How Do You Quit Cigarettes? 

ways to quit smoking

How Do You Quit Cigarettes? 

No one sets out to become a smoker. Cigarettes have become a staple of society like no other product. Millions of people believe that they are being protected against the harmful effects of smoking. Imagine if all told the truth, that by smoking cigarettes, they may be exposing themselves to a whole lot more harm than they are expecting.

You have already taken your first step by browsing the ways to quit smoking. Many people who have quit smoking can attest that it was the hardest thing they ever done. It takes a lot of courage to change your lifestyle. Think positive and do not lose your hope. Nothing is impossible in this world. Keep scrolling for finding the easiest ways. Just don’t take step back. Keep trying and trying!

Smoking is considered a worldwide danger. It is connected with the highest percentage of death across all states. And it is expected to be the top cause of death at least 20 years from now. That’s not all, according to the World Health Organization; more than two million people die every year because of tobacco smoking. Nowadays, lots of people want to quit smoking for health or social reasons. Here are 10 simple ways to quit your smoking habit.

Ways To Quit Smoking:

Though a few people only ever smoke one cigarette and quit, most people are often unsuccessful in a one-step-at-a-time process. Smoking cessation often requires a lot of time and a lot of patience. Sometimes, it’s necessary to go through a few “failures” before we can find success.

Smoking cigarettes is one of the leading causes of death and harm in the U.S. Following are some ways that will make your mind quit smoking in a short time period.

  1. Positive Thinking:

Here’s a quick motivational tip: if you want to quit a bad habit, think happy thoughts about your goal. Many people make their decision to quit smoking cigarettes but could not manage without having them. Just think about the lessons your life has taught you and make a goal that YOU are not going to lose this time. Your type of thinking matters a lot when you are up to make a decision.

So guys, this time you have to think positive and go through that packet of cigarettes in your pocket now. You are making it this time. Good Luck!

  1. Planning Matters!

You should make a plan and promise to yourself that this time you are not doing this. Set a date, For Example; “till February 10th I am not going to smoke”, you better write this on your calendar though. Whenever you crave a cigarette, explain yourself calmly that “I will not have any single drag today”.

You must think and plan the occasions where you spend time with your friends. It is sure that your friends will force you to smoke (only: if they smoke). Make a plan to control yourself from such a situation.

  1. Observe Your Diet:

Most people smoke after having dinner. The latest study reveals that having meat or some other foods makes you crave a cigarette. They make your drag more pleasurable. Other foods that include cheese, fruits, and vegetables make your cigarette awful.

You must switch your meat including meal to a vegetable pizza. You also have to change your daily routine after having dinner, you might do dishes, a book read, or you may sit in a room where you cannot smoke. It will absolutely help.

Many people come to question if Synthetic Nicotine is safe or not. On the other hand, children, teens, and pregnant women cannot use it. Most of the experts believe that this kind of nicotine is substantially safer than actual tobacco smoking and other types of smoking.

  1. Try a New Drink:

The same study also revealed that alcohol, coffee, cola, and tea make cigarettes more pleasurable. So, you must drink more water and juice. Switching from wine to water or tomato juice will not let you have a drag of a cigarette.

  1. Observe Your Craving:

It is tempting to go back to smoking when you can’t stop craving that nicotine hit. But when it comes to quitting your addiction, the most important step you can take is to replace that habit you’re craving with healthier ones.

Another tip is to observe the time and the place in which you crave a cigarette. If you are in a bar or a party, leave it for a few minutes. A craving lasts within 3-5 minutes. Smoking and drinking alcohol at the same time causes mouth cancer. Note it down.

  1. Smoking Support:

Many people seek smoking cessation support to quit or avoid smoking. If you’re struggling to quit, or if you just want to quit and avail yourself of some peer support, a good first step is to look for a quit smoking support group or group of advisers in your area.

Ask your friends and relatives if they also want to quit smoking. Make a decision to quit smoking together. Or you can also ask for the advice of any expert.

  1. Move a bit:

Whenever you crave a cigarette, move a bit. Walk around the house. This will divert your mind away from cigarettes. These ways to quit smoking would be very helpful to overcome your habit.

  1. Non-smokers:

Whenever you are at a gathering or a party, sit beside non-smokers and non-drinkers. Whenever you sit with someone who smokes, you also crave it. Sitting beside non-smokers will keep you away from cigarettes and it will also help you avoid passage smoking.

  1. Keep your mouth and hands busy:

Keeping your mouth and hands busy is a great way to avoid smoking. For example, when you are out for a walk, hold a drink in your hand from which you smoke and use a straw to keep your mouth busy.

  1. Make list of Reasons:

Sit down in your workplace, open your notebook and note down reasons to quit smoking, like you want to quit it because of your family, or any health issues.


Smoking is the biggest threat to people’s life and health nowadays. There are a lot of people around the world who die from smoking-related diseases. It is a deadly habit that can lead to disease, respiratory failure, and early death. It is even included as one of the most deadly diseases according to the CDC. It is linked to more than 5 million deaths each year worldwide. If you cannot give up on smoking then Synthetic Nicotine will be safer than tobacco cigarettes. So in this blog, you have got some easy ways to quit cigarettes within a short period of time.


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