essays are common during the high schools and college studies. These are basically related to science and technology, politics issues, health care etc.

Argumentative essay is full of facts and evidences which are pivotal for taking a stance while doing the arguments in essay. Students have to gather all the specific and significance details and facts about a particular topic and then deliver it according to the reader interest. Writing an argumentative essay can become complicating for the students as it requires in depth research work the particular topic. They need someone who can help them in writing the essay. There are many things to know about the argumentative essay which we will learn further in this post.

What Are The Basic Steps To Write Argumentative Essays? 

A student must be aware of the basic things, which need to be followed while writing the essay. You have to be well prepared while writing the essay. Be focused to your own research work and then deliver it in own words and frame the eye appealing statement which can grab the interest of the reader. The main aim of the argumentative essay help is to provide own point of view and impactful evidence. Its structure can be done in this way:

  • Introduction: this is going to be the first paragraph of your essay which should deliver an outline of desired topic, background information so that it will be easy to understand your topic and arguments.
  • The statement: this is also the part of first paragraph which will provide succinct and one sentence summary of your main idea and claim.
  • Body paragraph: once you are done with the introduction part you have to deal with main body part of the essay. Your body paragraph should consist of three main paragraphs, which should support your topic in different aspects. In this paragraph you have to mention the various research, examples, facts, studies, text citation etc. you must address all the point of views and describe them, why you disagree or agree with them? Once you mention the all relatable and compatible facts about the arguments it will help to gain the trust of the reader.
  • Conclusion: at the end of the essay collect all the details, sum up all the facts and start providing a brief summary of the above argument. There is no need of introducing new facts in your conclusion part, therefore it should be precise and to the point.

Best Examples For Technology Argumentative Topic?

  • How technology has changed the way of communication?
  • What would be life like today without Wi-Fi?
  • How to introduce the internet with children?
  • Impressive new automotive technologies
  • Genetics engineering technologies that can change the world
  • Are humans smarter than computer?
  • The effects of technology of each individual.
  • What will be the impact of internet in future generation?
  • Are computer taking over our jobs?

What Is The Importance Of Writing The Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essay is a key skill for writing success. It helps the student to enhance the various skill work like critical thinking and investigation work and ability to develop and logically defend a position. Argumentative essay always requires some research work in a particular subject. You have to go through the various source of information such as literature, empirical data, political view, journal etc.

Some Of The Major Skills Are:

  • Writing skill: when a student start writing the argumentative essay he has to focus on basic things like vocabulary, spellings, grammar and framing of new sentences, which can help in enhancing the various skill work. It can help you in delivering a well written argumentative essay in a clear and precise way.
  • Research skills: In most of the cases a student has to deal with the various research works which can help in delivering a perfect argumentative essay. This process can be longer and time consuming. It helps in doling the summarization and synthesizes the various relevant source of information. A student can easily do the research work once he get used to it and grab the crucial facts for the essay.
  • Logical arguments: a student can put the various arguments in his topic but putting them without any logical reasoning can spoil his essay. These essay help to build of logical reasoning of the argument. You can deliver the various statements with proper examples and to the point views.
  • Fluent in differing arguments: while writing the arguments on the essay it has to be well delivered. You have to anticipate on the various arguments and then start with your writing. The process of argument seems complex but once start dealing with it will increase you way of learning and viewpoint.

Morality Topics For Argumentative Essay:

  • Are people good or evil by nature?
  • Does the belief in god can change the human?
  • Argue for or against utilitarianism.
  • Are moral relatives to culture or society?
  •  Is morality related to the level of education of the person?

Topics For Education Argumentative Essay:

  • Are the web filters at your school too restrictive?
  • Does technology make more alone?
  • Do you spend much time on your smart phones, which affect your education?
  • What should be the punishment be acts for the school students?
  • Do your teachers use the technology well?
  • Can cell phone be educational tools?
  • Is cheating in exams getting worse?

These are some major topics in which student can get the best assistance by the various essay writing services. If there is any related to the argumentative essay writing the students can directly heir an essay writer for them. They will provide you the best services and give a chance to improve your grades in academics.


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